Boxer Rebellion, The - Misplaced Lyrics

Given chances you won't take
Shy away from the heart ache
Just a means to an end

Your quick fix
In the ring of the conflict
With nothing to work with
And nothing in mind

And then
We'll rise
With fire in our eyes
And take you by surprise
Make up, decieve
a voice to recieve
A light that never leaves

Slow right down

Lost love
With little to speak of
These feelings of bad blood
Must go quickly away

Your loose ends
Realising your true friends
In a war that no one wins
Let the sleeping dogs lie

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Boxer Rebellion, The Misplaced Comments
  1. Zora Miljus - A&Z

    5-6 solid weeks now of The Boxer Rebellion since I found them <3 Can not get enough! LOL Have to say, Union is my fav album - style of music is just gorgeous (if thats the right thing to call this type of rock :) :) !! ). Reminds me of the 90s, that superb indie era, great rock, individual styles. On first listen to you, I knew I'd forever be playing your music - if grandkids come along one day in the far future, they'll be singing the lyrics to Diamonds whilst they get on with their day, just as my daughter does now... lol Utterly brilliant musicians! Love you guys forever :) :)

  2. Nikki Noodle

    Not enough people know bout this song and how beautifully eerie it is.❤

  3. Skye Waldon

    2018 still listening💗

    Marc Lee

    Same here. Wish they played it live.

  4. Chadi Baytamouni

    Amazing song! That s what quality music is!!

  5. Harrowed2TheMind


  6. SHA Chase

    Omg i cant stop repeating this song

  7. Yuni Rahman

    'your loose ends, realising your true friends' :')