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Traveling at night, the headlights were bright
And we'd been up many an hour
All through my brain
Came the refrain
Of home and its warming fire

And Home
Sings me of sweet things
My life there has its own wings
To fly over the mountains
Though I'm standing still

The people I've seen
They come in between
The city's a tiring life
And the trains come and go
But inside you know
The struggle will soon be a fight

And Home
Sings me of sweet things
My life there has its own wings
To fly over the mountains
Though I'm standing still

Traveling at night,
The headlights were bright.
But soon the sun came through the trees
Around the next bend
The flowers will send
The sweet smell of home in the breeze

And Home
Sings me of sweet things
My life there has its own wings
To fly over the mountains
Though I'm standing still

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Bonnie Raitt Home Comments
  1. Jonathan Wallach

    This album was trashed by the critics and I don't know why. It was her most successful up to that time but the critics almost ended her career. She also had her biggest hit to that time off of this, "Runaway", which was also completely attacked by the critics. Rolling Stone said it was "embarrassing", which it is not. It would be 12 years before she would get the following she deserved although we musicians always knew she was among the two or three greatest singers out there. Linda Ronstadt clearly thought she was the best singer around and said so on multiple occasions. My favorite grammy moment, LR and Aaron Neville just win a Grammy for "Don't Know Much" and they are being interviewed, Linda interrupts and says "I'm sorry, Bonnie is about to sing. I have to go hear her. Bye." Raitt wound up winning multiple Grammys that year for Nick of Time.

  2. Jonathan Wallach

    If I were lost on a desert island I would want Bonnie Raitt and Linda Ronstadt albums to keep me company and I would be happy.

  3. BlueRidgeKat1

    This is good but not as good as the songwriter Karla Bonoff can do it.

  4. carol debra l

    Beautiful rendition of a Karla Bonoff song. Dynamic, tasteful and always musical interpretation by the superb Bonnie Raitt.

  5. denamarieable

    I had this album my Jr. year in high school.I loved it then & even more now🛸

  6. Ernie Misner

    So lovely and perfect in 6/8 time.

  7. John Latour

    Damn well make a grown man cry

  8. Mia Hess

    My all-time favorite Bonnie Raitt song, I just LOVE this. Love to have the sheet music.

  9. Megan

    Wish I could find this song on karaoke, love singing it so much! :)

    Miriam Jacobs

    exactly what I was looking for too!

  10. Shan Timothy

    How can anyone listen to this without tears? May we all somehow find our way Home.

  11. Treebard

    Wow, Bonnie's a tall, cool drink of water in this photo!

  12. Danielle Lise'

    Bonnie at her best..gorgeous tune

    carol debra l

    Oh yes. Bonnie is a wonderful, singular world-class talent, and the song is written by the very fine, heat-rending Karla Bonoff.

  13. Grace Hurd

    I just love Bonnies music , and I've been singing her music, since the 1970s, such sole and guts .

    Pam Chiocca

    Beautiful song written by Carla Bonoff.


    Breathtaking then, breathtaking now.   Should be re-released, if only to demonstrate what real composition, interpretation and awesome  vocals are all about.

  15. Terry Matson

    The Wonder Years episode "Back to the Lake" brought me here!

    Spoken Rhythmz

    me three! lol what a great show with an equally great soundtrack!

    Terry Matson

    Indeed! When I was at the lake this afternoon I kept picturing this song on my head lol

    Ramona Gomez

    is this terry matson from the kamath river?

    Terry Matson

    Nope, sorry I am Terry Matson from Ontario, Canada.

  16. Angelique Martinez

    bonnie Raitt has played with the best and is known to be one of the best, it is a beautiful song

  17. lybon rehc

    Beatnik, her dad was a broadway song and dance man

    Mary Kunz Goldman

    I would say star. John Raitt was a Broadway star. He created the roles of Curly in "Oklahoma!" and Billy Bigelow in "Carousel." Very famous in his day.

  18. Larry Holmes

    You can thank Karla Bonoff for this lovely tune, since she wrote it.


    @Larry Holmes  Thank you for filling in that blank I was just experiencing! hah! (you know when you know something, but...)

    M. C. Master

    +Larry Holmes , just did a search to find who wrote it, so THANKS for posting. I wish all folks who uploaded would honor the composers by stating the songwriters ALWAYS!

    Carri Harris Spires

    M. C. Master a

    climber bob

    LOL. As I read your comment, I seemed to detect a bit of . . . almost anger from the wording. Then I read the comments and realized that people didn't know who wrote it. I randomly ran across this today. I never knew that Bonnie recorded it! So I came here to hear it. Back when it came out, I was so passionate about my music. When I got a new album, I'd literally study it. Who wrote what, who the musicians were . .. . So this was back in what I refer to as my golden years of music - when James Taylor, Jackson Browne, and Linda Ronstad were all being produced by Peter Asher, and The Section played backup for all three! Leeland Sklar on the bass, Kunkle on the drums, Danny Dugmore, and or Waddy. So it was studying Ronstadt's Hasten Down the Wind album where I noticed Karla Bonoff had written 3 of my favorite tunes, so I went out and got her album, and the next . .. . . I got to discover a lot of great musicians by doing that that most others never heard of.

    And yeah, tears in my eyes listening to it. Even more from Karla's version. I hadn't listened to that album of hers in probably 30 years before last night.

  19. Robby Long

    can't get enough Bonnie Raitt lately...

  20. Vincent Bosso

    Great! I have been searching WRUR playlists for this popular tune.Now I found it. Queen Bonnie reigns.Exquisitely!

  21. Mr. Gracian

    This is so incredibly beautiful, Godbless.

  22. Luna Lovegood

    One of my fave songs. Beautiful.

  23. beatniktangerine

    I've loved her from way back. When she won the Grammy for Nick of Time she was announced as a 'new artist'--to which she politely made the correction that she'd been around for eons. Her dad was also a bluesman. Bonnie is one of the few true female blues guitarists/singers/songwriters of this day. She has inspired my own singing and playing. LOVE this song and can't wait to see her at the Albert Hall in June 2013!


    Her dad was actually John Raitt, a Broadway stat

  24. Kaersten

    Makes me cry every time I listen....


    same here ....

  25. ninetailedlion

    Beautiful, Love Bonnie !!! Thanks for the upload :)