Brad Paisley - My Miracle Lyrics

This is the gospel
According to me
A tale of whiskey turned to wine

Ain't no movin' of a mountain
Ain't no parting of the sea
But I stand here a witness
Of something just as divine

My miracle
Is five foot five
No doubt in my mind
She's the reason I'm alive
I wasn't always spiritual
Oh, but one thing's for sure
How could I not have faith
In the God that created her

My momma used to pray someday I'd see the light
I never thought it'd be in someone's eyes
In a crowded restaurant on a Friday night
I heard angels sing
My whole life changed
And I realized

My miracle
Is standing right there
Looking so beautiful
With blue jeans and long brown hair
And I wasn't always spiritual
Oh, but one thing's for sure
How could I not have faith
In the God that created her

You see me now
It's crazy how
My life changed
But here I stand
A better man
And you can blame
My miracle

I wasn't always spiritual
Oh, but one thing's for sure
How could I not have faith
Yeah, how could anybody not have faith
In the God that created her

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Brad Paisley My Miracle Comments
  1. Stephen Njumbi

    Butwe how can I download this video

  2. Paul Newns


  3. Random Man

    Shut up. You have no idea. Jesus hates cowboys,

  4. Linda Achieng

    Presley... You must be a very funny guy back at home...

  5. oyem tatin


  6. HeatherMc 72


  7. sigfredo segarra

    # my mirical is my mom

  8. Khawlbawm 2

    Brad please we gont to have a sport on next week District Higher Secondary School white house can you wish to show out with video this is my whatapps number 9774306243

  9. the LaRoche family

    my 2 lil girls are my miracle and my husband says i am his along with are 2 lil girls

  10. Waipounamu Silbery

    3:41. Such a cool little guitar lick that suits the song.

  11. The Squirrel Killer

    If you watch it at 1.5 or 2.0 speed it turns it from a slow love song to an upbeat one

  12. Mihir Gole

    From India 🇮🇳

  13. 3 HOURS TO DIE

    He's sooo christian and Green

  14. mballicks

    It's really cool you got to include your wife in a video again. This is the first time I had seen it, and the words and music touched a soft spot in my heart.

  15. loeen Kandal

    from Iraq we love you

  16. Thiago

    Please, Brad... COME TO BRAZIL!

  17. satyanarayan debbarma

    Even in toilet paper camon!!!

  18. mike rayner videos

    beautiful country tune.. love it

  19. Gilmar Schell

    Wonderful brad!🎼🎸🎤🙏🏻

  20. Bill Harper

    God is a God of miracles, the same God who created the one I fell in love with too. How I even met her is a miracle in itself. ❤️🌹

  21. Hello Hello 2019


  22. McOsiris Mahim

    #MyMiracle is five foot three and i don't mind. Been with her for more than seven years, and there's no one ever to change our chemistry.

  23. lucas berg

    still love the old mr police man used it as my slide show music

  24. ervina domantay

    Love this soooo much!!!

  25. MultiCowgirl22

    My miracle is my kitty. Later....I'll see who my miracle is :)

  26. Olivia Grudzinski

    So so beautiful. THANK you so much, Bradley ! And what a gift to be reminded, that angels sing to us in so many places and so many ways. THANK YOU ! And kindest greetings from Germany, Olivia

  27. Ashley Maloney

    Brad beautiful I want tickets 🎫 and your music 🎶 hit my soul brad I have been home 🏡 and the hospital I am a survivor I have had my sisters I spent ten days sick in the hospital and I need a strong 💪 person and my spirits up I am very proud of you brad and you were hacked all along I would cry 😢 when I listen to your music and I am a very honest woman I keep my legs close and my eyes wide open and when I say I do it is eternal and I think a strong man or woman 👩 would standby each other no matter what ?love is mind body and soul I am honest lady I believe in true love ❤️ brad I am a honest woman 👩 and I need a hero and I am not going to be a angel 👼 meaning unless I love ❤️ a man I will marry them until then no I am at home and I have been proposed to but I am single and I take marriage 110!percent I can’t believe my music 🎶 was hacked I need a assistant and a serious person and I love ❤️ eternity and god family children and grandchildren close friends and friends important I am honest and I believe in coming to the door with family permission and propose and I love ❤️ life I have been honest with everyone and When I say I do it is forever I have been hacked and people have been hurt 😞 my phone was stolen and I spent ten days in the hospital please lock 🔒 your music down and music 🎶 has been a inspiration I really like your song she’s everything to me !!

  28. Adam Luka

    wow I love you man , long time no hear you )) , you are the best

  29. Eduardo Rodrigues

    Brad Paisley uses Adobe Premiere...

  30. Mr, Private

    It's nice to see Kim in the video

  31. Jerr_C23 Hurricane

    Hi Brad I'm you're no. 1 fan here in the Philippines... Mabuhay..

  32. Thiago Mendonça

    Grace you are my miracle. When I listen to this music I see you and our son together and dancing holding each other. I won't never forget: 25 September, 2019. This date represents the arriving of our baby, our angel, Gabriel! There are no words to describe this awesome moment. Now I can say: we are a real and true family! Love u forever. Thanks Brad Paisley for this lovely music and God for everything!

    Tim Russell

    OMG - this song has me thinking of my late wife who passed away on 28 Sep 2011 - but it brings you joy and happiness , so that makes things to you and Grace and Gabriel . P.S. -  I'm 50 on Tuesday 8th Oct....I guess your card is in the post

    Z Dee

    Thiago Mendonça Congratulations!
    Tudu bem!

  33. Anthony Ervin

    I met your preacher didnt I... had a date at church.

  34. Jose Sales

    Loving that "solo" post-it note

  35. Jose Sales

    Brad, my man, you're smooth as heck

  36. Claudia Pérez

    This is the most beautiful song I heard this year..... really!!!! We all deserve people that dedicate us songs like this...! ❤️

  37. Navesh Singh

    Awesome Brad!

  38. Vanicks

    2019, who's with me?

  39. Keep Itreal

    He is the best

  40. Joseph Mendozza

    Brad is a Triple talent, he writes ,sings and plays the most badass lead guitar in Country Music. So lucky to have him in our lifetimes

  41. Su Phakhen


  42. Adam Scherffius

    Finally a good song from brad paisley

  43. Carl N


  44. Deni Setyawan

    "This is the gospel according to me". So radical. I love it :D

  45. Tehjeeb Abtahi

    God bless you Brad.

  46. soldier OfGod

    Beautiful song

  47. April Tomlinson

    Brad this a beautiful and sweet song and video. I love seeing you play your guaitars. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  48. Randal Harper



  49. Hunt31 Fish31

    Hey brad keep up the good work. You are one of the only ones that we have left of real country. Please and I hope that you never will turn to that hip hop country crap

  50. Sidonio Pereira

    Thanks Brad paisley for that's song.

  51. Comedian Paul May

    Brad Paisley would love this!😉

  52. joseph gitonga

    This man is a legend! Everything he touches becomes gold.

  53. Barbara Johnson

    Love it !! 😃❤

  54. Joshua Ramquist

    Dammit crank that guitar paisley one of my favorite

  55. Juanita Blair

    This song makes me think of my daughter...she's my "mom".

  56. miainperranporth

    I love this guy x What a performer xx

  57. Dennis Asigri

    some times man need a miracle

  58. Light That Burns The Sky Vegeta

    How hasn't this broke 100 mil yet

    Su Phakhen


  59. Janina Carter

    Never get tired of the songs about his wife!

  60. Dave Arcudi

    Whiskey turned to wine. CLASSIC

    Dave Arcudi

    My miracle is 5'6"
    And the reason I'm alive

    And how could I not have faith in the God that created you Shana

  61. Zaryn Moon

    I am totally in LOVE with this song and video! And from the start I knew it was about Kimberly! When she came on scene in the bathroom... that laugh... ahhh It just tickled me pink! Really beautiful song with a great video to go along with it! Thank you, to both of you, for sharing your God given talents with all of us! Many blessings! =)

  62. عمرو كلاسيك classic Amr


  63. alternative . hippie

    I can't wait to see you next week, this is gonna be amazing!

  64. Boima Clarke

    This song touch my heart, country music is good for soul

  65. Laura Dimunno


  66. Justin Posey

    is it just me or does Brad favor NEGAN in this video? lol

  67. Jami Bowman

    Beautiful. The way he looks, talks and talks about his wife is 100% beautiful. I'd give anything for a man to think of me that way. Beautiful love.

  68. Matthew Bombaci

    Can I sue for this shit?

  69. Joshua Hern

    I absolutely Love this song the it’s so real! Can’t wait till my miracle:)

  70. ii_Michael0

    Good song. I would love to hear more

  71. Rogelio Ayala

    She's about 5'6&1/2-5'7 ☺️

  72. John D Fese


  73. Dan Andersson

    Sooo Sweet thanks man!

  74. Julie Barnes

    Beecause God dosent exist

  75. tashahumphries Van Natta

    This man and his love for his wife, I love it

  76. Julie King

    Oh My {Wow} Absolutely A Divine Hit! Sung By ☝️ Of The Greatest Country Musicians ❤️ Much Love & God Bless

  77. Joshua Ramquist

    Paisley calm down you are ripping that guitar a new one

  78. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Brad this is a Beautiful Love Song for your Miracle wife Kimberly "" love this 💘💘🎶🎶🎶🎶

  79. Rajarshi Mondal

    Awesome.... Your voice is you

  80. tenorboy77

    Brad paisley is my hero. Love his music...this is just how I feel with my wife

  81. Tyler Wessling

    Video was sweet till i seen Chelsea on the fridge. yuke

  82. mondo RIFFic

    a man thats thankful for what God gave him.....HER <3

  83. Aleisa DeMichael

    Cory's my best friend and everyone knows it I do not care xx

  84. Robert Iocca

    The God that gave you a real name?

  85. Robert Iocca

    Hey Brad Mr. rip on celebrities what is your real name? Please enlighten me and Peyton Manning...

  86. erakus

    This video cost him a phone and a stack of post-its .. talk about frugal.

  87. sandra Ferrington

    So sweet

  88. sandra Ferrington

    Aboutlesy beautiful

  89. LFC Girl

    Never seen Brad lookin' so good ❤️

  90. Ricco Saenz

    Who's your miracle?

  91. Jennifer Johns

    Wonder when his album is coming out?
    It’s amazing to think that he has been in the spotlight with his guitar solos this long!

  92. William Yunckes

    Hear me now moogoe?

  93. Papy Ludovic

    Je suis fan de country ...Vive la France.

  94. Barbara Lockhart

    I just love their love story, how he saw her in I think it was Father of Bride and said that gonna to be my wife or something like that.

  95. Christine Greene

    Ur my world my everything in one,I thought I would never find,I LOVE YOU!

  96. B.Lyngdoh Mumlong

    Long live Brad... Your songs always made me cry..😥😥😥😥it's really very heart touching....Am from Shillong🤗

  97. Kimberly weeks

    This is the gospel according to ME , 5'6 🌹💐❤️💖❤️