Borgore - Are U Up? Lyrics

I know it's late
You've been out
With your friends
Getting drunk
Got a text from your ex
Where to next (where to next)
Are you not in the mood?
Like you should
Fuck that dude
I am here fire dick
Worth the trip yeah (worth the trip)

I've got five milfs in my area who's tryna hook up
Are you're my girl next door and Are you up?
I've got five milfs in my area who's tryna hook up
Are you're my girl next door and Are you up?

Sending nudes, you sent my friends
Baby I'm not impressed
You should come and change my mind
Call an Uber or just stay the night
Your calendar is full
Hella dicks at school
Cause I hook up with your best friend
Threesome sounds like a great plan

I've got five milfs in my area who's tryna hook up
Are you're my girl next door and Are you up?
I've got five milfs in my area who's tryna hook up
Are you're my girl next door and Are you up?

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Borgore Are U Up? Comments
  1. suspeck

    this video is so fucking funny HAHAHA

  2. Miguel Angel Peña Rondon

    Ojalá Borgore meta más a su girlfriend en próximas canciónes

  3. Aleix Zaporta

    2011 quality video tho

  4. Cem Leon

    salvatore ganacci x borgore = best vid ever

  5. Misaq

    I really dont know why I like this

  6. Yvonne Sitler

    they're the cutest couple everrrrrrr

  7. Yasmin Bispo

    you're a mix of Dillon Francis with Adam Sandler...

  8. Yasmin Bispo

    you're fkn funny!!!! 🤣❤️

  9. Vi G G

    Todo un chavoruco

  10. Ayelen Cardozo

    TE AMO😅

  11. Muhamed Schnürlch

    I want more music like this

  12. The Space Dinosaur

    y los Qlos?

  13. Ile

    Israel mothafuckaa!

  14. Carlos Alejandro それを読んだマリコ


  15. Cesar Jardinez


  16. Carlos Argudo Escriba

    Don't know why this song brings me back when i was living in China xD

  17. xxdeath xx

    you sucks patethic piece of shit

  18. El mejor critico porno

    Cada quien con su mierda, pero que pedo con Borgore? Eso de hacerse el imbécil no le queda

  19. Илья Ильин

    Самый оригинальный способ прорекламировать собственный мерч на все 10!

  20. Sophia Louise

    probably listened to this about a million times after foam wonderland saturday

  21. Vilgelm Kalantaryan

    First time in my life I disliked a video on YouTube


    You so fucking crazy jaja <3

  23. Bloodthirsty

    Borgore is my mentor daddy

  24. Adam Ysaac

    Como olvidar cuando Borgore paso por una crisis económica.

  25. mink blanket

    borgore aint been good since casablaca, maybe a few decent songs but definitely a slow descent

  26. Jakob Johnson

    What should the hook be, text from an adult pop-up advertisment?

  27. KVYN

    the best borgore <3

  28. Mister Coach

    whos trynna hoook up?

  29. Deana

    borgore is it you?
    Back to the roots or the budget is over?

  30. Xan Ape

    stems pleaseeeee

  31. Leonardo Sandi


  32. Logan Stein

    So aesthetic it's blinding

  33. Lofu

    I love this

  34. Pablo Loayza Cárdenas

    We miss u :(

  35. Oliver Aro Amat

    Is like, Shoting Stars... Like... funk or future funk <3

  36. Shockmaker Petrov

    Best Borgore song ever and such a lack of views

  37. Daniel

    Loving the song 😂 maybe also try to make something meaningful with it

  38. shadowkilla92

    *N U T*

  39. Lopesdorzz

    Wtf is this shit?

  40. electronicdancemuz

    it reminds me some John Lajoie lol

  41. Marius Kopp

    The Award for the best Song 2019 goes to: Borgore - Are u up?
    Congrats Man! You got the Marius Award! <3

  42. Santiago Osinaga

    Busco a la comunidad hispana para opinar del vídeo

  43. Máté VGS

    here's the lyrics if anyone needs it

  44. • YouTuveLag •

    wft is this borgore xdxdxdxdxdx

  45. Valeria show

    1:48 sexy 💥

  46. Stancematic Media

    BORGORE X CLAIRO , *when?*

  47. Jess Hebs

    Honestly I must’ve given you at least 300 of those views LOL I keep watching and laughing damn it

  48. Dich Atina

    Very similar to lmfao

  49. Dich Atina

    It's so pretty good for my ears

  50. Георгий Латкин

    Borya why u use autotune?
    You have good vocal.
    я в ахуе..


    This is Пиздец полный

  51. hernan decima

    adictivo jaja

  52. 5TYLLVX Beatz

    u r awesome!!!!

  53. gonza lolo

    Y el dubstep ?

  54. Mary Jane

    why did they cast Adam Sandler to play borgore?

  55. Zombie Twix

    Back to 80s

  56. Matei Ungur-Naghi

    DAT SYNTH !! lovin it!

  57. deez S's

    *Borgore is my sugar daddy*

  58. deez S's

    *F I N A L L Y*

  59. SCAR

    he return <3 herooo

  60. maruchan_666

    upload it to spotify pls

  61. YT LIL GIO

    Yo this shit lowkey fire.😂

  62. Jimmy Flores J.

    Yo wtf !! 😂😂 I ain’t gon lie, he’s dope asf hahahaha he’s got the funny ones, then most DJ’ s do ! 💯

  63. Kev

    and the drop?

  64. Tesla Inc

    Borgore, what are hell they did with you?

  65. jose cruz

    Los 80's

  66. Vasilis Papanikolaou

    WARNING that song has stuck in my head from the first time i heard it <3

  67. Ansuma Boro

    Like A Pornstar

  68. Sikandar King

    Wtf really borgore

  69. nazareno nenning

    So much free time

  70. Sir Renzo De Doncaster

    Awesome 🤪 just dissapointed it isn’t on spotify 😶

  71. Sr.Chomy

    like gg

  72. Borgore

    TEXT YA DADDY - (323) 745-2811


    Wait we can actually text him?


    Okay...but are you up?

    Leon Paul

    Looking forward to seeing you @openbeatz ^^

    Subscribe please

    Text you for what?

  73. clay phelps

    What a troll

  74. Yoniz

    Borgore like: I have two days in Israel, Lets make a video clip at 6AM When no body in the streets to recognize me 😅

  75. Ziggy van Jud


  76. Efie

    bitches love cake

  77. Aditya Saputra

    uh she up!

  78. RagnarokkXII

    Why is this not on Apple music

  79. Markus Ruhl Still Reigning

    Still waiting for the drop

  80. LuffyAkAMaDGuY

    Such a golden boy!

  81. Aiden Spencer

    גאדיימ רצחת אותי

  82. jose ricardo cruz ramiro

    borgore have a song skrillex teandran the best song if they do it together

  83. Canal Skaikru

    0:45 That Blue Screenshot it's simple awesome

  84. Orhidee


  85. Mary DeMuth

    why is this actually good lmfao. not the borgore im used to, but it works.m 6 days until my area i just noticed, looks like i found something to do!

  86. Александр Кошлаков

    Adam Sandler what's wrong with u?(

  87. Alan Oneal

    What the fuck you doing borgore

  88. Obake Kitsune

    You should do a song with oliver tree

  89. Margarita Jaén

    I can´t stop watching this video, I have the song stuck in my head. Amazing

  90. Jerico Espinosa

    Waiting to see this song on Spotify soon :(

  91. SkrillexftMello

    this is why we love you


    best music video i'v ever seen

  93. Andrew Montana

    wat the frick

  94. Diego García

    He look weird without his beard😂