Borgore - Someone Else's Lyrics

See I wish things ended in a different way, but what can I say, we both are stubborn
Right, all we used to do is fight, but I can not taste what's good without no struggle
Every day I change girls like they were my undiz, I say fuck please and get all the barbies
Truth though is that I feel dumb, Cause I wanted u to b my childrenz mom

The radio is teasing me, playing a tune that u wanned on our wedding
Pending ending of another bitch that home I'm sending
She wants me to walk her to the door but..yo, im fucking stuck
She cannot see my pain, she's just another fuck
I couldn't hide a thing from you, You knew when I was mad, when I was sad
Girl u knew all my favorite tingz in bed, and now im dead
But I got goals that I must conquer
Music is my life and for music I will suffer
Shared our deepest secrets, our hardest moments
My always open ear is now signing for unemployment
I used to tell u about my dreams, and my dreams have come
True but ur not next to me ?u full of someone elses *choke*

Possibilities, there are so many
I'm not feeling yours (she ain't feeling mine), so much lately
We're in the ocean, your not the one
So let me go now, I think we're done

Girl, where are you? No answer on your phone
Im about to erase your pictures and your special ringtone
Your birthday album its burned its gone all I left is a memory stone
So many fans yet I'm felling so alone
I'v started making money, Fucking Lingerie models
5 stars hotels, Green room popping bottles
I'm on the quest for the logic I can't find, how can u be sleeping with someone else to your side?
Are you blind? Are you out of your fucking mind?
The bank just called they said that your sanity was declined
Cause three weeks ago you said u will die for me
So die for me, how come you are giving up on me?
You cannot take the good without the bad don't you get it?
We had r glory days and now you easily forget it
Im tryina eat but I miss you, it makes me sick
How can I swallow when your swallowing someone else's?

Possibilities, there are so many
I'm not feeling yours (she ain't feeling mine), so much lately
We're in the ocean, you're not the one
So let me go now, I think we're done

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Borgore Someone Else's Comments
  1. Joanna

    who's in 2020

  2. Tulio Curup

    2020 💥

  3. matthew mortimer

    if you dislike this you're just fuckin jealous lol xoxo ....

  4. Niccolo Navarro

    2019 people, are you there?

  5. Jefferson Pereira

    Im not gay but I prefer his voice than The girl voice but if I choose who to fuck I would defenetly choose her

  6. Spartan Prometeo

    Me sigue encantando aunque ya sean 8 años de esta. ❤

    Luca Cerda

    Es lo mejor del universo (?

  7. dev shure

    How much cost that B hat ? look good ..:)

  8. nolanriot

    I cry every time

  9. Maurilio Garza

    7 years since I heard this song, is my favorite :3

  10. Maciej Łuczyński

    Adi Ulmansky <3

  11. Charlie Kelly

    Adam Sandler is pretty good at this dub rap stuff.

  12. Jean Pierre


  13. Kevin Bedoya

    #HailGrasa :v

  14. ninjaga1


  15. Raegus Seb

    You can actually understand him here.

  16. Lex Gaming

    I've never had a break up, and this song still makes me cry... I love it. Everything about it is just perfect. All of it.

  17. niobadass

    You used to fuck my dreams and now my dreams have come.

  18. Tallb

    why you show this skank and not Adi? booz

  19. BASSCAS3

    as if this is 7 years old now, still seems like yesterday :,(

  20. Animus Cumminham

    She’s just another fuck

  21. hailey periard

    this song brings back so many memories tf

  22. Jonni

    2018 and still borgores best song. I miss his old style so much. He had to make that money tho

  23. Limitless 1

    live your life my brothers
    that is the good life
    that is how life should be lived ...

  24. Abbs

    OMG how tf did I forget about this song 😭😭😭 this was my shit 5 years ago holy fuck

  25. Skadesucksatlife

    Eh stay to hardcore dubstep, showoff.

  26. S Saints

    0:57 That face thoo

  27. Karu Desu

    This is like the saddest song I've ever listened to

  28. happiness happenn

    where's borgore now?

  29. Elsy Alvarado

    Borgore maximo

  30. The Only Kid

    Can someone remix the girl out ?

  31. Alejandro Cruz

    fuck. :v

  32. The Mohawk Guy

    very nice song

  33. joaquin martinez carrasco

    Borgore mas joven que viejos tiempos :,3

  34. xDarckPlay EP

    cada vez mas encuentro muy buenas músicas de borgore

  35. Michel McFadden

    fuck miiii boregorw omg.

  36. Bata Ve Tavata Records

    Its so good..

  37. Ledion Malaj

    Borgores: I am starting making money fuking lingerie models; 5 stars hotels ,green room, popping bottles.
    Normal people : We are starting spending money fuking lingerie models; 5 stars hotels ,green room, popping bottles.

  38. Kakamaika

    I think I broke the replay button.

  39. Amie Robison

    Mmmmhm. lovin it\

  40. Cheetahjammerplays AJ

    I like the document one remix

  41. Destinee Dinkley

    This song was always my favorite by him

  42. GetLit Music

    2016 and this still is my favorite borgore's track

  43. Ariel Azrieli Productions

    you can not take the good without the bad don't you get it?
    we had our glory days and now you easily forget it

    love this sentence!!!

  44. forest akai

    ████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
    ███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!

  45. Barros

    heard this song when it came out and it was the shit I was feeling and like 5 years after I am still able to find myself in the same fucking position. fml


    MrLuke PT fuckin word

    forest akai

    fucking whorees....smh

  46. Yung pain

    los pasteles se te pasaron mas de la cuenta amigito?

  47. brittreidandkato

    he's the worst artist ever


    brittreidandkato oc

  48. jose dominguez

    muy buenaaaaa xD

  49. eyeface

    truth is that i feel dumb because i wanted you to be my children's mom

  50. Destinee Dinkley


  51. Eva Burnz

    0:13 that bitch is one serious crackhead

  52. jacobo narajno

    Best of borgore

  53. sKyz000

    i broke up with my girlfriend and this song made me feel like.... i don't know....


    now i'am better man!


    Oh shit you're such a badass.


    Wasn't even talking to you. Thanks for the offer, but I'm not in the searching of raisin-like dicks.

  54. sKyz000

    borgore is the king of the world, this song is insane !!!

  55. Mati !


  56. Calyn Presson

    best borgore song ever....

    Anne Frank

    fuck this guy give me snapchat im +30 cm swear to god

    Jimmy Johnson

    nah,its close tho.broken rulez and kiss my lips are the best,specially if u turn the speed up to 1.25

  57. dat Pianoguy

    he went from 1:09 her to miley fucking cyrus :/

  58. Gate Eyes


  59. Bor3d AndSadn3ss

    Better Than Anything,Even...

  60. Juan Dorado


  61. frankie renteria

    Me right now but o well :D

  62. Jan Rosseau

    1:55 best part of the song

  63. Tantania Phifer

    needs more views!

  64. Austin snoggy

    anyone else think borgore should make more song's like this , shit that has meaning ?

    JonathanC1010 Clips

    yeah, he should

    Brandon M

    +Austin “honest Austin” snoggy I love this type of music sad dubstep but this is really melodic and i love it + the bass melody sounds like flux's. Really wish he did more music like this you can tell he put his emotions into it

  65. Michael Powner

    Looks pretty much like adam sandler dafq

    yam odentz

    cuz both jews lol :D

  66. jesus andres

    I want the game! 2:17

  67. Trapaholic Dubstepper

    Lol "cum" on their face...

  68. Michael Powner

    Sorry 2:45

  69. Oviiik

    2015! Big up

  70. Telekom Electronic Beats

    Watch ADI perform "Heaven" and "Was It You" live and in 1080p HD video at Electronic Beats Festival in Bratislava (06 March 2015):

  71. Ziv Haba

    גאווה לעם ישראל אסף אתה תותח !!!! 

  72. Patrik Molnár

    Who is the girl shown during the refrain?

    Mouse Dubz

    Adi Ulmansky :P

  73. drgdfhg

    Nope... ;dd I want that instrumental of Flex ft. Shay - the awesome trap one... ;v

  74. Zoltán Kapocs

    Still the best song he ever made (IMO)

  75. ilikan99

    The only borgore song that makes sense...

  76. FUEIHO

    I love you

  77. nohad

    One of borgores greatest songs.

    Eva Burnz

    +Vitunveijari undoubtedly.

  78. piiilli

    all this penis ballons xDswinger club ?

  79. Juan Ampuero

    02:34 I have his water gun XD

  80. ismael flores cortes

    beautiful girls in the video

  81. MafionzoR

    i love Adi <3

  82. Bogdan

    anybody know what type of headphones were those?


    hahahah nice answer,but i wanted to know something else,not the lyrics

    peter boutros

    @bumpoc bum he is using pionneer idk wich model 

    El Turii Ingram

    pioneer hd2000


    Pioneer hdj 2000*


    thx ! :)

  83. Diego

    Music is my Life. ♥

  84. Flying in Space

    Is he singing about Jessie Andrews?

  85. jorge beltran beltran


  86. Henry Tu

    the women singer in the end who is she did she sang in other tracks also?


    Adi Ulmanksy - Was it you?

  87. Nick Swan

    Jizz super soakers, solid call. Biological imperative, FULFILLED!!!!!! 

  88. Michael Core - DJ

    Borgore should rap more .

  89. Bob Dolemite

    Borgore gets the ugliest hoes on the planet.  Kinda funny though.

  90. I luve Her peas

    omg that bass is so deep like seriously deep

  91. Peter

    i love appfel

  92. heymimmz


    Tantania Phifer

    I agree

    Limitless 1

    just ride the wave 🌊

  93. PAUL

    eres el amo, sigue asi y arrasaras


    soy tu fan jeje

  94. cinek111222333

    How can I swallow when your swallowing someone elses hue