Bolton, Michael - Still The Love Of My Life Lyrics

I've been thinking 'bout the first time I looked at you,
I got the feeling that I found someone I always knew
And ever since that day we laughed and we cried
We learned along the way that love takes a lifetime
(So I can't believe) Can't believe I've found somebody like you

You're still the reason why the sky will never fall
This love will never die forever we can have it all
And when I need to believe I just look in your eyes
You're still the one, you're still the love of my life

Of my life, my life, my life

We've had our ups and downs
We run against the wind
I built some mighty walls and watched your heart just climb right in
Some people thought we'd crumble
But they were wrong, we survived
And making love to you still feels like the first time
(So here with me) here with me there ain't nobody but you


Had a taste of the cold hard of rain,
Made it through the winds of change
And they just made us that much stronger
Even now when I watch you sleep,
Can't believe you're still here with me...
You're the answer, the answer to the rest of my life
Uhhhhhhhh, you're still the reason why

[Chorus 3x]

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Bolton, Michael Still The Love Of My Life Comments
  1. harry goh

    This song same like my journey life

  2. e y

    anyone here in 2020 if you are happy to see this new here press the bottom.

  3. Adriane Vergara

    2020 squad show up ;*

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    2020 here we are listening again and again :)

  6. Tina Penney

    I love this song who is listening in 2020

  7. Thomas Carpio

    This song was really touching


    January 04,2020

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    Anyone in 2020? 🥰

  10. Cathrine Ntore

    2020 who's still here with me

  11. Stephen Mills

    Absolute legend

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    Jack Sparrow brought me here.

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    Who else here...Jan 2020.

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    Wawww musica me gusta

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    Segue aí gente

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    Song of all centuries who's else listens to it 2020❤❤❤🤝👌👌👌

  18. Lili ann

    senti tanto por alguien que no sintio lo modo, en otra vida sera😁

  19. doble cara

    I l♡ve 80's song

    Beach Bum

    doble cara 90’s

    doble cara

    @Beach Bum whatever i love this song

  20. Juliette Queenjuju

    2020 here go again

  21. ALSINDHI السندي

    Good song mik my life

  22. tigist jemaneh

    I like he's songs

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  24. khoa dn

    Jan 2, 2020. From hanoi vietnam

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    Who is listening now jan.2.2020???

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    Jan. 2, 2020 !💙

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    Eu assa música ❤❤❤❤❤

  28. Safrina Safrina

    Listening on Jan. 2nd, 2020 😉 Happy New Year everyone!!!💙

  29. Marecris Mariquit

    Wow nice song 😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

  30. Stephanie Okoroma

    Still music for the soul in 2020

  31. Sayla Thyda im

    Beautiful song . It true song

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    whos with me in oh my goodness 2020, finally not long till armagaeddon is here woooo hooo and for those who dont know what that is, look it up, trust me its a good thing!

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    2020 n this ballad still rings strong!!

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    ' dia 2 de janeiro ' de 2020 ' eu tô aqui curtindo essa bela canção 😁😁😁😃✌

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  37. bouchra benchelha

    Love never so strong ,still listening 2020💘💘

  38. The Patriot

    January the first 2020 right here!❤


    Said ..I love you..but I lied 😥

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    Мощная композиция чувств!!!

  41. Mercy Margaret

    1 Jan 2020

    Mercy Margaret

    Imean 2020

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    I reckon he could have pulled The Witcher off ( )

  43. кенжебек ормушевич

    кандайсын жаным 5549654

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    It's been a decade!! Jan 1, 2020


    nice to hear Michael

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    2020 Legend 🌷

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    Sonia Stovall

    Anitha Buberwa January 3, 2020

    Hamza Kassem

    @Sonia Stovall me too

  53. Beach Bum

    Only a brain dead Millennial would dislike this


    Or mike Bolton, when he is talking to the consultants....

  54. Kevin Oduor


  55. Rene Moreno Salina

    Ahora 2019 para 2020. Exquisito! Un emblema de buen gusto.

  56. Cecy Gomes

    Música muito linda! Quem em 2020 está curtindo está música da um like?

  57. andaiye meusa

    Michael Bolton has one of the greatest voices

  58. Camilo andres Barreto

    Maravilloso tema

  59. Sylvia Lake

    This is wat soft porn is all about. Lol, i love this song. Who is here 30th december 2019?

  60. Maria Manuela Oliveira

    linda do meu tempo de menina hoje dia 30 de dezembro 2019 estou a houvir

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    made my first born ....while this song was my car... backseat vibes

  62. tuan Vladimir

    It doesn't get any manlier than standing on top of a mountain in a blue jean shirt.

    I'm going to remake this video with my girlfriend. All I need is a desert, a falcon, a horse, and, uhmmmm, a girlfriend, I guess.

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    So beautiful. Hope he has someone that loves him too

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    i hope that there will be more songs like these in 2020's and so on,...

    amy lynn

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    Retro Vybz

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    The most beautiful song ever & music video to go with it..period.

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    People from Tortuga Island love this song !

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    The song says it all one of michaels sexiest videos

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    Ou cara feio

    darlene araujo


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  83. darlene araujo


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    al ver este hombre dudo de mi sexualidad

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    The test of time is proven that Michael Bolton is pretty damn cool

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    This man has to be one of the most sensual on the planet with an extraordinary gift to convert sensuality into feelings that all people can relate to. Love it, love it, love it.

  95. Oscar Herrera noblecilla

    Te la Dedico 💕 con todo mi cariño, , la Amo, ❤🤗
    Dios Quiera que lea estas pocas letras donde te pongo Que te amo. Amiga, te amo, te amo, te, amo
    Mi Gran Amiga, yo amo con el ❤ y cenamos con el alma, que equivocada, que estás, no nesecito, tu dinero, para hacerte, Feliz lo que nesecito, es mucho amor, para ser feliz los dos,💕. Saludos😘 Alós drogo, de tu pueblo. Se los puedes dar. Yo no nesecito, dinero. De Ti para serte, Feliz ❤.

  96. allel malika

    Lots of love and tenderness in this song ❤️