Boney M - Little Drummer Boy Lyrics

Come they told me
Pa rum pum pum pum
A new born king to see,
Pa rum pum pum pum
Our finest gifts we bring
Pa rum pum pum pum
To lay before the king
Pa rum pum pum pum
Rum pum pum pum
Rum pum pum pum
So to honor him
Pa rum pum pum pum,
When we come.
Little baby
Pa rum pum pum pum
I am a poor boy too,
Pa rum pum pum pum
I have no gift to bring
Pa rum pum pum pum
That's fit to give our king
Pa rum pum pum pum
Rum pum pum pum
Rum pum pum pum
Shall i play for you!
Pa rum pum pum
On my drum.
Mary nodded
Pa rum pum pum pum
The ox and lamb kept time
Pa rum pum pum pum
I played my drum for him
Pa rum pum pum
I played my best for him
Pa rum pum pum pum
Rum pum pum pum
Rum pum pum pum
Then he smiled at me
Pa rum pum pum pum
Me and my drum.
Mary nodded
Pa rum pum pum pum
The ox and lamb kept time
Pa rum pum pum pum
I played my drum for him
Pa rum pum pum
I played my best for him
Pa rum pum pum pum
Rum pum pum pum
Rum pum pum pum
Then he smiled at me
Pa rum pum pum pum
Me and my drum
Me and my drum
Me and my drum
Me and my drum
Me and my drum
Me and my drum
Me and my drum

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Boney M Little Drummer Boy Comments
  1. TDS

    Imagine being the Drummer Boy!

  2. maeve kenny

    I’m listening to this very sad sad music. Love the little drummer boy. Dublin

  3. matthew holland

    Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi


    watching this in 2020 I'm blessed to be alive

  5. Saad Hussaini

    Meanwhile Dwight be in the background like : RUM RUM RUM RUM RUM

  6. rafaela pinheiro

    who is the boy?

  7. Andy

    Beautiful harmonies
    Beautiful women
    Beautiful song


    @peter mafunga whaaaa !

  8. wailung cheung

    1 Jan 2020 ❗ 👍

  9. Best Solomon

    Happy Christmas

  10. Alan Rocha

    Cuanto recuerdo con esta melodía., bien nnn

  11. Małgorzata N.


  12. Kelvin Jonathan

    27 DEC 2019 4rm Tz

  13. Nicola Sparapani


  14. Danica Ćosić

    Bony, Bony it's like sweetest bonbony
    Pure delight, your voices in your hears so bright.

  15. Mari Florita

    Maravilhosa, lindíssima, espetacular, da gosto de ouvir, muitas vezes.

  16. wixi game

    Ładna piosenka

  17. John Mayba

    Feliz navidad 2019 desde Colombia
    Merry Christmas 2019 Colombia

  18. William Artavia Salas

    Merry Christmas from Costa Rica... 2019

  19. mario somer

    Just sound like Bolero

    mario somer

    Ok, before they were composed after the turn, these compositions were modeled on the military rhythm. 1928 Bolero etc. Katherine K. Davis composed the song and wrote the words in 1941 using a motif known from an old traditional Czech Christmas carol. "Csicska" means "servant" In 1963, 20th Century Fox Records released a song on The Little Drummer Boy: A Christmas Festival.

  20. Zachary Shimray

    Boney M version is the best.

  21. fareed mohammed

    Beautiful song merry Christmas from Trinidad and Tobago 2020

  22. Splash

    Seriously nobody cares when youre watching this

  23. Jurbi2104

    I'm listening to it today on the 25 of december
    Merry Christmas everyone

  24. Nathan Zutz

    Muss nicht sein

  25. Kesena Ememere

    Merry Christmas 2019 😊🎁🎅🎄

  26. Tobias Nhambure

    Watching on 25th December 2019!!

  27. Fred Buyinza

    Who is listening wid me on 25/12/2019...I was looking for the beautiful vocal to perfect my Xmas we go...

  28. Trevor Gale

    The sheila on the left has a smile that could melt a ice burg.

  29. alan alexander

    Merry Christmas

  30. foulpotato

    TRUMP 2020

  31. Alan Mathew

    Yes 2019

  32. Apollo Jetic

    Merry Christmas 2019. This time of year please remember, an act of kindness can take a second of your time, but be felt for a life time.

    FreedomSquad 24

    Thank You

  33. Rudolph Furtado

    Thursday(25/12/2019) :- Wishing all Christians a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

  34. Garry Clark

    Just love this cover 💕

  35. zipi wolsner

    don't care about religion, in fact loath religion...But this song and version is out of this world!

  36. Mukondeleli Ratshilavhi

    Can I pray for you

  37. Jean Louw

    Merry Christmas ♥️😁

  38. Tanya Peschel

    Me 24 December 2019

  39. Udayasankar S

    I am a crazy fan of bony m group. indeed their songs and music I listened to first in western music. Their songs and accompanied music are so powerful which definitely entrap listeners to repeatedly listen to them. Question of boaring their songs never arise as they were perfectly written and outstandingly tuned. No amount of laurels and highest of awards on earth are no match before their unimpeecable and highest form of dedicated music. TIme may change but bony m songs will ever remain to entertain the true global music lovers. My salute to the group with love and affection from the bottom of my heart.

  40. Nilanthi Kaluarachchi

    Merry Christmas everyone. 2019

  41. Miriam Aznar Martinez

    Lo siento raphael perdona mejor en ingles

  42. janh syoreng

    wow! watching now feels nostalgic, anyone?

  43. Neda Fitnic

    the best <3

  44. dondon alps

    Advance merry Christmas from Philippines

  45. Eugen K

    Merry Christmas!

  46. Premalatha Murugaiya

    24 Dec 2019 - HAPPY CHRISTMAS to All. Wishes from India. Jesus Grace with You

  47. mr_noob

    damn it is 39 years old

  48. teresa maskell

    Lovely song just watch why we got 10 minutes to go to Christmas eve l do love Christmas I wish everyone happy christmas

    Joseph Rooney

    I wish you merry christmas too and everyone around

  49. Rudebouy Uniik

    Watching this on the eve of Christmas of 2019 as we countdown to Christmas which is just a few hours away.

  50. Smurf Smurf

    Absolutely brilliant love boney m

  51. Jojo Der echte

    Geht Bruder geht


    ¡¡¡ Mi Muy Sincero Deseo de que La Armonía, Cordialidad y Felicidad se Desborde en Cada Uno de sus Hogares en esta Noche Buena; MUCHAS FELICIDADES !!!!

  53. Lindsey Dsilva

    Merry Christmas in advance Everyone!🎅🏻🎄May Baby Jesus Bless Us all👏🏼❤️.May there be PEACE in the WORLD!🌟

  54. Willem Aartman

    Waar was Bobby ? hahaha

  55. Youtube For life


    mario somer

    I know what u mean,thats is terrible





  56. Michael Taram Valuka

    Great music

  57. Lal partei

    watch on dec. 2019
    like here

  58. keneema bonnie

    I love you namesake best xmas music ever, never fades, God bless you dear

  59. edi junaedi

    Bonney M memang is the best

  60. X KoriTM

    Because Jesus Christ was born, BE MERRY!! Merry Christmas to everyone from all over the world!! 22 December 2019! ❤

  61. jagi47

    Klasse 😎😁

  62. Learjet Boyz

    I love drummer boy

  63. Roshan Manilal

    Boney M is the benchmark of the Christmas spirit

  64. advans sorkatel

    who is this boy? Is he american?

    Michael Drexler

    advans sorkatel German

    Michael Drexler

    Bon Scott-blankenship

    He sounds great

  65. Ngọc Ngọc

    Xuất bản 23 thg 3, 2017

  66. تكاشي العراقي/Tekashi 6ix9ine

    2019 who listening merrychristmes like


    yeah... nice

    Alan Simpson

    This lady has a smile that would melt an iceberg.beautiful

    Alan Simpson

    And a super voice

  67. Michej Dubois

    boney made the best christmas music full stop praise god!!!!

  68. ozan tata

    congratulations from Istanbul

  69. Dennis Bean

    Love it Thank You 💖💖💖💖💖💖🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔

  70. Aleksander Suçi

    Good time

  71. Micky Maus

    Das ist sooooo so schön 😭✨🎄✨🎶🔥🍀

  72. Andy Giraldo

    2020 little drummer boy

  73. Ashley Pereira

    We love you all Boney m

  74. Ashley Pereira

    Very nice Christmas song

  75. RP12ification

    Boney M were great and still are nearing 2020. Lets celebrate 10 years since Bobby Farrell died. Roam the stars brother.

  76. XxAlexiaNetX

    Such a beautiful performance! The little boy has an angelic voice.
    Merry Christmas to everyone =)

    GillKara Official

    XxAlexiaNetX he played the bass drum as well

  77. Dennis Bean

    This with any Doubt is the Best Version I have ever heard I have always Loved this Band from my early days Now at 70 Thank Goodness I can still Listen to Bony M XXX All my love Dennis

    Dee Dee Dee Dee Do

    Me too!

    Dennis Bean

    @Dee Dee Dee Dee Do Thank you Dee,Dee,Dee, Dee, Do For replying Have a Wonderful Christmas 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💋💋💋💋💋

    Dee Dee Dee Dee Do

    @Dennis Bean thank you, you too Dennis!! 🤗

  78. Helma wagenaar

    wow!! i love this song!!

  79. Valerii Zhyrnov

    Классные голоса!

  80. leonard turner

    Beautiful, powerful, 2019

  81. Ryszard Czerner

    i chłopiaku

  82. Ryszard Czerner


  83. Ryszard Czerner

    graturacjie za kolede

  84. Σταματης Ζουρνατζης

    Jesus Christ you are the real God..You are the truth.Save the world my lord.I love you 😢😢😢

  85. Ever Dyne

    I love Christmas vibes

  86. Jodie X

    I love Boney M, I love the song

  87. Dennis Bean

    just fantastic

  88. Alan Carroll

    Oh how I miss the beautiful sounds and the beauty of boney M💕

  89. Reinaldo de Souza Reinaldo

    Todas as músicas cantadas por Boney M são sussessos!👍

  90. Fluffy Bunnyxo

    Merry Christmas from some individual in the UK

    Susan McConnell

    Back at ya from perth West Australia
    Have the best xmas ever 🎅❤


    Merry Christmas to you too from sunny South Africa 🤗🌹🎁

    Pamchuila Kashung

    Merry Christmas from North East India...

    Kesena Ememere

    Merry Christmas 2019 from UK also peace 🇬🇧😊🎄🎁

  91. Amazing Shehu

    Today is18th 12 2019

  92. Hans Rülicke

    ... schwarz - weiß = die Farben von Preußen ... !!! + !!!

  93. sarita tambayong

    No one beat this version yet. To this day. 2019.
    Pentatonix can try, Josh Groban may take a shot. But they can never be Boney M's Little Drummer Boy.

    Ivan Joyce

    That's true

    Neil Jeram

    Will agree to disagree. Bob Seger

    sarita tambayong

    @Neil Jeram haven't heard his version. Will check it out. Thanks.



  95. Dmitriy Kuznetsov

    For 'P2', t>5mit=> nicht besonders gut..

  96. Thadeus Anand

    Such a beautiful song and this is one of the best renditions of it.

  97. Linda Radford

    💙this video keep playing it .


    Who's here with me?