Bon Jovi - These Arms Are Open All Night Lyrics

Well, it's closing time, I've got no place to go
No, I'm not tired, nobody's waiting at home
Hey, what about you? Looks like you're leaving alone
Guess that makes two, me and you

By the way, my name's Jones
Hey, I know a place, it's not far from here
That's my dented red Chevy out front
You can follow me there

There's no neon lights
It don't stink of beer
It's just a mile up the road
It's just a minute from here

These arms are open all night
If you need someone to talk to
A hand to hold onto and if it feels right
These arms are open all night

Now the band is through, they're breaking down the drums
The took the singer's keys, man, he was really drunk
They're turning on the lights, we can't stay here no more
Yeah, I can take a hint, find my way out the door

So what do you think?
Hey, are you going my way?
There's still a whole lot left to this night
Baby, what do you say?

These arms are open all night
If you need someone to talk to
A hand to hold onto and if it feels right
These arms are open all night

God only knows how long it's been that I been this lonely
Back there at the stop sign
I see her headlights
I think she's coming with me

These arms are open all night
If you need someone to talk to
A hand to hold onto and if it feels right
These arms are open all night
They're open all night

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Bon Jovi These Arms Are Open All Night Comments
  1. The One and Only KC

    Jon Bon Jovi, a proper God

  2. Lisa Warburton

    It should b a crime 2 b that damn fine :-) hell yer jon X

  3. Lisa Warburton

    I love to b in jon arms all night :-):-):-):-)

  4. The One and Only KC

    A mesmerising master class.Pure magic.

  5. gustavo algusto do nascimento

    Minha banda favorita linda música perfeita saudades desse tempo que não volta mais

  6. Ranx Ze Vox

    the better version with all this beautiful guitars is in the boxset 100,000,000 fans can't be wrong

  7. Gi Tayná


  8. Deb Ally

    Damn, I think my knickers just fell right off .

  9. carolyn holcombe

    First time I've heard this song..Love it!!

  10. Elsa Van Baren


  11. Blue Rose

    I would come with you!!! <3

  12. Hanna-Maija Miettinen

    I love this bänd!!!

  13. Dot Fern

    pure Passion...! Love it! beautiful ...! Jon is exquisite, sexy and gorgeous... ! And that voice... big SIGH... ;) :)

  14. Pine Apple

    Beautiful song perfectly delivered by a soulful musician...this band is great and the best in the world as always!!!

  15. Damarys Rivera

    I love u so so much. Missing u dearly 😘

  16. Barbara Reguin

    I shake every time I watch this!!!

  17. Marcelo Gubolin

    música perfeita

  18. peter oneil

    what a nice song that is !

  19. KarlaElaine100

    Is there a way to buy this song?

    Paula Payne

    It's the last track on the Crush album. Whole album is epic!

  20. Raquel Carcheri

    Hermosa canción linda, cantada de una manera maravillosa. Bien.

  21. Ana Diaz

    Esta canción es maravillosa. Que manera de cantar !♡

  22. luis potes

    uno de los temas mas romanticos de @bonjovi

  23. Anna Soprová

    Beautiful song !

  24. donnie40831

    b-sides better than most bands greatest hits

  25. Lin Cohen


  26. KarlaElaine100

    Is this song on a CD?

  27. The One and Only KC

    Yep. Fantastic.

  28. KarlaElaine100

    One of my Favorite all time Bon Jovi songs!'

    joe haze

    KarlaElaine100 every song is my favorite...the soundtrack of my life

  29. Cynthia Tye

    Beautiful song♥ I Love it..

  30. The One and Only KC

    Truly fantastic stuff. Pure class. A couple of beers . Headphones. That's heaven.

  31. jon francis sharkey bon

    no tengo  palabras para expresar el inmenso  amor que le tengo  a esta  gran banda especialmente a jon , amo su forma de cantar , amo su voz  sexy , amo su figura , amo su carisma , amo todo  de el  

  32. jon francis sharkey bon

    dios santo  como adoro este tema , como adoro  como lo canta , owwwww lo amoooooooo

  33. jon francis sharkey bon

    and if you have not noticed tears will come, not perspiration

  34. karen chazer

    i love u jon

  35. TheJacnlach

    JUST SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)

  36. Nino Bakradze


  37. mabilisan lamang

    Bon Jovi -performing It's Hard Letting You Go Live at the O2 Arena
    and this. Two of my bonjovi's slow favs. Great songs, great man! jbj
    tks for sharing

  38. Mary Panzino

    He's so beautiful....tell me he don't mean every word he sings.!!

  39. Mary Panzino

    I like how Bon Jovi sings withnhis eyes closed...that means he is focusing on his music and singing it from the heart and not being distracted from the fans to be someone else and to please them. I love Bon Jovi, his band has been stable and together for almost 30 years....and the have a good reputation. Keep singing about Jesus Bon Jovi and you will continue to be favored by all.!! God Bless you, Bon Jovi Fan

  40. Victor N

    8 months later, still only 1 idiot.

    David Cardenas

    6 years later, only 12.

  41. Atakama97

    I'm absolutely in love with this song , with Jon's voice and with his emotional performance.Just beautiful♥

  42. Joe

    1 idiot

  43. Dazz2it

    I love this song & thank god he gave us Jon Bon Jovi. Amazing talent! Thanks for sharing :)

  44. nancy6391

    My oh my !That is one awesome song.

  45. Roy A secas

    the one who put dislike is gay :)

  46. lino2711

    dreamy....just so dreamy.....