Brad Paisley - Find Yourself Lyrics

When you find yourself
In some far off place
And it causes you
To rethink some things

You start to sense
That slowly you're becoming someone else
And then you find yourself
When you make new friends
In a brand new town
And you start to think
About settlin' down

The things that would have been lost on you
Are now clear as a bell
And you find yourself
That's when you find yourself

When you go through life
So sure of where you're headin'
And you wind up lost
And it's the best thing that could have happened
'Cause sometimes when you lose your way
It's really just as well
Because you find yourself
Yeah, that's when you find yourself

When you meet the one
That you've been waitin' for
And she's everything
That you wanted and more
And you look at her and you finally start
To live for someone else
And then you find yourself
That's when you find yourself

We go through life
So sure of where we're headin'
And then we wind up lost
And it's the best thing that could have happened
'Cause sometimes when you lose your way
It's really just as well
Because you find yourself
Yeah, that's when you find yourself

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Brad Paisley Find Yourself Comments
  1. Tennis Universe

    Cars was released in 2006, it is now 2020. 14 years have passed. I got into Cars in 2010 when I was 5-6 years old. What I would do to go back to those times, just simpler and easier times.

  2. sltn

    😢Cars one love😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. S 312

    Я обожаю эту песню😍😢😭😭😭😭😭я так долго искал эту песню
    Cars1 😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭
    Моя детство вот она😍😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Salesi Taulepa

    There is no doubt that song definitely reminds me of Sora And Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 💕

  5. Ultimate Speed Boss /James’s Channel

    Is that... it is isn’t it, a tingle of nostalgia and a little tear😔😢🤭😘😘😘

  6. Lone Wanderer

    This song is about who you really are.

  7. Светлана Цой

    HFCs go

  8. Edward Rowbury

    I’m really enjoying his crazy experience called life. I feel out of touch from my old self and I’m okay with that. I’m growing and learning everyday

  9. Jäger Gelado

    That music makes me cry and bring me peace ;-; from brazil

  10. XxUgLyBoYxX

    "you go through life so sure of where your headed, then you wind up lost, but it's the best thing that could have happened." I'm glad I got lost. If I hadn't. I wouldn't have become a diesel mechanic. I wouldn't have gotten my first car. I wouldn't have made all of the friends who call family

  11. donna hookem

    Luv this song!

  12. HansTheGamer 420

    I have shitedid

  13. Duglife

    This song makes me very nostalgic.  I guess it's in no small part of watching Cars a billion times as a kid.

  14. donna hookem

    Definitely true !

  15. TM ꧁༒尺ㄚ丹れ༒꧂

    Sdds da minha infância, eu era feliz e não sabia, eu deveria ter aproveitado mais!😔

  16. Jakub Jesiołowski

    my childhood ...

  17. Gigi Sonic-Gumball

    This song says everything that happened with McQueen in the first movie.

  18. Christian Brahmanendra

    Damn, now I realized, Cars 1 is a country movie

  19. Madhavi Gupta

    This song reminds me of radiator springs beautiful town

  20. OceanaGachaYT

    Dedicated to Joe Ranft
    1960 - 2005

  21. Elanur Nebili

    Thank you

  22. rahul gelu

    CARS.i saw this film when i was 13 years old.and now im 20.and now when i hear this song, awh 😇.its brings back many memories.still ma favorite movie💖💖

  23. JevaughnSmith2020

    R.I.P Joe Ranft

  24. JevaughnSmith2020

    R.I.P Joe Ranft

  25. grandes jogos


  26. cash box o som acima do normal


  27. Remage

    The saddest thing about flash mcqueen is that he hasn't won any piston cup in any cars films

  28. Travis Hill

    This reminds me of The walking Dead season 1 game

  29. Kimy Rose

    So you're all telling me cars bought u guys here. Same for me 😉👍

  30. Ask God if He is real Then believe on His Son

    I didn't ever find myself, Jesus found me.

    Let him find you today, ask God if He is real. This is what happened when I did

    Tracy Kimbal

    but YOU did answer his call....

  31. Jonathan Berardi

    To my Dad RIP :(

  32. Vivek Giri VJ

    Still listening in 2019 ❤️❤️❤️🎧. One of the best songs & Movie (Cars)


    This song is amazing!!!!! i dont any words to describe this song.. uwu! This is a good song from the persons who dont even know who they are. you understand me no? Like uwu

  34. St K

    look grandpa im not a bulldozer im a racecar



    🇧🇷 👈 Cadê os BR?

    WL wwefãbr

    Eu aqui

  36. The Pokemon Masters

    My life right here

  37. affan ali

    Best Disney song!

  38. Bador YT


  39. Aaron Brown

    This song reminds me of my grandparents my grandfather died in his 70s due to an illness and my grandmother died at age 62 before i was born and now i miss them very much 😢.

  40. Xyonara MF

    2019 people at?

  41. popular music

    Float like a cadillac sting like a beemer !!

  42. chris n


  43. Antti Nissinen

    988 *666* views

  44. FruitcakeDog

    Why does country music always hit me right in the feels? Or in this case the NOSTALGIA feels...

  45. Antti Nissinen

    Am I only who wants Nick Wilde to take microphone away from Gazelle, and start singing this song?

  46. Antti Nissinen

    Sad thing is that songs like this do not exist in these days. Back when music was actually worth of listening to!

  47. Annie Dyed

    Omg...i remember this song and the movie when i watched this movie in 2011 and it was the most greatest movie for me and now cant still believe i didnt forget it this song is rlly great and there is a hidden meaning in every word its just ugh.. i have no words to describe this song keep it up pixar

  48. Sebastian Fum


  49. Hari Setiawan

    Love this song.....

  50. Grabson

    I always cry to this song, because this song and Cars Movie make my childhood😭

  51. henry hart

    Is like

  52. henry hart

    yes when my find yourself

  53. Charizard Master

    Sometimes when,find them in the ways,it's all of Pokemon's

  54. Amazing Noob

    I will find myself... someday. In the moment, l'm floating in my mind... wandering how and why l fell.

  55. Rusli1659 LP Soldier

    I heard that song before since i was young while listening that ending song, I wonder why. #ThrowbacksongsForever!

  56. Kaido Rivera

    Cast Old Baby in Fnaf SL True and Bartleby in True and the Rainbow Kingdom

  57. Marius .167533

    I am the only one who like the old music?

  58. Lam My Phuong

    This music makes me cry

  59. Whackist Impulsive

    And you wind up lost
    And Its the best thing that couldve happened
    Sometimes when you lose your way
    Its really just as well

    Sometimes accidents can lead to moments that change your life

  60. Kaido Rivera

    Ending Song Day and Night time is a best time

  61. NASCAR24JG

    Does this song remind anyone of their best friend?

  62. Mallboro San

    Faz anos que eu vi o filme Carros, mas sempre que da eu venho aqui ouvir essa música que marcou muito minha infância não só minha, mas também de muitos aqui.

    Jäger Gelado

    Ela é MT boa

  63. 2K_Kiel

    Am I the only crying to this????

    Antti Nissinen

    Of course not.

  64. itch e bols

    This makes me feel an undescribable emotion.
    Its like happiness but sadness together

  65. Vinayak Mourya

    I love to hear this song everytime, especially while travelling

  66. ANDRÉ Oliver


  67. Slimeboi59 Memes

    Cruz: memories.

  68. Corey Duprest

    Anyone who dislikes this song must be sleeping, or drunk.

  69. Luan

    aff sempre um desenho de infancia tem uma musica triste, mais carros 1 tem muitas

  70. Murilo Dragão Gamer

    Find Yourself = Lightning McQueen and Sally four ever

  71. zyad shady

    how car are dies

  72. Mason Byers

    Ya know when I'm down n out I listen to this this song has saved me from commitin suicide countless times...this song lets me know that I will find myself in life n so I will keep on fightin no matter the pain

  73. Val DeVelbiss

    Yea me to but my favorite character is Finn but he was dead and now my boy friend is Willow brave step

    Val DeVelbiss


  74. Milten3773 Films

    Beautifull song, very sad

  75. pimbaa 2000

    Que nostalgia❤️

  76. NASCAR bro

    1 like 1 note from lightning's patent's

  77. NASCAR bro

    Who are lightning McQueen's parents


    Musica boa

  79. Alane Regina


  80. Pedro trindade


  81. bartoxx 07

    I cant belive it is over 10 years Cars 1 get published I love it☺☺

  82. whiteinfantry

    That's what Cars can do, during the movie you dont feel anything, but after the movie, you just re-analyze everything, and realize it all, and emotions just start flooding in

  83. alan correa anselmi

    R.I.P The Fabulous Doc Hudson Hornet

  84. Caus Games

    Nostalgia total

  85. PokeRaptor 95

    Oh gosh nostalgia is drowning me again heeeeeelp

  86. Lucas strasorier


  87. Emmad sharif

    It is still emotional before and is now

  88. Salesi Taulepa

    This Song Reminds Me Of My Childhood Memories As Well My School Days I Wish To To Go Back In Time To Relive My Childhood Memories And My School Days From Pre School To High School

  89. Salesi Taulepa

    Without a doubt This Song Has Touch Me Also Make Me Cry And Also Put Smile On My Face This Song Will Always Be My Favourite Song

  90. Gustavo da Cruz Santos


  91. Tyreese 259 Joyner

    who's listening to this in 2K19?

  92. Arghya Das

    I came across this song by accident. Well, that's an accident I wish to experience more and more. It's actually difficult to decide whether if it was an accident or a blessing in disguise! In spite of being tensed, agitated and lonely, this song calms me down every time I hear it and rejuvenates me everyday. God bless Brad Paisley!!

  93. Chiara The Original Me

    Stupenda.... Perdersi per ritrovarsi...non mollare e prendere il meglio di questa vita, me l hai insegnato tu papà.... Mi manchi ogni giorno.