Boyce Avenue - Not Enough Lyrics

To get back time
You force too much
It's always too much
But not enough

So much for the here and now
It's all the same now
I wish everything would change
You can't believe a word he says
You can't believe

I know you've been lost
You've said it before
Say it again now
I know you've been lost
You're begging for more
And it's not enough

It's all that you know
And really believe in
He gives you a reason
To take it slow

So much for the here and now
It's all the same now
I wish everything would change
You can't believe a word he says
You can't believe

I know you've been lost
You've said it before
Say it again now
I know you've been lost
You're begging for more
And it's not enough

I know you've been lost
You've said it before
Say it again now
I know you've been lost
You're begging for more
But it's not enough

But it's not enough
And ït's never gonna be

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Boyce Avenue Not Enough Comments
  1. Vimal Raghu

    Finally after 7 years😍😍

  2. DasFireEbony

    Aaaah, the good ol Nokia, dammit

  3. Faris2011ksa

    After 8 years, I'm back to hear this song ♥️♥️♥️
    I remember this song on my old phone: Nokia
    Old days.

    Darck Angel M.

    Same here 👍

    Shona Gallagher15

    I remember listening to it from my Dad's old phone man how it brings back memories

  4. Forzagamplay NL

    mijn tèl was kapot en toen had ik tijdelijk een nokia hahahaha

  5. Alihan Demirdaş

    Yaklaşık 10 yıl önce... dinlediğim ilk şarkı. Bende değişik hisler uyandırıyor..

    Chronem Symphony

    Bende de ya yaklaşık 8 9 yıl önce de ben dinliyordum bunu o zamanlar nokia vardı orda yüklüydü bu şarkı ne günlerdi be

  6. Sarmad Taji

    Nokia was not just a mobile phone. It was a part of growing up. Nokia is Nostalgia, brings back the good old days.

  7. Mohit Mk

    2019..... Still the best song.

  8. Ballooon boo

    I wish everything would change.

  9. Arsalan Naqvi

    Nostalgia hit me really hard.


    really really hard

  10. dimos emperor

    Glory to the old days 2007-2011.

  11. x ZEFrat x

    I got a Nokia phone when I was 8, I just remembered this song 8 yrs later...

  12. Karunya Kannadasan

    Nokia nostalgia

  13. lear King

    It reminds me my beautiful nokia witch i lost it when i was 14 😞😞💔

  14. Fadeon

    nokia song

  15. Ameera Tingkasan

    Im in my teenage when i was listening to this.

  16. Sh.f Sh.y

    I listened to this song on Nokia X2 phone 8 years ago and now on samsung not 8

  17. isfat mingua

    ايام زمان 😥 مع نوكيا /nokia

  18. Fuad Fyad

    Favorite song so far!
    And I found this song on Nokia phone. Many years ago.
    And I still remember this song.

  19. Mehmet Tornacı

    NOKİA <3

  20. Like An Ever Flowing Stream

    Hello. After 3 years, I finally found a song that was on my old Nokia phone. I completely forgot that it existed. This comment is meaningless

  21. freaky

    It was in my daddy’s phone. I really have tried to find this for years and finally did. I am crying right now. This song is my whole childhood 😭

  22. Ceren

    Coming from Nokia!

  23. ahmed eldesouky

    anyone 2018 ?

  24. HardyMvZ !

    I miss her

  25. Parth Shinde

    Found it......after 7 years😍
    Nokia 6303i classic

    Sourav Kumar Das

    @Rããvi Thank You very very much big bro for finding this song..

    Exo Trash

    Bra me too

    darth vader

    I got now in same phone

    Sachin Singha

    Yeah me too

    Roman TheGambler

    @Niatpac Doog Winston Giles - She wants to be Adored iirc

  26. Phantom Martin

    Guys anyone knows the three songs on the Nokia 6303i classic, one of them was Boyce Avenue not enough, other two I am not remembering

    Parth Belegamwala

    lovers by Winston Stiles and stones by some artist

    Anuj Gupta

    Stones by James Duke Crider

    Sema Özaslan

    Other was from Winston Giles- She Wants To Be Adored

    Rajeev Kumar Yadav

    one is plain jane automobile- Stones and one i can't remember

  27. Shayan Goolfee

    one of my best

  28. john '-'

    Since 2013 and I'm in love with Boyce Avenue 😭❤️❤️❤️

  29. Aysah Thea

    my faforite the songs

  30. HardyMvZ !

    love his voice he is my 2017 fav singer because i found him in this year

  31. Aysah Thea

    it'me fav songs

    HardyMvZ !

    Aysah Thea my*

  32. Silent but violent

    nokia crew xd

    Multipower CS

    Silent but violent yes XD

  33. Ganesh Kendre

    from nokia c5.

    Anil Mandloi

    Ganesh Kendre from my grandpa's phone XD


    I just need to remember the other 2 songs haha!


    I found it! Stones by Plain Jane Automobile.

    Rayeed Ali

    Omg yeshhh

  34. Phantom Martin

    my favourite of all time



  35. Paras

    Finally found it !!!! I feel victorious now ....yippee

  36. Pishensa Yulisa Marini

    I love this song so much :*

  37. Karunya Kannadasan

    Juz awesome!!!! It's toooooooo Gud 😙😄😄

  38. Heem. Y

    finally I've found it😢 my girlfriend was looking for this song for a long time ❤ i hope you're happy now. love you😙

  39. Gökhan Coşkun

    the song that i got to know these guys. it came in the phone i bought and was only one that i kept for years


    lol same:)

    Sophie di Angelo

    Same :)

    ado krištof

    same :o :)

    Where's Wesker

    Gökhan Coşkun LMFAO YES ! SAME HERE!

    suraj rathod

    Yeah....Same happened with me

  40. Boyce Avenue

    Tickets and Meet & Greet passes are now on sale for our upcoming shows!


    Hi guys, you know that you've most likely Italian origins?

  41. willkf25

    great song 

  42. MrBabyface888

    good happenning

  43. Farah Arina

    dammit this song makes me feel guilty now...

    HardyMvZ !

    Farah Arina same, i wish if everything would change 😭

  44. mohamed sbai

    i love this song

  45. Hog Dog

    I did my best, but my best wasn't good enough....
    Love really sucks...

    Danies Alex

    There were 3 songs in that phone ,1 is this song the other one is she wants to be adored and there was a 3rd song but i forgot what it was , do u know the song it started with stones or something

  46. fer1xq

    Come to Russia (Moscow and other big cities)!!!!!

  47. Laura de Lanoy

    Yes, please come to the Netherlands!!! We love you here

  48. Johnny Suitela

    Come to Holland, for your fans over here in Europe!
    [email protected]

  49. Shubham Hudda

    nokia told me about this awesome song!! :D

  50. Nesli Yağmur Erterzi

    This is my fave Song !!!!

    yousef hamad

    Be my friend?????

  51. Bernardo Celaya

    Houston, Tx

  52. josh Lund


  53. Gustavo Sousa

    Essa música é tooooooop

  54. Eva Kratka

    Thank you, NOKIA for this

  55. John C


  56. RYO

    i like this song so perfect

  57. David Seabrook

    Come to Australia!! Preferrably Sydney

  58. Jack Mohr

    You guys gotta get on JBHI FI NOW music

  59. Stuart Paul Baldridge

    Hi guys, your lyrics and your original songs are getting betting every time, just a bit more thrust on the choruses keep it up !

  60. Ian Kyriakos

    I remember the first time I heard these guys sing. I love these guys!

  61. sandy alexandra

    i love it ;) <3

  62. Victor Paes

    love it!
    L \o/ boyce avenue is the best band to listen to and relax.

  63. Aileen Esperida

    Do a cover *I WON'T GIVE UP by Jason Mraz...PLEASE*

  64. shane petrzilka

    The start sounds like the fray - heartbeat


    Alejandro Manzano I love forever

  66. Дмитрий Герасимчук

    Парни не перестают меня радовать своим творчеством! Thanks a lot gays! You made good song!

  67. bella andino

    I like clicking random videos on here that turn out to be awesome, wish I heard this along time ago<3

  68. Guðjón Jónsson

    Bad quality. Needs more bass, like you perform live.

  69. el bou ismael

    Tangier Morocco :3

  70. Chloe Gillan

    My life is just filled up with Boyce Avenue. Introduced you to all of my friends can't wait to see them in Belfast :D

  71. pachal89

    rok tu nie ma znaczenia .

  72. utopia

    Kto ogląda w 2013? c;

  73. jb827736

    Pittsburgh pa...we are part of the world!

  74. New Moon Witch77

    Nokia? Lol I found them thanks to insomnia ;D

  75. irem gülçiçek


  76. Demi Lovatic

    This song just... Damn♥

  77. D Lilic

    Nokia C5 ;)

  78. Chris2PL

    Nokia brought me here. Nice song :)

  79. Finaltrilogy

    I wish my friends listened to this kinda stuff

  80. RKA

    Same. Does anybody know any details about it? x

  81. Sophie Smiths Music

    this is my favourite song right now!<3.

  82. Danielle Nunes

    Amo sua voz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Aleksa Perovic

    I have only 2 songs in my phone: Not enough and Find me ! Great job guys! I hope so that one day i will have chance to meet you and maybe to sing with you even if that sounds impossible when i tell you that i'm form Serbia! You are having fans here! :)

  84. sunrisAFILavenue

    hey, i am a big fan of you guys and i was really sad when i saw that you wont come to germany :(
    love from germany♥

  85. Sideout

    get a better computer.

  86. Jack Bauer

    @Maria John Grow up.

  87. Maria John

    can't understand anythin' they sing

  88. Wilian Kevin

    Hey guys I did a cover of this song, could you guys check it out? you won't be disapointed

  89. Uzair Siyal

    And In Mine C5 Too :D

  90. Jordan Osz

    Why in his songs he doesn't rhyme much :$ ?? There good but they'd sound even better with rhyming !!

  91. sharara rara

    alejandro have different looks compared to his brothers. haha

  92. Renzo Pinco

    Just Perfect!