Borgore - Flex Lyrics

Oh it's the handsome, yeah

I'm on a lazy flex, I'm on a lady flex
Never at the gym, everyday I'm having sex
I'm on a lazy flex, I'm on a lady flex
Bitches fall in love, bitches love the rough sex
Slap her face, fuck her in the butt
Bitches like to know their place and I don't need to act
Hands around their neck, grab her by the hair
Girls with daddy issues, just like when you don't care

Everyday I'm having sex, never fucking hustling
Never need to work, bitches pay me to bust one in
When I'm done with dinner, I never see the bill
When I'm done with bitches, they start seeing Dr. Phil

When it's cold outside, I wear bitches as my coat
I don't need no swimsuit, I got bitches on my boat
Skinny fit tees, skinny fit jeans
Skinny fit bitches on my fingers, got rings

I pump up my girls, I give them slaps, I give them pinches
I don't need no fuel, I go Flintstones on my bitches
I don't need no driver's license, they can drive my car
Bitches don't know how to drive, so I won't get too far

Never using condoms, I fuck bitches wearing bitches!
Now my bitch in pain, the other needs some stitches
My bitches they train, so bitches ain't bitches
Cause when I take a nap someone need to work the kitchen


I got bitches who want my beach, when my bitches on vacation
No GPS, bitches know what's my location
Not using phone, I'm on a headless flex
Bitches wear my tees, I send them as my text

I don't need no pool, I'm making bitches wet
I got so much pussy, I use bitches as my pet
I'm so lazy, I'm so lazy
But if you had my life, you wouldn't fucking blame me!

This life is weird, not sure how to say it
I'm just claiming random shit, and these bitches obey it
Got a bitch for every tweet, and one for every need
I got farmer bitches, science bitches all getting my weed

Buy a case, they can't supply with haze, kush and cheese
Only here the finest bushes, bitches wanna please
Didn't say a thing and they already on their knees
All these anorexic bitches are surviving on my jizz


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Borgore Flex Comments
  1. Dom

    Ugly ass nigga

  2. Logan

    Aug 2019?

  3. Eben Slasher

    I dedicate this song to all feminist in America 💁‍♂️🙅‍♂️ put the signs down and assume your role 😂

  4. Sergio Reyes

    2:03 borgore pls

  5. vashts1985

    this is missing something...... oh yeah, figures drumstep.

  6. NECRO 666

    Wow what GARBAGE!

  7. Pikinik Basketeer

    Its still a funny song and i dont not like it, but i was such a dumbass kid acting like this was some beautiful form of art

  8. mylesfinch

    Borgore is so fucking hot.

  9. Tristan Shannon

    No one else notice that there a pornstar in his music video.

  10. Fade God Mike

    I cant believe its been 6 years since this masterpiece dropped

  11. SpikeLanta

    The girl in the bikini in the pool is Jessie Andrews. She's a porn star. Why Jessie, I didn't recognize you with clothes. LOL

  12. Hgean Kid Nebula

    way to roast every hip hop song ever lol

  13. Terry Oster

    Пацанский Flex

  14. Kobe The Goat

    Why stampycat raping

  15. L33P3

    I love how in 2012 Borgore jokes about 2018 Borgore in this song.

  16. Lucas Ramos Gonçalves

    Help me plis...hahaha

  17. Subscribe please

    Terrible 😁😂😂🤣

  18. Sexyman All

    Is borgore male chauvinist?

  19. Karu Desu

    kill me ples

  20. drgdfhg

    Song - hammer
    performance - na-hah :c

  21. J.M. POOL

    Fokker in tha butt

  22. Liliana Garcia Carvajal

    Te bendigo Borgore

  23. Mermelada Circuncidada

    ¿Alguien me dice el significado de esta "canción"? ._.

  24. malol _

    1:47 girls plz

    Rafael Hach

    Jessie andrews

  25. drgdfhg

    Instrumental only on this song would be lovely. If ye uploaded it somewhere one day, it will be awesome. ^_^

  26. Su M.A.

    Male chauvinist

    Rick Lopez

    Sumaia de Morais Avelar it's satire idiot

  27. MegaPepe444

    I just discovered this masterpiece.

  28. NightFall

    Who is watching in 2017 ??

  29. Santiago Rocha

    why dislike? :|

  30. Milkshake

    Still enjoying how bad this is

  31. Marcos Salustiano

    borgore, you fucking pervert.

  32. 64leonjard64

    y yo que pensaba qie el regeton eran una mierda...ESTO! ESTO SI QUE ES RIAL SHEEEEET


    I like the *BORGOREs* bitches

  34. C0denameAlpha


  35. C0denameAlpha

    OMG this sucks so much !!!!! :))

  36. Kaxmi

    All these anorexic botches are surviving on my jizz ... These black hoes don't look anorexic bro


    Kaxmi those for borgore

  37. Luis Enrique Hernandez Lezama

    Hey maldito devuelve los cobres estoy en mcbo mamá sebo ladrrrrrrron

  38. BeaBloops

    i wonder if he is like this in real life


    +LKFLeeroy I already did after posting this comment, he is awesome


    the super misogynistic and macho thing is sort of like his alternate persona / character that he has made for "Borgore"


    he's still a misogynist

    Eben Slasher

    he is not a mysoginist, he's having fun and I think he actually has a high respect for women.

    Rick Lopez

    brittreidandkato you don't know what a misogynist is if youre saying that stupid shit

  39. Black Irons

    This is the weirdest song i ever heard .The Figure remix is way better XD

  40. cyborgchimpy

    this is so bad


    Best comment here😂


    I mean, its a joke right this song ?


    +cyborgchimpy I believe this song is apart of borgores album "borgore ruined dubstep" so I believe this song is meant to suck. However borgore has had ties to metal, hip hop, electronica, and so Much more. then again yes this song is probably a joke. apparently cuz borgore wanted to make songs we despised the most. Funny thing is, I only come back to this song because it makes me laugh.

  41. Pablo Hernandez

    what car is that?

    andres ramos armas

    Is a Berlingo T7

  42. AtZel 333

    Bitches 99%

  43. Victor Torres

    summer 2016 banger.

  44. Matin Johann

    2:52 borgore death stare

  45. Pirate X


  46. Peeta Griffin

    Even a 14 year old promoting his song on youtube comments can make a better song than this trash.

    Peeta Griffin

    @***** If by satire you mean turd, then it is satire

    Rick Lopez

    Wow you're real dumb bro



  48. iron.f16

    Jewish rap.

  49. The_Blank_

    I don't need no condoms. I fuck bitches wearing bitches.

    I died.

  50. Don Olszewski

    name of white girl?


    +Don Olszewski Jessie Andrews she is a pornstar

  51. Kenny Nixon Herron

    an insult to dubstep


    +Kenny Nixon Herron u mad bro? dont it like? then go away

    king Crackle the peasant

    I like dubstep, but dubstep itself is an insult to music in general.


    +Edgar Pineda why?

    king Crackle the peasant

    +DjRayAndSolible "Cool" dosent make it good music, so please font rage at me like a moronic caveman.

    jurre vdv

    this is trap not dubstep

  52. Malkatrix musik

    for all the people saying borgore is shit, well his first ep was called borgore ruined dubstep, and his intension was to make music that most people dispite, so all you hating are just implying he accomplished his mission.

    Peeta Griffin

    good for him.

  53. Matthew Raseri

    2 thousand people are fucking assholes! and don't know a funny ass amazing song when they hear one.

  54. Drowned.

    99% bitches 1% music

  55. VerySpicySalsa

    Who is the red head in the green swimsuit ? I MUST know... For a..."science project".

    Laia Sanz

    shes not red head but her name is jessie andrews


    Mr.Amazing lel pornstar >:D

  56. jmuneral

    La rubia era la novia de Borgore en aquella época xD

  57. Abish Nas

    is This fo real? what a shitty song

  58. tannim torres

    The preferred song of feminists everywhere

    Alexander Lozada



    +tannim torres haha.. true. Will send this song to all the feminist bitches on V-day. ROFL!

  59. Mitch Ross

    Still waiting for the Borgore Shaygray mixtape.

  60. Leonardo P.D.

    this is seriously an enormous piece of Sh*t.

    Rick Lopez

    lpd a it's awesome you are triggered af

  61. kyle teck thompson

    This song sucks ass

  62. Christian Flores

    También es rapero? 😶😶😶😶


    +Christian Flores Casi XD

    DJ Borgams

    +Tornado esa chica es su ex de borgore además es pornstar

    Christian Flores

    +DJ BORGASM Si , tienes razón

  63. jesus andres

    I'm your fan BORGORE!!!!! 1º

  64. robert valaskof

    Kinda reminds me of Adam Sandler 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  65. victoriaal

    O-M-G. What the fuck I just heard!!! That song is awful! You gotta give up from the singing.


    😂😂😂his other stuff..... is better

  66. Super Saiyan Haven

    All the words he said in this song describes a male prostitute

  67. Kill64

    Reading these comments really makes me wonder if people know what satire is....

  68. bdplaya

    Need more bitches.

  69. alejandro velazquez

    Yo solo entindo bitches pero aun a si esta chida.

  70. EJSjjh

    Blonde's name is Jessie Andrews

    Matt Mura

    +EJSjjh love you faptain

    Jose Medina

    You saved me 😂

    The Right Shoe

    da real MVP

  71. PSGT pphuge

    they high

  72. Lane Vandokkumburg

    Bitch count: 34

  73. drgdfhg

    Mr. Gore... Bore... Boregore.... ye... Please le upload le instrumental of trap flex and don't give this dubstep shit flex. :v Thanks for reading my $h1tty comment. :v

  74. mert Şahin

    hey guys Im a big fan of borgore, can anyone tell me who the guy is with borgore?


    Shay Gray

  75. Chill


  76. Aurora Michelle Barnabas

    *The ultimate truth is universal truth; it's the same for everyone, everywhere, all the time. Everyone breathes, is born and dies, etc.*
    _Do you want answers?_ Answers have been revealed at: *Truthcontest◙Com*

    Tedena Broomington

    I love it. :)

    Lapsa Jenua

    Are you dolbaeb?

  77. elhobbit lor

    Hahah nice lambo

  78. Infect

    i love this song *-*

  79. Jess Martinxxx

    Ah! I love the lyrics

  80. Xen H.

    Borgore needs to stick to the deck and leave the mic... Track sounds like a parody

  81. Vlad Bardukov


  82. j jj

    I want to be Borgor.

  83. Shoulda had pants

    lot of bitchception going on there!

  84. Agustin Bordon

    Esta re drogado xD

  85. Chris Palmeri

    It's funny because, are better rappers than borgore but he have much more fans xD

  86. Team O_X

    aint dubstep....its bitchstep!!

  87. Buru

    Best song ever 11/10 slap her faaaace

  88. Deadware

    Darude - Sandstorm

  89. decayingrosethorn

    Such a pathetic excuse for a song

  90. Lukas G

    worst song i have ever been heard

  91. villenflavia

    lemme love you jessie

  92. Nikki Niedz

    fucking terrible. 

  93. destywhip

    This is hard to listen to

  94. TheDJWaves

    Ive never head the word bitches so many times in one song

    TJ DeMaria

    you dont listen to much rap then do you

    Walter White

    I got bitches to walk my bitch when my bitch is on vacation, no GPS. Bitches knoweth my location, not using phones. I'm on a headless flex, bitches wear my T's. I send them as my text

  95. Urban Sekkt

    I lost it at the "Never using condom., i fuck bitches wearing bitches" part xDDDD
    Fuckin troll song hahahahaha

  96. Daniel Dzuls

    Black white Black 


    Hahahaha its true xD