Borgore - Delicious Lyrics

Haters gonna hate, haters gonna hate
But I'll be fucking models while they sit and masturbate
Son you run your mouth only cause you’ve got nothing
Your life being suck like your mom’s skills at sucking
Haters gonna hate, haters gonna hate
When god was giving talent foes were just to late
So they try to put me down but it makes me more ambitious
Success is sweet but revenge is so delicious

[Verse 1:]
Social networking’s a zoo and I'm playing the vet’s role
Cause twelve-year-old apes think they can go gangsta on my wall
Fool I’ve been in a tent when they shot mortars at me
While you’ve been at home, playing COD
And because you’ve got no back spine, you try to fuck with mine
Loser, can’t you see the big fucking sign
You criticize people, this is all you do
But fact is that you know me, but I don’t know you


[Verse 2:]
Jealousy is a bitch, and I'm making bitches jealous
I'm not mad I feel pity for them fellows
Insulting me, won’t get you famous
I’ll keep on progressing while you’ll keep eating anus
Haters will be hating, Haters will be hating
But I won’t change a bit, I’ll keep doing the same thing
I might fall but I’ll come back more ambitious
Success is sweet but revenge is so delicious

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Borgore Delicious Comments
  1. Nino P.R

    I used to listen to this as a kid in high school!!!!! Nostalgia and this goes hard!!!!!

    Steven Blassingame

    So filthy

    Nino P.R

    Haters gonna hate :p

  2. De Waarheid



    Graag gedaan moet zelf ook


    Love this forever

  4. Peter Shifter

    1 dislike... haters gonna hate.