Bonnie Raitt - The Glow Lyrics

I need a drink
Don't want to think
I drink too much
But who's to say
What's right or wrong?

I guess you think you see
You're tellin' me
That I don't know
When it's passed the point
Of feelin' good
I run around and find
I just can't get satisfied

Now there's a phone
I hear the sound
I needed to talk
But it's too late
For talkin' now

I guess I'll go alone
I feel a glow...
Here i am
Here i am
Here i am
What I need is a friend tonight
What I need is a friend
What I need is someone
What I really deed is just one more drink

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Bonnie Raitt The Glow Comments
  1. Shane Davis

    This is a Wonderful song, by the great Bonnie Raitt. I love her early stuff.

  2. eric fischer

    Please.. One of the best songs about alcoholism ever!

  3. Outlaw GT

    This BS isnt from The Last Dragon

    You white people are too depressing

    Im looking for The Glow

    Outlaw GT

    The Original

  4. Johan Elsinga

    Smooth, Jazzy, wonderful song

  5. Elisabeth Cantor



    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!