Borgore - Shrimp Creature Lyrics

We have never face a greater threat than we do right now
A look alas they aware
No matter where you are, they can find you
Hunger unparalleled or any other predator
It is a hard one they've made to hunt you
The hull is a threat

The species is unforgiven
Genetically predisposed a semen
They thirst is unrivaled
They can smell male genitalia from over 300 meters away
And when they find you
They will suck until you become
A Shrimp Creature

A Shrimp-

A Shrimp Creature

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    Is this the baseline from sicario?

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    Nice video, keep up the good work!

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    Los que le dieron 👎 son los pendejos que escuchan a Alan walker y Marshmello :v

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    REAL SHIT 🖤🔌

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    New Lyrics <3

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    Every time i re-watch this video I can't stop laughing at all the face Nick makes.

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    What iam watching n why iam watching???

  16. Everything Gets Sauce

    Bring it. Turn me into a shrimp creature.

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    I came for Guy Fieri

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    There is no way this has downvotes

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    Watching this high as fuck ahh

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    Hardcore Dubstep. Borgore should be in everyone's Gym Playlist #BUYGORE FAM

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    Skedda Yoden

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    What the fuck is this video?? I like it 🤭

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    who is dat cow? xD

  28. PR1mal

    Where do I recognize that “let’s go mates” from


    I feel like I'm on so many drugs when I see any on borgores videos lmao

  30. KYOTO 24

    when they find u
    they will fuck u till
    u become a
    shrimp creature

  31. Kevin Romero

    I love this 😂

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    Better than pornhub

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    0:01 that sound is sick, anyone know how to make it in fl studio 12?

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    Temazooo <3

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  40. Pluto Wah

    Que rico trapito se lanzo papi borgore

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    E9 G

    Yepp Nickaletti :) lel

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    Does anyone else hear "I beat my meat" in the drop???

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    Why did you have to show a horse dick in this video

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    Reminds me of Filthy Frank, feels like something he'd do

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    1:25 speed :D thats good

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    this is my jacking off song!!!!!

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    this is somehow more strange than anything Frank has ever done

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    everything nick coletti does is the funniest shit ever

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    Had you ever seen a music video so fucked up x')

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  75. Fujiwara Chika

    Both Borgore and Nick Coletti are amazing, one a great artist and the other a great comedic actor. Great collab!

  76. Ricardo Gómez

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    This is great

  78. gtabro1337

    "lets put the most random shit together and call it a music video"

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    i hope u collab with pink guy aka frank filthy bro xD

  80. W H A T S T H E P O I N T

    Thank you for creating the masterpiece which is pink season remix

  81. miguel jose ochoa rodriguez

    este video es muy loco y confuso pero megusta la musica y mas de borgore

  82. Julio Antonio

    snails,¿eres tú? :v

  83. Dubstep Is Life

    Fucking beast ass drop..too bad borgore makes such short drops though,SWEET AND SHORT

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    Please tell me where i can buy that shrimp costume!! I can't find it anywhere online.

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    Space kitten invasion
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