Boyce Avenue - Hear Me Now Lyrics

It wasn't always this feeling
Put out the world for a tear in your eye
Oh god I'm over here kneeling
It seems we're fighting for truth with a lie

I'm falling over the edge with you
You're falling over the edge with me
With me

Sometimes I wish it was easy
To leave the ones that we love behind
Oh god just help me believe it
Still so much harder to say goodbye

I'm falling over the edge with you
You're falling over the edge with me
With me

Can you hear me now

You got me standing here pleading
Won't you please help me keep this alive

I'm falling over the edge with you
You're falling over the edge with me
With me

Can you hear me now

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Boyce Avenue Hear Me Now Comments
  1. Jujoso.

    I see you eddie guerrero....

  2. American Bauscia

    We miss you Eddie..❤😥

  3. V-RGY

    Happy birthday, Eddie...

  4. GUI10 Lesnar

    Eddie Guerrero R.I.P 😭😭🙏🙏 VIVA LA RAZA 🇲🇽🇲🇽

  5. Zack Farhan

    Who came here for Eddie..?

  6. DJ Kennedy

    14 years this November since we lost a Great Wrestling Legend Miss you Eddie

  7. Deathlycan Smoke

    R.I.P Eddie Guerrero


    2:12 for people who have seen the tribute to Eddie Guerrero in 2010: in this moment, one of the best moment in the history in WWE when Eddie beat Brock Lesnar
    After the music in my head: EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE!...

  9. Anurag Ate

    RIP Pua Magasiva

  10. Jesus Cortez

    Eddie Guerrero

  11. skycold bd

    Love you Eddie from Bangladesh.

  12. Abhishek Saiyan

    Can’t help but get emotional whenever I hear this

  13. adamuce

    The only song of Boyce Avenue that sounds good

  14. David Karner

    I love this song in memory of Eddie Guerrero aka Latino heat 9-10-1967-13-11-2005

  15. No name found

    Now heaven has some Latino heat R .I.P Ediee

  16. Saido MetalHead

    Eddie Guerrero, the best of the wrestlers of the history

  17. Baku_ B1ader

    Orale Holmes.😂❤💔

  18. joed acilo

    Eddie Eddie Eddie

  19. Teejhay Funakoshi

    Viva La Raza

  20. Andrew McFarlane

    Heaven has Latino heat forever and always

  21. Eddie guerrero

    eddie guerrero i will miss you and VIVA LA RAZA

  22. DeAngelo Stevens

    It was on a Decade of Smackdown on MyNetworkTV on my affiliate station WABM 68 in Birmingham, Alabama before my 20th Birthday in 2009.

  23. Robert James Buenaventura

    Eddie me rey dave of you can see us right now we miss you and love you we missed your lying cheating and stealing and chris benoit we are still the same as I sed we miss you latino heat and the rapid wolverine

  24. Jordan Lash

    eddie we miss you buddy wwe us not the same

  25. Heel One

    13 years, RIP Eddie Guerrero. Viva La Raza

    Cheat 2 Win

  26. Sake Bomb Catering

    Viva La Raza Rest In Peace Eddie Guerrero

  27. Dark Raider

    If you don't know Eddie Guerrero you're probably a Roman Reigns fan 😂

  28. LegendKiller529

    we lie we cheat we steal #VivaLaRaza we miss u dearly eddie !!

  29. Matt Gibson

    R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero..... Viva La Raza!!

  30. ACertain RottenLuckChannel

    I somehow remember Eddie..............

  31. Adonis Martin Pabayo

    R.I.P eddie guerrero

  32. Alexandra Aung

    Every time I listen to this song, I can never stop the tears. It's difficult, but I love it. R.I.P Eddie Guerrero

  33. Confectionery

    11 years.. rest in peace.

  34. DUB CH

    miss you eddie

  35. TheAnimal Tributi

    Thank You Eddie, we miss you!

    patrick ryo nabua

    TheAnimal Tributi Eddie Guerrero forever! :)

    James Hammon

    A WWE Star with a bright future taken too soon and far too young!

  36. MannySinghMusic

    R.I.P Eddie Guerrero


    if you dont know Eddie Gurrerro were probably born in 2006


    SIRENZ USO no 2005

    Jordan Sheridan

    SIRENZ USO no 97 so yeah I grew up idolising Eddie gurrerro

  38. Esme Payne

    Viva La Raza loved Eddie miss him

  39. Gary Bristow

    viva la raza

  40. ryanaashton

    R.I.P Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit
    Viva La Raza! and Your Still 4Real

  41. Kaitlyn C

    Who's Eddie?!?


    He was a wwe wrestler. He was an awesome guy and died tragically from heart failure in 2005. And in 2009 I think, this song was used for a tribute video remembering Eddie.

    Dark Raider

    your father... duh? He is the legendary professional wrestler and you don't know who he is? shame.


    Don't be rude, not everyone is a wrestling fan

  42. I'm Pattern

    VIVA LA RAZA! We will miss you Eddie :'(

  43. Clo

    People says: the love comes slowly.
    I think that it isn't true. Why? Read this story.
    I was doing zapping on Youtube, when I read " Thousand Years- Boyce Avenue version". "Boyce Avenue? Who is Boyce Avenue" I thought immediately.
    I listened to Boyce Avenue and after 15 seconds ... BOOM, it was love.
    Uff...These guys are damn wonderful! I love they! BOYCE AVENUE MY LOVE 4EVER and HOWEVER!

  44. Ilona Chance

    It seems we're fighting for truth with a lie... ♥

    Ignasius Edward11

    +Ilona Chance,if that true, this is a perfect song eddie guerrero tribute !!!

  45. Jul FER

    can you hear me now??? O YES I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  46. bohx icel

    what a nice song .

  47. big guy with dog as his profile picture

    We miss you eddie

  48. Vance Kauffman

    VIVA LA RAZZA! R.I.P Eddie Guerrero, we all miss you! 

  49. Boyce Avenue

    Tickets and Meet & Greet passes are now on sale for our upcoming shows!

  50. Elektra Parelli

    I can hear you clearly from Greece !

  51. Celestia Med

    My uncle died and this song........makes me cry but it touches my heart

  52. Tiara Clark

    love it

  53. Juan Sebastian Feldmann

    Amazing song! Always reminds me of the late Eddie Guerrero, Viva la Raza!!

  54. titoj86

    Love this song.
    Anyone care to interpret what this song is about? I'm thinking maybe a lost loved one...

  55. micah dote

    I really love your songs #fangirl over here. Lol. Try to visit here in Philippines plssss. :(

  56. sc30002001

    R.I.P Eddie Guerrero 8 years today

  57. myedelweiss92

    Romania, please! :D

  58. samanta camargo

    the best song, omg i'm in love

  59. Nanodae

    not the song im trying to find :/ I hate it when you cant find one >.<

  60. Dana Lae Antona

    try coming here in the philippines especially here in CEBU, we REALLY LOVE YOUR SONGS.
    we cebuanos would really love to see you here :D

  61. coldcofimix

    Dubai :)

  62. Ezio Auditore

    Eddie Guerrero brought me here <3

  63. Julyan Tyler

    Reminds me of the Berlin concert on 19th november 2011... was soo awesome!!!

  64. ieatsnake

    The music is similar to that of Acadia by MTrench.

  65. Rafaela Carvalho

    Hey, can you guys hear me now? ;)

  66. RHS_video_club

    4/4 four beats per measure.

  67. KIXHF

    can someone please tell me what time signature this is in?

  68. Tako Girkelidze


  69. MiyawSparrow

    "Sometimes I wish it was easy
    To leave the ones that we love behind
    Oh god just help me believe it
    Still so much harder to say goodbye"

  70. Hickbot Gameplays

    Viva La Raza! <3

  71. cheeser0

    yea ;) what a great man

  72. Ernest Daniels

    This Song Always Reminds Me Of Eddie Guerrero 3 10/09/1967* 11/13/2005
    ~Lie, Cheat &'Steal~

  73. Hannah Salisbury

    Just got home from your London show, you guys were amazing!! :)

  74. Coker Mchale

    this is the gay song

  75. Svenja M.

    i was part of "oh wo ho " & you ?

  76. siapakamu

    nice:) and we're meet now on youtube^^ were you at part of "oh wo ho..oh wo ho..or can u hear me now?":D it was totally awesome!!

  77. Alina Meißner

    Berlin was so amazing. You rocked so much with this song! It was the best thing ever.

  78. Svenja M.

    i was there too :) it was awesome ♥

  79. siapakamu

    I was there at your hamburg concert!! es war echt hammer!!;) come back soon......^^

  80. TheSofieox

    This is beautiful, especially live! Loved seeing you guys live. :)

  81. LuisGallardo124

    This reminds me of Eddie Guerrero. Man! I miss him.

  82. RandysCandy77

    this song n All the while are my 2 fav. (if i had to pick) but all your originals are F'n GREAAAT, n your take on the covers Alejandro, are great too...u got a warm voice bro...!

  83. alice.

    They brought out two albums, "All you're meant to be" and "All we have left". "Hear me now" is on "All you're meant to be", if it's also on the second CD I don't know, 'cause you can't buy it in Germany -.-'

  84. LyricsGal0722

    do you have a CD hard copy of it ? i want ur CD <3

  85. Dylan Wilson

    Forgive me Mano ♥
    I FLY

  86. Lauren Victoria

    this song will always remind me of one direction's tour waaah take me back someone.

  87. Erin Louise

    freaking amazing <3

  88. rosiethemad

    My favourite Boyce Avenue song, listen to it at least once every couple of days!

  89. Natalia Culebro


  90. Strangepete

    @rainbow8430 WWE made a tribute video package of Eddie Guererro with this music :)

  91. SummerIsLove

    i so love Boyce Avenue :D
    Please Visit Philippines.

  92. Märel Anna

    This performance was AMAZING at the concert! OMG. Everyone sang along ♥

  93. Evelyn Foo

    Two words , amazing and brilliant <3 :)

  94. 21892xxx


  95. Adam Scullin

    @agreatnickname WHAT?!?! They were in Melbourne? Why did I have to find out about them AFTER they visited my home city :(

  96. Angélica G.

    Just thinking about a Boyce Avenue's concert, full of thousands of people, shouting and singing with them that: "Oh can you hear me now?" ... That gave me chills. :)

  97. GangLand

    Viva La Raza .....

  98. edkingofnarnia


  99. Ian Black

    This is a truly fantastic song. When I have money - whenever that days arrives - I will be buying and having this song played on my iTunes for certain. Love this song and you guys are really, really awesome! Wish you would cover Coldplay's Fix You - I think it'd suit you spectacularly. Thumbs up if you enjoy this