Bolton, Michael - Soul Provider Lyrics

Talk about love, talk about trust
Talkin' 'bout forever baby
When I'm talkin' 'bout us
I give you my word, stick to my guns
Believe when I tell ya baby
That we've just begun

You don't understand, no
The full intent of my plan

I wanna be your soul provider
I wanna stay that way
For the longest time
I wanna be, your soul provider
Just say you'll let me
And darlin' I will

I know you've been hurt, I know you're love shy
You don't have to say it baby
It's gonna take some time
Ya got my heart, in the palm of your hand
Swear it's gonna stay there baby
Give me half a chance

You don't understand
The full intent of my plan

I've been waitin' for a long time for somebody like you
To give my love, all my love day and night
Just say you'll be mine for the rest of your life
Baby I'll show you why


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Bolton, Michael Soul Provider Comments
  1. Grondin Guibert

    Nicoletta i love this song thank you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ love

  2. Nadine Ramsey

    2020 fire

  3. Darlington Ashiegbu

    Who's here 2020

  4. nuwasiima phionah

    Still rocking

  5. Elisabeth Ray

    My best I do it for my husband

  6. Ndlovula Dlamini

    This is my all time favourite as am waiting for true love dat I derseve levels baby imagining me n bae dancing very close in our house romantic dinner tings♡♡♡♡

  7. Marinete Pereira

    Seu coração está muito bem guardado. Is true you pray . I love baby bolton mor . Thank yoi my love very. I kisse you now . Sweet kisses for you.

  8. Marinete Pereira

    Is true give true love.

  9. Dave Love

    They don’t make songs like this more

  10. Dave Love

    Never dies

  11. Ada Adodo

    michael bolton!!! loveee yyouuuu

  12. Lubia Casasola

    Emotional song

  13. nelly lee

    Wooow this is really really nice

  14. tore last

    They always play this song in the grocery store and I love it. I just stop shopping for a moment and sing along, then go back to grocery shopping🤣

  15. Marinete Pereira

    Michael bolton good night . Sweet Dreams. . Sonhe com anjos ok love you. Never lie to me. Kisses for you

  16. marlies rasche

    Wonderful Musik sooooo great Thanks

  17. kemelly milinha

    É incrível a voz desse cantor é linda .

  18. Eric Theriault

    BEST song I've heard in 2020 so far......sooooo smooth.....sooooooo good.....

  19. Marinete Pereira

    Michael bolton vc vai traduzir essa música para mim? Mas olha i belive you . Mas estou achando que a tem muita gente querendo saber se eu estou com vc ou com baby . E eu não gosto disso .

  20. Muslim City 9ine

    I have been listening your music since the 80s bro an now..Lots of memories..

  21. Tori Smith

    I Love This Song

  22. kemelly milinha

    Eu amo essa música é a mais linda do mundo.

  23. kemelly milinha

    Esse cantor canta maravilhoso.

  24. Maria Santos

    Que voz linda

  25. Marinete Pereira

    Good night Michael nolton sweet Dreams for i no live ok relax bye

  26. Patrick Carter

    2020 Still Listening.

  27. Nicu Nedelciu

    2020 Bucharest😎😁😍

  28. Teresa Amorim Pais

    I looooove it to the beauty feeling in your musik Thanks Michael je t'aime & tu me manque bébé ....tu était pour moi un homme mon bonheur mon 18 'or ma vie tout tu me manque je t'aime chéri gigi thank you happy week-end je t'aime loved this musik and beautiful voice Michael bolton loved you

  29. Bénédicte Toussaint

    y love Michael bolton

  30. Brandon Walrecht

    Personally onw of his best tracks 😍😍

  31. Pete Efthimiou

    Just wanna be a soul provider darlin....isn't too much ask. Classic Micheal Bolton there for ya with "Soul Provider" self titled track from that CD...on CD 101.9 your source for smooth jazz, it's your smooth ride home with me, Pete.

  32. Tan Beng

    2020, still listening
    Best 80's ever

    Mark Rees

    Agree100 percent

  33. 1SP

    2020, MB is still the King of R&B Soul!!!

  34. Deucy Carvalho

    Ouvindo em janeiro 2020

  35. Farhan Muzafar

    Beautiful song never get old

  36. Simone Sampson

    Still a hit in 2020

  37. James Bond

    Michael oooozez class

  38. James Bond

    Beautiful music

  39. M Lk.

    Who is here in the newest decade..2020💃💃💃

    Precious Mills

    *raises hand*

    Donat Sweet

    @Precious Mills 💕

    Mark Rees

    M lk me brother it's so beautiful to listen to one of the best reminds me of my bro missing me when I was a FOOL, but Now it's good memories indeed!

  40. manuel mendoza


  41. loice nimusiima

    2020, anyone?

  42. Lottie East


  43. Arlene Reinhart Johnson

    2020 ❤️

  44. Sam Phillips

    2020 👌

  45. MyDanyMax

    Timeless song. Still listening in 2020. Who else?

  46. Christel Samuel

    Who is listening it on d 1st of January 2020

  47. Anastacia Bernardo Ivo

    Good morning.who,s here listen this song 2020? Say. Boas entradas pra todos do mundo.

  48. Ansi Ara Zaharah

    My best and favourite baibe yaaa wanaaa be your sole provider👌👌

  49. Maureen W

    I randomly just remembered this song and here I am!!!! Absolutely love me some Michael Bolton!!!!

  50. stephen sibanda

    25 december 2019...

  51. magnaem willherm

    Listening to this in Christmas😩😍😍

  52. Mustafa Mbeliya

    Ooooh my god good song

  53. Juana Mercado flores

    Hermosas canciones me encantan

  54. Sibusiso Ncube

    2019 and still one of Zonke's favorite 😍😍😍😍

  55. Anastacia Bernardo Ivo

    Alô pra todos que estão a escutar neste momento. Dizer que lembro minha infância, comecei a escutar em 1991,quando eu era muito menor. Abraço a todos.

  56. DLAnder

    No matter how far ahead we go, we always come back to these old beautiful romantic songs.
    Undistracted by cell phones and more attacked to each other.

  57. Hugo Franco

    Now the can’t make good music

  58. Hugo Franco

    This is something that can be called music

  59. Synergy Enterprises

    singing from the soul

  60. Laeticia Charlene Nama

    Best song ever

  61. Cloe Costa


  62. Musa M Kargbo

    Who is here 17 December 2019
    Song so sweet 🙁

  63. Mira Kiptiu


  64. Marinete Pereira

    Good night for you sweet Dreams ok love you very much special songs

  65. daniela moreira

    Linda música ❤❤

  66. Viliame Kanawale

    17/12/19 here in Fiji in the South Pacific Islands never get old......

  67. Shila Kayalo

    If u still watching December 2019 like this comment 💖💖💖💖

    daniel ogbonna

    Shila Kayalo I am O love is good

    Mamokete Lelefa

    this Song got me


    Back when Bolton and Kenny ruled pop music and made jazz purists furious. And sold millions.

  68. Marinete Pereira

    Sing for me forever uau

  69. Teresa Amorim Pais

    So beauty baby I miss you musik Thanksgiving Michael is the beauty feeling in your head to hear it from your friends in loved

  70. Teresa Amorim Pais

    My loved song Michael perfectly good for you musik thank you I looooove

  71. Mzshawnie01

    used to love listening his songs when i was a child. His voice captivated me. This man got some soul for real!!

    kellen kirabo

    In total agreement

  72. Lesego Maria

    2019, I dedicated life achievement award for this song👆agree?

  73. Brenda Orvis Shay

    Beautiful Song♥️

  74. Derek M Walsh

    One of Nicest Song's of all Time.😊😊😊 An Absolute Gentleman... Michael Bolton

  75. Aditya Sangore

    sooo underrated...

  76. Cherry Chapstick

    Love this song very much.😍😍😍

  77. Pablo Baldomir

    Nice song

  78. Pablo Baldomir

    Great voice :0

  79. Katarina Sauduadua

    December 2019 anyone💖💃

  80. Elizabeth Cavalcanti

    Músicas e cantores de qualidade! Amo.

  81. Gislaine Rodrigues

    Adoro essa música hummmm

  82. Marinete Pereira

    Hood michael boltom . You sing forever is wonderfull songs . Thank you i missing you very much. Love you

  83. Sofia Cuentas

    undoubtedly, Michael Bolton is a great singer.

  84. Tatiana Canana

    This one I dedicate to my brother he loves this song so much I love you Ntwty Canana

  85. Sheikh A.J. Abrahim

    brings back memories of high school years and the raw teenager I was back then -the 90s came and went way too fast than did the 80s. Now, I longed for the those glorious years. The only connection with back then is with these awesome songs. Think about it some great movies,tv dramas,songs and yes fashion(and gorgeous models such as my all time favourite Cindy Crawford) have rocked the planet during the 90s. I must add to the palate as well, democracy was restored in Guyana in '92. Oh yes it was during this time also television became a reality for the common man! Can you imagine that? In 2019, we still view tv in the analog format and democracy has been under threat! But I have these songs from the 90s to cheer me up. Play the song.

  86. 김영원

    노래 쥑이네

  87. JD Israel

    My top 3 all time love songs. Michael got soul. Grew up listening to this man. All time greats deserves more recognition.

  88. M I

    Qué bonita Diossssss❤

  89. Mercy Kendi

    I need my soul provider

  90. Mike Shimpanda Tobias

    Us in namibia we ar stl listerning 2019 december

  91. Anacely Del Rosario


  92. Owesome

    Going places each time i listen to this😍😍💕💕❤️❤️

  93. ShiNo Bi


  94. Nalu Mwansa

    As if it was realised yesterday woooh.....

  95. Chosen Sham

    Ist Dec 2019 still enjoying the song

  96. Hope Noneya

    Two men that I find more attractive than all the movie stars, singers/entertainers in all of Hollywood, Michael Bolton, and Bobby Flay. Mercy.