Boyce Avenue - When The Lights Die Lyrics

If you go now
Please leave the light on
Just say goodbye now and leave
With you gone now
You've turned the right to wrong
It's getting hard now to breathe

It goes on and on
But not in my head

This time
When the lights die
And there's nothing left to say
That's when you'll need me

If I break down
And you see me fading out
I know enough now to make it right
If I don't stop
I just keep on waiting up
Well I know enough to know I'll never make it right

It goes on and on
But not in my head

This time
When the lights die
And there's nothing left to say
That's when you'll need me
This time
When the lights die
And there's no one else to blame
That's when you'll need me

And now
With the lights turned down
And your eyes half open
I know you don't see me
When I'm standing out
If you just turn around
And keep your eyes wide open
I know you might feel me here

I know you don't see me
You don't feel me
But keep your eyes wide open
Your eyes wide open

I know you don't see me
You don't feel me
But keep your eyes wide open
Your eyes wide open

This time
When the lights die
And there's nothing left to say
That's when you'll need me
This time
When the lights die
And there's no one else to blame
That's when you'll need me

I know you don't see me
You don't feel me
But keep your eyes wide open
Your eyes wide open

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  1. teresita edna munsayac

    Amazing voice Alejandro, Boyce Avenue, love your original songs!!!!



  3. abner ramos

    hasta hoy en dia es bueno escucharlo !!!

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    "Good thinking"

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    Good/Excellent idea

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    You�re looking so beautiful today.

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    hello from Sky

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    Thank you.

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    gets me every time ???????????????

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    Thank you.

  11. Edwin MNG

    You�ve done a great job

  12. 林宛霖


  13. Bigrig2020

    That new video looks so beautifu

  14. Ruth Kathlynne Partible

    i love all ur original videos especially when the lights die. i love ur voice Alejandro, and U😘😘😘

  15. A K

    favorite part 2:53

  16. Chiko Silitonga

    this music is so Epic 👏👏👏

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  19. Zelda Chavez

    Que mas que hacer...pero seguir...solo una luz te voy a pedir.

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    Can anyone tell how it was done the lamps circuit ?

  21. Weslley Lopes

    Alguém sabe dizer como foi feito o circuito de lâmpadas?

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    Good men good team sunshine forever

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    January 2016?

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    Parabéns pela dinâmica da música!

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    This guys voice is just ... ugh words can't describe haha

  27. Luan Bissi da Freiria

    Essa Musica é muito boaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  28. Anup Simha

    I will be humming this song always when I am alone.... you guys really rock

  29. CoverDrums MatteoPinelli

    This is so beautiful! Subscribed you. Take also a look on my vids =)

  30. Jackeline Caceres

    me encanta su musica, un fuerte abrazo para todos ustedes!!!

  31. Sakya Paru

    Man!! your voice is just more than awesome...Its super awesome ♡♡

  32. Agustin Madeiro

    Son unos genios!! los mejores!! saludos desde Uruguay!!

  33. Aayush Shrestha

    awesome guys!

  34. marty peterson

    im addicted to his voice.....i just cant get over how incredibly amazing he is.... Im in awe..... i just cant believe it....He is the best thing i have ever heard......ever in my life

  35. Kanxu Pahari

    Alejandro U my man crush :* :* Heavenly voice

  36. Fernanda Antonio

    how i love this songggg

  37. Clo

    This video is beautiful ! I think the idea of the bulbs has been brilliant and original at the same time!

  38. Lieneke Veen

    how did you do the lights?

  39. Lily

    I've been a loyal listener for at least 3 years and I absolutely love you guys! Alejandro your voice is amazing!!! ily 

  40. Mariya Zakirova

    just AMAZING SONG!!!! ^__^ LOVE IT

  41. kiki nur rizkiah

    Abang Alejandro walaupun setiap bernyanyi ekspresimu datar, tapi kamu bernyanyi dari hati. sekalinya senyum buatku meleleh <3 :D

    Yohanes M

    @kiki nur rizkiah mantap :D

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    I wanna marry you Alejandro!! <3. Love the song!

    muhammad marzuki

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  45. Boyce Avenue

    Tickets and Meet & Greet passes are now on sale for our upcoming shows!

    Rosey Sam

    please guys come to London Ontario CA :(

    render m

    im in the  Phillipines!! but im in mindanao lol, i can't watch :(

    Thata Carvalho


  46. Ubiracy Junior

    Great song, you're have a lot of fans in brazil

  47. Esthephane Primo

    muito legal essa banda !!!!!...

  48. Eunice Brandao da silva

    gostei muito... belicismo,,,,

  49. Paul Perez

    You guys rock!!! Please do a cover of one of the Hillsong rock version songs



  50. meta1gear4

    The singer really needs to learn how to compress his voice. He constantly treads on the edge of compression when it comes to the choruses and it sounds weak. He needs to scream it out in a controlled manner. His technique is too limited for this genre.


    @chris perez Funny. That's what I told your mom last night once we got busy. Frigging fanboy. Grow up. 

    chris perez

    Hey and thanx for this free lesson

    jesus alvarez

    this is good music bro


    ok well clearly everyone else disagrees with you

    Quinten Skondras

    please post a video of you showing us how to do it so we can make fun of you i mean see how it should sound this guy is killer

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    his face similiar with actor gerrard butler :):):)

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    I just love this song !! Waiting for you guys here in Portugal :D Im getting really excited !

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    Adriana Bello Silveira

    Well, it seems that, after 5 years, someone is here to answers you hehe I guess it's because they started the channel posting videos of covers and, just after a time, they uploaded their first orinal song... And it made the most part of the people see them like a "cover band"...What we know it ain't true, 'cause we know they don't have only wonderful covers, but wonderful originals too...

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    The great music!!! Strong! 

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