Borgore - Wild Out Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Waka Flocka Flame:]
Jurassic Park
I’m in a hardspot, little hole in the wall
Threw twenty racks, I just blacked out
Hot as fuck, 'bout to pass out
My swag in, your swag out
When I hit the stage, girls titties out
When I hit your stage bring your city out
Ballin' hard, 'bout to foul out
Pop a bottle nigga, wild out
You know, wild, wild out
Pop a bottle nigga, wild out
I'm slim dunkin' with these Ray Bans
I'm on a thug shit, campaigns
Still champagne, need a bad bitch
Icy wrist with with a icy neck
Reach for that, I'll leave you wet
Waka Flocka Flame get the pussy wet

[Verse 2 - Paige:]
Gettin' money ain't a crime
So why you watching, wasting time
Tell me are you ready
Hit the streets and we wild out
Club hopping we ball out
And ain't watching no haters 'cus ya'll

Can't fuck with us, can't fuck with us
Can't fuck with us, we get crazy
Come fuck with us, come fuck with us
Hit the street, we wild out, Club hopping we ball out
Come fuck with us [x4]
Pop a bottle nigga, wild out
Hit the street, we wild out, Club hopping we ball out [x2]

[Drop:] Turn up the volume!

[Verse 3 - Paige:]
Money, money, no running out
I don't know what you talking 'bout
Tell me if you ready
Bad bitch with a foul mouth
What the fuck you hating for
Give me a round of applause
I'm in first place like Usain
Too true like 2 Chainz


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Borgore Wild Out Comments
  1. emi nem

    Borgore vs David Guetta

  2. Liverpool Fc 99

    Still iconic!

  3. Ororo Jaine

    Where is this vocalist (Paige) where is she from and had she ever done any collab or solo release?


    Anyone here in 2019 lol

  5. Marshall D. Teach

    Bad girls club brought me here.

  6. it's Wekoke

    Can't believe just 3M views for this song

  7. Marshall D. Teach

    Bad girls club brought me here.

  8. Lobo Guarro :v

    La de dvbbs es mejor >:v

  9. Gaming ID

    2019 here

  10. Garibel Tibi

    Why did I forgot this incredible song ?

  11. Alì Elfourari

    2019 ? Am i old?



  13. Chavon James

    Why is this version so much better than the other one? It's gotta be the kick pattern 😰🔥

  14. Бублик Фублик

    2018?! )hello

  15. jsh4bt

    2018 this song still bangs.. the im shmacked version was epic

  16. Yeiner Gomez

    La mejor combinación se rifoo !

  17. Rahil Malhotra

    Did they delete the original video?


    i was wondering the same im sure there was a video for it lol

  18. NitroVexProductions // Gaming and Music

    We were young

  19. Öcal Özer

    Türkler daha keşfedememiş demekki daha kafaları yetişememiş seri toplanın.

  20. Axel

    Pop a Molly 2018 😍❤🙌🏼🤘🏼💈

  21. MVP_ Ghost

    anyone here come ba k to listen to this evry now and then i remeber the good day a few years back wth this song

  22. Rafael Araujo

    Borgore the best!

  23. MVP_ Ghost

    ive loved this song now i found it again

  24. Liam Carmody

    I’m looking for a clean version cuz I wanna play it for a school dance

  25. Nicholas Mantovan

    I ricordi😍😍😍😍😍😍

  26. Matt Harden

    Who is this Paige?

  27. kakaS HuN

    mother fuckers fucking nice drop

  28. Ramesh Pentapati

    what is the meaning of fuck

  29. HyperGamer345


  30. mugre

    temasooo t maso

  31. Rody

    Im Here From NICKMERCS

  32. Cristian Flores unanse prros el grupo.esta de madres

  33. Júlios rock

    essa batida do borgore é incrivel

    Weverson Diego

    Borgore É incrível mano xD

  34. Joel Mus

    Good :)

  35. Leo

    Must die remix is better than this shit

  36. C $

    needs more of what they have in the beginning

  37. Afrochami

    00:06 - 00:43 Hip-Hop
    00:43 - 00:58 Groovy Hip-Hop
    00:58 - 1:12 Trance
    1:27 - 1:56 Jungle Terror/Bigroom
    1:57 - 2:25 Groove
    2:25 -.2:41 Hip-Hop
    2:55 - 3:38 J.T./Bigroom

    Андрей Худинов

    Are you asshole?


    trance lol .. this aint it chief

  38. Contaszuadas Error

    drop dvbbs were you young

  39. Chris Scott

    2016 and still listening to this song

  40. Paul Juarez

    The trap beat was killer... Then it changed.

  41. The Mauro Pro

    1:25 unicaaa

  42. Aaron

    Mono mutch?

  43. Heidi Romlow

    They should play This at a rave

  44. Wermz

    god damn, this makes me want to get to the club

    Wooshido RZŚ/STA

    +Wermz God damn, this makes me want go to the gym

  45. Lonit

    haha, waka always says the same shit in most of his songs

  46. Keon

    what the fuck man i was feeling this shit at first with waka on the track, it was a banger, but then the chick came on and the beat just suicided...that kind of made me mad.

    Brendon Jones

    +iLeanOn Ice ofmg i felt the exact same. waka was fuckin killing it then paige just ruined the rest of track imo


    @Soul Pixels yea


    @*****​ that gay ass beat ruined it even more 

  47. Fontitozz

    D'la frappe 🔞

  48. RafikiBTW

    DVBBS are copycats. Listen to Bounce Generation and Raveology. They are exactly the same, with a few differences here and there. However both are produced by them. Still, quite disappointing :/

  49. Creative! Records

    DVBBS copy this amazing song!!
    SCORE: 10/10

    Samuel Gutiérrez

    we were young , i think

  50. Seth cleary

    Skwad skwad skwad

  51. Javier Alejandro Guzman Plaza


  52. kione

    Waka is the goat lol

  53. ngbanks

    I was feeling this until 1:30

  54. stefan1132

    this remains as the song of summer 2014

  55. Tiff

    the ending to this song!!! some one make a remix with the ending popping !

  56. Angel

    Sounds like DVBBS

  57. Ex iWarSauce

    darude sandstorm

  58. jesus escamilla

    yall sum bitch nyukkas

  59. Johan Ortiz

    WAKANDA ??????

  60. Hamza Naili

    Still DVBBS better than Borgore :p

  61. Aniket Babar

    I love her singing. I just love this song

  62. Sean790

    Listen to my Wild Out remix!

  63. Onam King

    popabottol nigga uaild aut

    Gabriele Rivanera


  64. Ivan

    Darude Sandstorm + We were young = Wild out

    Zkyl music

    *+another hiphop track

  65. How to make EDM Music

    Awesome video!

  66. *2_FranGeLa_0* XD

    Nice Beat ! '' Can Fuck with Us " 

  67. Danndock


  68. Nevits P

    DVBBS? Donde?


    Esto salió primero...

  69. ChagasJuan

    Borgore producing Hardstyle too, so fucking talent


    This is big room not hardstyle.

  70. Ænima-niac

    0:00 - 0:43 should be its own song...production game too strong



  71. Cr4zy Un1v3rs3

    Good good good

  72. OBI Production

    Fuck Dvbbs ! 

  73. ella bonar

    tu jajsnur

  74. Antonio Macina

    ✊😂✊ HOMYATOL

  75. Rahul Ghosh

    I have heard this song but it was with a different drop. Everything was same, just a different drop. I know this is the original but if someone knows which different version i'm talking about, could u please inform!


    it was probably DVBBS we are young or something like that , i see it everywhere in the comments


    we were young* sorry

  76. Danndock

    DVBBS sons of the fucking bitch, copycats!!! .l.

  77. Eric Park

    I believe this song is called Sandstorm by Darude.

  78. imZombieee

    Stay Hungry, Stay ANIMAAAAALS

  79. Eric Park

    Darude - Sandstorm

  80. YourAverageGamer Canada

    dvbbs copied it, but made it heavier and therefore better


    No! are thief, then why they don't named We Were Young like "Wild Out (DVBBS Remix) or something similar? would be better (sorry for my english)

  81. Jake the Snake 5

    Wow good one lol

  82. NoodlezGraphics

    I don't know why but I play this song when I'm angry lol

  83. mauribest1

    Fuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarkkkkkkkkk!!!! Epic Ness

  84. Jags Domain Crew

    This song had me up until 0:45

    Rei Mici

    @Jags Domain Crew absolutely agree!!!!


    my thoughts exactly

    bigR 22

    Jags Domain Crew yeah

  85. Frank Hudson


  86. JeanmiLL

    Ok, a lot of people don't realise that The Riggi & Piros remix of Surge by Clockwork has the same drop as this, and was released before this, so actually this is a scam of Surge (Riggi & Piros Remix), plus I'm sure DVBBS didn't even realise that, so this is a scam of that, and We Were Young is a scam of this and that...

  87. Game Box

    Wild came out on 10/08/2013
    We Were Young went on 25/072014 :-)

  88. Pshiyco 369


  89. leonardo di virgilio


  90. RedDiamond1221

    BCG12 Chicago brought me here tbh

  91. Agustin Gil

    Si las comparan en detalle son canciones distintas Wild Out y We Were Young