Boxer Rebellion, The - Spitting Fire Lyrics

What the rest did
I was average
But I don't mind
Drawn on two sides without disguise
But I don't mind
But I spit fire on lovers and liars
And you, you don't believe me
And I, I find it easy
You're recruited
Head diluted through a glass eye
Dreams in fiction
Lost religion
But I don't mind
Cause I spit fire on lovers and liars
And you, you don't believe me
And I, I find it easy
What the rest did
I was average
But I don't mind
Runs on no sleep
Drawn to defeat
But I don't mind
And I, I spit fire on lovers and liars
And you, you won't deceive me
And I, I find it easy

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Boxer Rebellion, The Spitting Fire Comments
  1. Praveen MD

    Broken heart and a lot lot of homework to do 😔

  2. ꧁༻JυʂƚZαȥȥყ༻꧂

    Can someone explain the gist of this song?

  3. Razim Hidayat

    Film yg bgus + soundtrack yg indah

  4. yojenitsuj

    forever my jam

  5. André

    não entendo, como uma musica tão boa pode ter tão poucos likes :D

  6. Maria campbell

    Do the good thing of the day and reccomend me more songs like this

  7. GarrixSimpson 3001

    The art of getting by 💞

  8. Fabio Marotte

    SongPop brought me here..

  9. C Beck

    I'm here via SongPop.

  10. fascinatinglist

    this song was made for people with broken hearts and with alot of homework

  11. Fadzki Codz

    Sally is Love...

  12. hannah

    What I like about this song is I can listen to it when I'm happy and sad

  13. Ana Diaconu

    Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson - anyone?

  14. Victor Relmuan

    George and Sally, Freddie and Emma

  15. Selarom

    But I, I spit fire
    On lovers and liars
    And you won't decieve me
    And I, I find it easy, easy

  16. oh my lord

    Not to be confused with Taco Bell's "Shitting Fire".

  17. sky fia

    this song is everything, great for soundtrack, 100% make me feel good with my daily day

  18. Nathaly M.

    Me encanta, no hubiera llegado aquí a no ser por alguien que me la recomendó , beautifull song

  19. messybelle

    the art of getting by <3

  20. Zakaria Jony

    The Art Of Getting By ♥♥
    Juthi♥ Juthi♥ Juthi♥

  21. Satriyo Prakoso

    Art of Getting By ❤

  22. Labyirnth II

    This song is just amazing. TAOGB

  23. sky fia

    going the distance 😇😇😇

  24. Agario Masters

    I have The Art of Getting By, I love that movie.

  25. Isra7Art

    Siempre seremos la minoría, cosas que no alcanzaremos.

  26. mona k

    The art of getting by 💝

  27. sara yahya

    the art of getting by :)

    zanime !!


  28. ashishkpkpkp

    i spit fire on lovers & liers

  29. Megumin


  30. hector Garcia

    Miss you

  31. hector Garcia

    I remember u shirley

  32. Kazi Moinul Islam Nishat

    Sex drive !

  33. Riya Adelin

    George 😘

  34. Leah Duff

    Believe it or not, while i love the movie The Art of Getting By, I just love The Boxer Rebellion and got here from my iPod. :)


    Dreams in fiction
    Lost religion whats the meaning of this line in this song

    Kevin Graham

    Leah Duff ur cute

    Kevin Graham

    Leah Duff RU going to NYC show on Nov 5th?

    Leah Duff

    Kevin Graham no I'm not and thanks. haha

    Kevin Graham

    Leah Duff I have an extra. wya

  35. A. D. Grace

    Going the Distance and Art of Getting By got me here. Anyone else?


    A. D. Grace me too.
    I friggin hated Emma Roberts in that movie , but i think she's overall a great actress.



    Tomas Fresquet

    same here !

    Efraim Lucena

    The art of getting by

    Michael Sia

    Loved both movies!

  36. sevenfold1975

    The Chills!! <3

  37. Quinn Fabray

    I salute you, average people who don't mind, I'm one of you!

    Freddy Yohanes

    nice said.

  38. Lea St-Pierre

    They remind me of The Temper Trap!

    Djohan Rady

    Actually their sound reminds me of U2

    zanime !!


  39. Nick The Drawer

    Art of getting by


    same :)

  40. Clark Kent

    Going the Distance Trailer :)

  41. hector Garcia

    Love this a lot. . Coz sh3ly

    Shirley Robles Lau

    @hector Garcia I can't believe you still remember this song jajaja :P

    hector Garcia

    @Shirley Robles Lau i will forever

  42. luis manriquez

    love this track. the art of gerrting by.

  43. Straczynskiify

    Me imagino bailando con la chapis esta cancioncita cookies! .)

  44. Dvnny Montvna

    Be ready for anything. ~~► go to TruthContest◙com and read "The Present".

  45. Random Person

    Why isn't this song longer!!!

  46. Juicy

    You treacherous, sadistic, little hussy...

    comic book hero

    Juicy boy you ulgy asf 😂🤣

    GarrixSimpson 3001

    Juicy 💞

    zanime !!

    "I am allergic to hormones" what hormones? "Mine."


    @zanime !! love that line haha

  47. Juicy

    You treacherous, sadistic, little hussy...

  48. WrinkleinTime42

    This reminds me of history class...

  49. Abir Hasan Shawon

    What the rest did,
    but i was average!!
    but i don't mind...

  50. Angie Cañas

    The art of getting by ! :') So beautiful!

    zanime !!

    Honestly. Beautiful

  51. Oram _ OTF

    The Art Of Getting By

  52. Yescenia Gomez

    Love love love!!! <3

  53. wolfman yaser bakri

    i went to everything that can help me to get this song after art of getting by and i did not tell i watch the trailer of going distense watched the movie knew the song got it god thank you !

  54. bbaileyyx3

    I love GTD so much because of this band. They sounded beyond amazing in the movie, I can only imagine how they sound like live in person.

  55. Juonithz Ramos

    No, you should watch Going the Distance, it's WAY better.

  56. africansoulsista

    Seeing them live and play this song literally made me cry because i was so happy lol

  57. Vuong Nguyen Tien

    The Art Of getting By

  58. Laura Hoffmeister

    Going to distance brought me to this wonderful band!

  59. Margo Smith

    Love this fucking song!

  60. Gabriél Essáy

    you think to much George -.-

  61. Juonithz Ramos

    Yeah, no it was not...

  62. ปลายบุกบ้าน Gear Indy

    I love this Song !!!!!!!!! cool

  63. Camille Bou

    j'adore cette chason !

  64. BBwarsAZ

    TREACHEROUS, sadistic little hussy

  65. Gabriél Essáy

    you sadistic little hussy

  66. Drimson Angel

    I deffs I wish could have played this at prom... :(

  67. Hailey Finlayson

    The Art of Getting by > Going the Distance.....

  68. Chyna Arnold

    love this.

  69. spulgaciite

    one of my favorite band and that studying scene in the movie..uh, so beautiful. <3
    it actually inspired me to do my homeworks as well :D

  70. unforgiven125

    Words can't describe how much I love this song.

  71. MistressIzayoi

    the art of getting by <3

  72. Prioski13

    French Kicks - The Trial Of The Century
    Pavement-Here Slanted and Enchanted is the album

  73. Prioski13

    youtube converter u copy the link to the space u will see and the download EASY!!!!!

  74. Steven Davis

    Who would dislike a song so amazing as this

  75. abcjaneliu

    Do you know there's a OST for the movie? :)
    It was great:D

  76. GrimRapper

    Anyone knows where i can get the download for this song?

  77. hardcorerabanrk

    great band this and not listn to them in a long time ,and as i like to play with fire (poi) this song is great to spin and drift of to :-)

  78. The Z

    Like this is art of getting by got you here...

  79. james12345678919

    both <3

  80. james12345678919

    both :D

  81. DesminesChannel

    THAT'S EXACTLY WHY I CAME HERE! I just say that movie and I was like "I've got to get most of those songs played in that movie." Not only was that movie brilliant but I loved the music.

  82. נועה גורביץ

    "I spit fire
    On lovers and LIARS"
    amazing song!

  83. Ink Ramírez

    I spit fire on lovers and liars

  84. Mariel Angeles

    Going the distance!!!!

  85. Rag0

    same here. this song really transfers how he must have felt in the end, right? Beeing free and full of hope. Like the teacher said "Everything is possible!"

  86. Sora Pallet

    Art of Getting By!!!! Searched like crazy for this song!..

  87. brianna love

    no clue how long it took me to find this

  88. Daionzier

    I love it..