Bonamassa, Joe - Well, Well Lyrics

Well well gettin to know you so well
Well well gettin to know you so well
I've heard some talk in the neighborhood bout a good time somebody's havin'
They don't know
They just don't know the half about it
And that there's so much to it
And what they're sayin
They don't know what we're knowin
Never gonna catch up
Never get goin

Well well gettin to know you so well
Well well gettin to know you so well
As long as I can see its you and me alone together
It feels so good
Lord I feel so good about it
If its feelin good inside of one
Nothin ever matters
Lovin you doin what I'm lovin
Lovin me lovin what ya do
Well well gettin to know you so well
Well well gettin to know you so well

Don't you hear me talkin to you Joe?
Come on
Well well

Well well gettin to know you so well
Well well gettin to know you so well
I heard some talkin in the neighborhood bout a good time somebody's havin
But they don't know
They just don't know the half about it
And that there's so much to it
What they're sayin
They don't know but we know it
Never gonna catch us
They'll never get goin

Well well gettin to know you so well
Well well gettin to know you so well
Well well gettin to know you so well
Well well gettin to know you so well

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Bonamassa, Joe Well, Well Comments
  1. SixSentSoldiers

    Wish Joe had continued with Black Country Commune.

  2. donaldgosling

    Love this ! Mahalia Barnes on Tambo, Vintage Strat 3 pos switch , tape to hold it between 1 + 2 position


    'Lay Down Sally' tone

  3. Brian Mahan

    Love that sound coming from the ODS by (Howard) "Alex" Dumble......................Wish I could get my paws on of these................probably never gonna happen though. But I'm a #Dreamer !!

  4. Richard Binder

    Joe got soul.

  5. T B

    I miss the “Blues Deluxe” Joe before the sunglasses and Vegas act.

  6. Paul Kontz

    Ummm... HELL YEAH!

  7. Freddy Mclain

    i detected some chromaticism in that solo-he's been listening.

  8. Daniele Belforte

    For those that don't know....This song was written and performed by Delaney Bramlett. I'm wondering when the rock and roll hall of fame is going to wake up and induct the Legends Delaney Bramlett and Bonnie Bramlett??

  9. VibroSteve

    Never sounded better..

  10. Lekky

    What about those backing vocals... Sweet!

  11. Giovanni Gentile

    Just an opinion, you r free to say I'm wrong: almost every guitarist I hear about or listen to nowadays plays always the same rock-bluesy kinda vibe. They just have the same guitar tone, the same way to improvise and the same music tastes. Of course there's somebody who's different because of something "original", but they're (at least I believe) going to play the same way, the same songs with the same guitar tone, and I find this really annoying. The songs they write today have always the same groove or vibe, as you wanna call it, without creativity and originality.

  12. Mario Rabottini

    Joe Bonamassa.....his voice, his guitar....the complete package!

  13. Roy Izzo

    Not the same without Anton Fig

  14. Edgy McEdgelord

    Is that the real SRV Lenny guitar

  15. Paul Carbonara

    Punched in a fix at 4:17.

  16. Dave Baker

    Well that was pretty flippin good.

  17. orbit

    Getting some big Clapton-461 ocean blvd vibes here

  18. Arctic Raven

    Strat has the Sweet Home Alabama solo tone.

  19. Carlos Nells

    The bass player always makes me wanna dance.

  20. Bob Deluxe and The Ideals


  21. S BW

    Joe Bonamassa and his band are phenomenal! ❤️


    The drummer and the other guys are great. Guitar player is okay.

  22. Herc Engineer

    JB is a beast!

  23. Tyler Golka

    That was awesome. Great song and people performing it to say the least.

  24. Thijs van Gisbergen

    This music I interpret as sound over skill.


    Then you'd be pretty ignorant, and I bet not a musician.

  25. Norcal Mtnjunkie

    Awesome! MORE TAMBOURINE. Or cowbell....

  26. Rudy V

    Love Joe Bonamassa !! And love love love this in studio music vibe Howard's been putting out!! Great stuff, Bonamassa with a Strat!!!! Nice

  27. John Doyle

    Stevie Ray Vaughan R.I.P.

  28. John Doyle

    The blues is well and truly alive with joe bonamassa love it

  29. Roberto Macheda

    nice nice

  30. janibonneil

    Everybody praises Joe for his guitar playing but very few for his singing. He sings awesome!!

  31. 2skyland

    Well, that's a pretty funky groove.

  32. ana tar

    Oh, how great Joe!
    I wish John Bonham could play this song with you.

    You have indeed an unbeatable band, keep them all:

    – great Reese Wynans on organ (2nd after unforgettable Jon Lord, imho)
    – great bass player (coolness & firmness in person)
    – great female back vocalists (where is Mahalia?)
    – great horn section...

    All generations keep listening to ya, Joe, from past to future.

    Please don‘t let them down...

  33. John S

    Damn! What a killer track. Can anyone see what amp Joe is using for his awesome sound here?

    Florian Späth

    He’s using a 50W Dumble Overdrive Special

  34. Mark Wooly

    Spot on live performance, nice old strat.....

  35. 7ViewerLogic

    Thanks Joe!

  36. Boyd Tharrington

    Joe has always sounded more natural and inspired on the strat. Beautiful tone from those single coils.

  37. Chaotic Logic

    Bonamassa is a worthless piece of chit.

  38. Big L

    JB's  and band are  incredible as always.  Juanita is bad to the mf bone, gave me chills.


    The girl on the left is so sexy! Great song!

  40. Steve Murray

    I'm hearing some Delaney and Bonnie here..As great as Joe is, he's always improving and growing.. Vocally great now.

  41. Katrinka Harris

    Love the bass man

  42. Mr.SmithGNR Smith

    One of the best bass players in music, legendary organ player

  43. Mr.SmithGNR Smith

    Amazing strat

  44. Mr.SmithGNR Smith

    Joe’s the best thing thsts happened to music in a long time. He’s been amazing for yrs...glad he’s getting some shine

  45. 67foxcharlie

    Dear Millennials.
    This is what is called, “Music”. That’s a guitar player. And his band. A organ player, bass player, drummer, back up singers, and horn players.
    This music was popular in my time and it’s real.

  46. Andrew McGuinness

    That guitar is the best looking thing I’ve ever seen

  47. Cletus Anfernee Jackson

    People rip on Joe all the time. Joe rips where it counts, on his guitars!

  48. Kornuha KAV

    Этот замечательный музыкант,певец,автор многих великолепных увлекательных импровизаций, вызывает огромное уважение к себе и своему творчеству,но почему нет комментариев на русском языке,не уж то мои соотечественники, это не видят.

  49. Cliché Guevara

    why is this not in the top 5?
    joe and the band killing it!

  50. Sean Landis

    That strat has some mojo.

  51. Sean Landis

    Got to see Joe at a symphony hall. Great player with a great band.

  52. Roman Castro


  53. Sam Pickel

    What a song!!!

  54. Dwayne Tempest

    Joe ,hire me to drive your tour bus !

  55. Leonel Barrios Sánchez

    This sounds like EC live in the 70's

  56. Diego Perez

    at 4:17 that its wierd

  57. Ace Feeley

    Great player. Biggest asshole around though.

  58. z z

    funky blues jam = cornball

  59. Bryan Mannoia

    Joe is one of the nicest guys in the business as well as a great guitar player. I just wish I liked his music more. too heavy on the horns for my taste.

  60. Manfred Adams

    Garth Brooks of blues. Third tier talent relegated to blues cruises. Go find a real black guy.

  61. Donald Grow

    29 non likes wtf is wrong with yall🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  62. doug peters

    Good. Very, very good.

  63. mark builder

    Smokin Joe..Great.

  64. piandey

    C'est rodé comme un 16 soupapes de F1 , sacrés musiciens!

  65. Ruiseart Alcorn

    Awesome band!!! :)

  66. Tjoppy

    Nice direction Joe!

  67. Rage Theatre2020

    Good to see Brian Johnson bounced back with a horn gig after Angus gave him the heave-ho.

  68. Markonefifteen

    What’s that strat doing there? Les Paul or ES is the way to go

  69. Timmy D


  70. MyName Is

    Reese Wynans!!!

  71. Alton Williams

    The best in the biz kids.
    Sounds a lot better than your synthesizers and auto tune doesn’t it? 🎵😏

    Kenny Bluet

    Nice one

  72. mark varon

    is joe using groeltch gaskets for strap locks? looks like it . they work

  73. rz0svp

    Backup singers sound great!! Anybody happen to know their names?

    Rob Giblin

    Girl on the left is Mahalia Barnes. Jimmy Barnes daughter

  74. Rick Daystar

    Brings back memories..I had the "Delaney Bonnie and Friends" album back in the day. Big fan, always great stuff from Joe.

  75. Silas Cousteau

    Brian Johnson on sax.

  76. mack1mus

    Fantastic band, & Joe’s smoking on the 50’s strat👏🏼👌🏼

  77. Avi Soncino

    Awesome! Sick trumpet and guitar solos!

  78. Andrew Westhoff

    This is maybe the best song I've ever heard from him. Funky, soulful, and catchy as hell.


    Check out Delaney Bonnie and Friends...

  79. Henry 562

    I love joe and he’s a monster of a player but I sometimes get tired of his same style solos and voice
    Just my opinion of course

  80. Camilo Rodriguez

    Dear Joe, never let go of any of your bandmates

  81. Jake Richards

    JB is the effing man. Seen him live a bunch of times.

  82. Rogue Cheddar

    Oh sweet Jade, my oh my, if she only knew the pleasure I could give her. (sigh) But I digress.
    I must say, the mix is exceptional.

  83. Ted Negurski

    Great guitar player. Cheesy songwriter.

  84. Ed Petrik

    What the f**k is so special about a dumble ?!! Anyone heard Joe on the Bloodline CD.?? He didn’t need no “ freeking “ Dumble back then ..😎🎸

  85. Jacob Vieira

    Cool that reese is playing with a srv strat on the wall behind him

  86. Nick Nokes

    Sounds like Joe is evolving into an even better player if that’s possible lol. Not a hint of overplaying, just notes that fit and lift up the song.

  87. Cherry Picker Guitars

    That was smok’n.

  88. Mike McHugh

    Funny how Joe's fingers don't seem to match up to the licks @ 4:17...anyone else catch this? biggee really...

  89. Beztbuddeez

    Really like his vocals on this
    He’s not just a virtuoso guitar slinger here... dig this side of him

  90. Scout Rifle

    Joe B, bringin' it!

  91. oliver harmon

    Joe proves that he can rock any brand guitar, i mean any, here it is a fender strat not the les paul he is associated with. GREAT !

    Daniel T

    +oliver harmon Joe started out playing Strats. His first was a 1972 Strat he called "Rosie". It was older than he was. Both were pretty young.

    Florian Späth

    oliver harmon He uses Strats quite often as well as Teles

  92. dustynuts 4sale

    I hope Fred was invited/allowed to watch. WHO? Rahhbin. WHO? RAAAAAAHHHHBIN!

  93. Tammy Rogne

    It's great to see Joe playing a strat!

    Robert Wellington

    Tammy Rogne if you look back at his beginnings. He used a strat all the time. VHS learning tapes. Dvds before anyone knew him. A gold sparkle strat. A sunburst strat. Tons of marshal amps and other brands. A pedalboard. Way before anyone knew him. Before fake Norm. Read Norm’s hidden reviews. Joe went to the UK and boom he hit it big. After many years of trying. He finally made it.

  94. hans meier

    who said trisomy21 is a handycap anyway :D

  95. Literally Shaking

    Backup singer on the left can get it.

  96. Brian Zionts-Bernstein

    Seeing Joe play on the Howard Stern show is AWESOME! Thanks Howard! Thanks Joe!

  97. Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    almost look like Eric Clapton's old Brownie..
    mad props to jail for pulling one of them out when doing some D&B to just like when Clapton was with the friends

  98. Strat58cat

    Finally going public with his well-used Strat.