Bose, Miguel - Please Think Of Me Lyrics

Let me be your prince
And I'll let you be my day
I have no hopes
I'm sorry, what a shame
But I have wings
Between my eyes
So cling to me
Let's fly away.

Let me be the one
And you'll be my everything
I could cook for you
And I would make your tea
I read a book
Till you come home
You go to bed
And we make love.

(Oh please)
Think of me... e... e...
(Please think of me)
Please... think of me

I would like to say
How much you mean to me
But I'm afraid
That words are not enough
I'd like to paint
My love for you
If I knew how
To paint the light.

[Repeat chorus]

Please... think of me!

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Bose, Miguel Please Think Of Me Comments
  1. 深川龍也

    My favorite


    Please thinks of me ( in Español )

    Yo quisiera ser un prestidigitador
    Sacar amor y luz
    De mi sombrero
    Y en una flor de nieve y cal
    Ponerte el sol y el universo entero
    Yo quisiera ser
    Tu Flautista de Hamelin
    Y alrededor trenzarte
    El arco iris
    Si oh si piensa en mi
    Pi pi
    Si piensa en mi
    Pi pi
    Quisiera ser tu cielo azul tu libertad
    Tu mito y tu palabra
    Si oh si
    Piensa en mi
    Pi pi
    Piensa en mi
    Pi pi
    Yo quisiera ser con el tiempo tu piel
    Tu identidad tu edad
    Tu domicilio
    Tu sed tu te tu soledad
    Y el aura que da calor y frío
    Si oh si
    Piensa en mi
    Pi pi
    Piensa en mi
    Pi pi pi pi
    Piensa en mi


    *_¡¡¡¡ Please think of me Thanks Miguel ¡¡¡_*
    Álbum " Girls " 1979