BONES UK - Happy Lyrics

I had a best friend, but he don't want me
I had a mother and father that haunt me
I'm charmed
Darling I'm charmed

Am I a failure?
Are you a winner?
What do I do with all these dreams that won't stay dreams
I'm so tired
Yeah I am so tired

I had a dream sun
I had a vision
What do I say when nothing that I say fills me with that fire
Oh with that fire

Tell me your story
Give me some moments
A mother [?] a mother lying in her hospital bed
Yeah, finally she can rest

Are you?
Are you happy?
Are you happy?
Yeah Yeah
Are you?
Are you happy?
Are you happy?
Yeah Yeah

And do you?
Do you feel pretty?
Are you happy?
Yeah Yeah

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BONES UK Happy Comments
  1. John D

    Yal kicked ass when you opened for #highlysuspect in Louisville, KY
    Love how differently artistic you are and bring to the stage. Would def see you again

  2. Jabba Hut

    I hear constant fucking shit generic so-called artists on the radio....and the you have this...why for the love of christ dont they get more attention! Exceptionally talented musicians!!!🤘

  3. Will Topf

    Just saw them on tour with Korn in Little Rock. They did awesome. What a great show. Sad I’m just now discovering their music.

  4. Eric Weeks

    Reminds me of that nirvana vibe when nirvana busted down the door

  5. Jono Rezzillo

    Carmen & Rosie Awesome 💥🎸❤️ Cool Stuff ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  6. Mattias Orre

    authentic black sabbath meets janis joplin

  7. kathismt

    Carmen makes me question my sexuality.....damn

    Mattias Orre

    she affirms mine

  8. Ricky Spanish

    Reminds me alot of the White Stripes.

  9. Adrian Knight

    Love this track. why isn`t it on the album? And Electric, and Fat! Can`t wait for a UK tour. I`m there.

    /edit ....and Carmen..... 💖💖

  10. Peter Parker

    love this band

  11. Dash Escrofani

    I will never not Stan this.

  12. IM Bacchus

    Guessing that Carmen listened to a lot of Cheap Trick growing up. Channeling Rick Nielsen big time. 👍👍

  13. Jeff Knight

    Got interested about a month ago. They are on top in my playlist

  14. Elwood Jake

    You two blow my fucking mind.

  15. Karim Belkhelfa

    Killa SounD!

  16. Vic ToriA

    They took my heart omg my soul will stay with their music.. i love ya, two amazing women💘💋💘💋

  17. Eddys Vault


  18. Richard Lo Piccolo

    just fukkin w o w !!!!

  19. Steve Richards

    hey BONES UK, you need your own headlining show in Mpls/St Paul. I propose The Turf Club in St Paul \m/\m/ #seriously

  20. volovision

    Absolutely rad, fresh and alive. Thank you Rosie and Carmen! And Heavy too :)

  21. Mitch DuRette

    I love this song.

  22. Vladimir Vladykin

    Ништяк, девченки)))))

  23. E2070Swn

    Wow these girls can play guitar!


    I’m not convinced the girl on the right is actually playing.

    Mattias Orre

    @Newtman98 oh she's playing

    T G

    Have seen them live, they Rip

  24. jumpinbruno

    Watch them with Jeff Beck. I rarely get moved these days as I've seen & heard it all but these lady's are a kick in the balls!...and Bill Odies daughter? That's a laugh in itself.

  25. Marie DB

    Drivin' jivin'

  26. роман каштанов

    Барабанщик их в курсе что есть броколи? Ты чё там ?

  27. Steven Fick

    I love this song. Probably my favorite by Bones. Something is just sinister about this sound.

  28. unfmlrceilings

    So grateful for these JBTV videos. I could watch them play all day. 😺

  29. Danielle Wever

    "I had a best friend, but he don't want me; I had a mother and father that haunt me, I'm charmed, yeah baby I'm charmed. Am I a failure? Are you a winner? What do I do with these dreams that will stay dreams? I'm tired, yeah I'm so tired." <3

  30. soonernomo

    Carmen is badass on guitar!!