Bolton, Michael - You Don't Know Me Lyrics

You give your hand to me
And then you say hello
I can hardly speak
My heart is beating so
And anyone can tell
You think you know me well
But you don't know me

No you don't know the one
Who thinks of you at night
And longs to kiss your lips
Longs to hold you tight
Oh I am just a friend
That's all I've ever been
Cause you don't know me

Well I never knew the art of making love
No my heart aches with love for you
Afraid and shy I let my chance go by
The chance that you might love me too

You give your hand to me
And then you say goodbye
I watch you walk away beside the lucky guy
Oh you will never know
The one who loves you so
Cause you don't know me

Afraid and shy I let my chance go by
The chance that you might love me too

You give your hand to me
And then you say goodbye
I watch you walk away beside the lucky guy
Oh you will never know
The one who loves you so
Cause you don't know me
No, you don't know me

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Bolton, Michael You Don't Know Me Comments
  1. Konoa Wheeler

    Michael Grimm has a similar voice

  2. Ej Tabanera

    When so many people thinks they know you, including an asshole of a brother who would tell you this, while you're singing. Holy shit, no, you don't. Not even the one i thought was my bestfriend,. my twin knows me. Sigh. Thanks Michael for this song and its powerful message...

  3. Jesca Joseph


  4. Savanahh Celis

    He's amazing and a living legend. Powerful voice😍

  5. Nazia Shahriar

    Lovely n different lyrics and so deep, can't sleep. ...

  6. Greta Georgieva

    Me encanta..... Uoooo...

  7. Pamela Knowles

    Perfection!! Michael Bolton, 🎼🎹🎙🎻💕

  8. irina8537

    The best. Super.

  9. Sandra Duarte

    Michael Bolton voz linda e Bello.

  10. Linda Robert

    Une très belle chanson Michael ,et quelle belle voix Bravo Michael 🎵🎤❤❤❤💋

  11. Hanne Pedersen


  12. Carmen Rodriguez

    Michael Grimm. This guy's voice is perfection.

  13. Carmen Rodriguez

    Michael Grimm. This guy's voice is perfection.

  14. jun aleg

    Unique and amazing voice.

  15. patricia bennett

    Oh my this is so good. Like a tonic , medicine for the soul. Ido so appreciate. Thank you so very much.Wonder who wrote that song? So much heartfelt emotion is beautifully expressed!!!

    Richard Dixon

    Ray Charles

  16. GentleSpirit Rose B

    that´s right, I don´t know you.
    there´s no lucky guy, cos you don´t know me

  17. Gail Bowman

    What style....what an amazing voice Michael.. wow!

  18. Lenarda Tardio

    Che belle emozioni riesci a regalarmi quando ti ascolto grazie Michael

  19. Ritacassialauar Lauar

    uau lindaaaaa

  20. thats me! karl

    Michael buble version is best

  21. Ej Tabanera

    God, those eyes. Wonder if he realize just how powerfully beautiful those eyes are. And how it connects as he sings.

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  23. Loriana Carmina


  24. Jackie Lang

    Listen to Michael Grimm's version OMG

  25. chango dv

    So handsome

  26. Pauline Delaney

    Great singer love to listen to you and look at you you brighter up my day and night xxxxxxcc 😉💜 😉

  27. Manuel Moura

    Amei este concerto.....

  28. michael green

    Song reminds me of my ex wife she ran off with the man next door . I do miss him

  29. Cynthia VanVoorhis

    Oh that voice

  30. Esteban Kairuz

    yo lo pondría junto a Sinatra como la mejor voz de todos los tiempos.

  31. Maggi Steele

    The king lives on in many ways x

  32. Pauline Delaney

    Love to listed to Michael great singer and can sing anything love to see him come to Ireland xxxxxcc

  33. Maggi Steele


  34. Pamela Knowles

    Michael Bolton. Pure Awesomeness.💕💕 Priceless just don't get any better!!🎵🎤❤❤❤💋💦🌈🥀🐎🐎

  35. Rebekah celion delion

    I listen to Michael Every night his voice puts me to sleep and thing he's wright with me.

  36. Lina 17

    🙌🙌🙌 great songs.. Awesome 😎

  37. mamamaumamam

    all the ladies audience wet themselves

  38. Dulce Lucciani

    Yes Michael!!! Love this rendition

  39. Stacy Medina

    I never tire of him.... sigh.

  40. abner frayle

    oh that old song, legendary I was on my elementary level grade two...awesome even today its enchanting music sill alive at 60 2017.

  41. Marta Macedo

    Musicas maravilhosa.

  42. daniel mooij

    The 2 michaels are the best.
    Grimm & Bolton

  43. Nathalie Dieraert

    Cher Monsieur Bolton
    Je vous apprécie en tant que tbon chanteur américain.
    Il y a un message sur votre site casino grande qui est signe de mon nom, usurpation d'identité et qui n est pas de moi.
    Pourriez vous gentillement
    Le retirer ( ce mot)
    Les autres tel qu anniversaire,mon avis sur une chanson sont
    De moi.
    Je ne fréquente plus votre milieu un peu bling pour moi
    J aime la vie,la campagne,l amour ,la musique,la lecture
    Mes gouts sont différents.
    Vous êtes normalement un homme sensé donc vous comprendrez.
    Je n' aime pas le hot,le porno,le trop superficiel.
    Et j ai eu de merveilleux boys Friends dans ma vie.

    Merci par avance de comprendre
    Je vous embrasse.
    Nathalie Dieraert 😘

  44. Sharron Perdue

    Try Can I Touch You now

  45. maria Felser

    Schöner Mann - Wunderschöes Lied - trifft mein Herz !!!

  46. Rebecca J

    Michael Grimm's cover is way better although this is very good.

  47. Nancy Portelli

    I love you Michael you so beautiful man i am so lucky person that i met you still.i cant believe that my dream comes true 💝💝💝

  48. Michael Kos

    That Michael Grimm have a great voice

  49. Marcos Moscarelli Corral

    Linda a música!! Gosto muito a versão com o Elvis Presley, mas essa interpretação está incrível!!!

  50. Marie Alexnder

    Proof that even white men can have soulful voices as well. Still love all the wonderful black musicians, just pointing out he can do it too!!

    esor val

    Marie Alexnder HE is one in a trillion

  51. Jolanta Wagner

    Nothing and no one can compare to you Michael ! Can't stop listening to you !

  52. gloria darko

    each time I hear this song I feel like drifting away

  53. Ace Lee

    Michael got soul...back in the days some ppl say he couldn't sing but his voice is romantic and he can sing...tell me how am I suppose to live without you"

  54. Ace Lee

    ad jenny my high school literature book "little women"...Mr Darcy was in it too

  55. Janice Desousa


  56. Linda James

    Tx, Lady, this is one of my favorite Daddy's and RIP my Diseased Husband favorite Song❤️❤️

  57. CanadaDank

    Wow! So sweet!! Does anyone know who was on sax?

    Darlis Osman


  58. Ad Jenny

    this is the quite possible the best version of this song. It remind me about "pride and prejudice". Oh my mr Darcy !

  59. Gundula Schwarz

    Thaaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuu for your wonderful ad great songs Ilove you since many years agoooooo your Babsiiiii knuuuuuuuutschiiiiii

  60. Sha Mi create chanel

    love this song

    Sally Singh

    Love your music wonderful, you shine my light

  61. Geysa Cristina

    Lindo ele linda as músicas dele

  62. mariaMaria d'attilio

    voce unica meravigliosa, bravo M B☺

  63. Ricardo Morales

    This is the white man with the blackest voice ever. Awesome guy.


    Ricardo Morales I know right

    Sophie Fabre

    Ricardo Morales You should listen Elvis Presley , all of his songs and specially "you don't know me " and you will change your mind ;-)

    Sophie Fabre

    Ricardo Morales you should listen Elvis Presley's songs and specially "you don't know me " and you will change your mind ;-)



    Darlis Osman

    Ricardo Morales ïm

  64. Darlene Theriot

    Thanks for sharing MB ⚘BEAUTIFUL!

  65. Cecilia Pizarro

    Lejos. Lo. Mejor De todo. Los. Tiempo. Chile

  66. Maxine Baker

    Sooooo god damn sexy.

  67. ugnulanila

    hmm i just invited myself to a dance! amazing voice,will always be in love with!

  68. Croftie R


  69. Valerie Vernon

    Love this, can't get it out of my head since I saw him perform it on Sat

  70. Sondra Jeffersonwillams

    Great show cause I was there!!

  71. Elisabeth Zajac

    Je ne connais pas tous les chanteurs en particulier, je les vois et les écoute chanter sur Internet et j'apprécie leur talent.

  72. Marian Hammond

    Awww my daughter thought you was her uncle coz my dads surname was Bolton he joked with her that you was 👌👌👌 we love your songsxxx

  73. Ava Owens

    one of the greatest songs ever written...  love

  74. Leide Bezerra

    você é lindo..


  75. bushra alobaidy

    afraid and shy I let my chance go by

  76. Maria Maciel


  77. Nieves Vidal

    Voz estupenda, maravillosa y su gran melodía que lleva en su maravillosa voz, Dios lo bendiga, exitos Michael !!!!!!!

  78. Laura Kenney

    I love this song...great job, Michael!

  79. Nellie Madata

    very fantastic day by day

  80. Elizabeth Havelec

    Elvis is better

  81. Angel Ayad

    this is my mom and dads fave song

  82. Corina Iordache


  83. Mike&Darlene Theriot

    This is me also but you dont know me 😊

  84. Charlotte Sparkman

    Beautiful music

  85. inspirational entrepreneur

    who's the guy on the saxophone ?? please reply ASAP! thnx :)

  86. Ana Paula Das Grasas De Barros

    Boa música prá uma noite chuvosa.

  87. Ana Paula Das Grasas De Barros

    Boa música prá uma noite chuvosa.

  88. Alina Baura

    Dziekuje ze jestes

  89. Tere Terita

    Wuaaaaaa... es demasiado bello :3

  90. Judith Sosa

    Those are the best songs,i ever heard,most of them bring tears to my eyes,Mr Bolton continue,singing,those songs,cool

  91. Lisa, Marco, Cassandra Di Tomasso

    Thanks to Michael, my MOM is the happiest woman alive. She's back with her shrink, a lover, a latino who knows all the moves. She is enjoying pure ecstasy. Thanks Michael, you're the best.

  92. C. T

    Brings back memorys of the day i first meet you.. 22nd Jan 2011 this song say a lot to me♥

  93. don't Touch my Hair

    Afraid and shy I let my chance go by...
    Oh Michael

  94. Luciana Kappel

    Michael Bolton canta o amor! Canta com emoção e presenteia seu público com músicas de qualidade. É único, completo!

  95. Cyrus Shahrzad

    By far Michael Bolton convey the Ray's message the best way I have heard. 
    With his tones he adds the feelings of love that Ray wanted us to feel.

    Ângela Maria de Bastos

    Voz maravilhosa e uma música esplêndida,  combinação espetacular. Parabéns pela escolha


    @Cyrus Shahrzad Written by Cindy Walker and Eddie Arnold in 1955 and recorded by Mr. Arnold in 1956

    Egbert Souce

    stixk1.........You're sort of correct: Eddie Arnold had very little to do with writing this song--he had the title sitting around and gave it to Cindy Walker to write a song around. She did the rest and also recorded it around the same time as he did. Her ORIGINAL 1955/56 recording is galactically great, but had to be taken down from YT, several years ago, due to copyright issues. That version leaves every other cover (including Ray Charles) in the dust. Its a real shame that only those who have the original record, or a tape made from the original, can hear it, because you can't hear it on YOUTUBE any more. Her later, 1964 remake is still posted, but it doesn't compare, IMHO. 7-30-17

  96. Robbiesgranny

    I like this version the best by Michael Bolton. 

  97. maria Dimitrova


    maria Dimitrova

    Спасибо Арсения !

    maria Dimitrova

    Благодаря Софроний !

    maria Dimitrova

    Спасибо Наталия !

  98. MetalErika BATMAN

    Bolton has a incomparable vocal timbre, simply awesome. Great band.