Boney M - Breakaway Lyrics

Papa said don't go to discos
Mama said don't play with boys
Sister said stop all romancing
Brother said stop all your noise

Breakaway ha, ha breakaway
Breakaway ha, ha breakaway

Papa said ain't working harder
Better stay and work through the night
Come over here and sit in my lap now
You might get a rise if you do what is right

Breakaway ha, ha breakaway
Breakaway ha, ha breakaway

Got to tear off your chains
Pull up your roots
Pack up your money
And put on back your boots and breakaway

Breakaway ha, ha breakaway
Breakaway ha, ha breakaway

Stand up boy, down at the disco
Say I like you, will you dance on with me
Say I love you, you're the girl I've been wanting
Maybe some day you can marry me

Breakaway ha, ha breakaway
Breakaway ha, ha breakaway

Got to tear off your chains...

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Boney M Breakaway Comments

    JUST DISCOVERED ! searching to the original of Kelvin James.....A later,1988,version also by Boney M.'s producer Farian.....KIRSTY SHAW with Breakaway.....clip..... ....probably is there no original and wrote Kelvin James it especially for Boney M...


    Album Boonoonoonoos had the intention to be seen as a serious POP be taken serious in the popmusic scene....but in that type music there are many groups who delivered better albums....ELO,Supertramp,Pink Floyd and many others.......with the earlier albums in the more "disco" scene Boney M. delivered just a unique own sound related to disco,soul and somewhat white music....A song like Love for Sale had just MORE music worth in it than in for example I shall sing,We kill the world or Sad movies and Silly confusion on the Boonoonoonoos album........and Boonoonoonoos had many tracks(thought 14) but only 50% was ok.....On Take the heat off me & Love for Sale were ALL songs good till excellent...n


    I love this album but I do agree with you.

  3. hevyheavy vivix

    A capa desse LP
    Ficou incrivel.
    Como as musicas tbm. EVIKISS 😦

    Lucien Sainte colomme

    hevyheavy vivix


    nice song from the album Boonoonoonoos.
    but not with the wel known Bone y M. sound.....nice the saxafone in it.......but can not concurrent. with for example the album love for Sale.....Liz and Marcia were on that Album undoubtly better...better singing...more soul in the
    music.........Boonoonoonoos was the time the success went down...not because the group....just because of the in fact not good fact only the title Boonoonoonoos was really perfect.....

  5. sgillman16

    your welcome

  6. vargheselboney

    Thanks for uploading!