Bolton, Michael - Love Is A Wonderful Thing Lyrics

Birds fly, they don't think twice
They simply spread their wings
The sun shines, it don't ask why
Or what the whole thing means

The same applies to you and I
We never question that
So good, it's just understood
Ain't no conjecture
Just a matter of fact

Love is a wonderful thing
Make ya smile through the pouring rain
Love is a wonderful thing
I'll say it again and again
Turn your world into one sweet dream
Take your heart and make it sing
Love, love is a wonderful thing

The only thing a river knows
Is runnin' to the sea
And every spring when a flower grows
It happens naturally

The same magic when you're in my arms
No logic can define
Don't know why, just feels so right
I only know it happens every time


Oh when the cold wind blows
I know you're gonna be there to warm me
That's what keeps me goin'
And our sweet love will keep on growin'


Love is a wonderful, wonderful thing
Love is a wonderful, wonderful thing
It's what makes honey taste sweet
It's what makes your life complete

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Bolton, Michael Love Is A Wonderful Thing Comments
  1. ሸበሌ

    Who watch this song in 2020?

  2. Stanley TryHard

    03:56 Love is her name? Well, she's a wonderful thing, alright!

  3. Marinete Pereira

    True love is good very good. Michael bolton quando vc arrumar um amor que seja bom vc nunca para mídia ok i need love strong sweet . Ok

  4. Marinete Pereira

    Michael bolton you give beatifull . Estou pensando em arrumar um namorado por aqui mesmo . O que vc

  5. Martin Stone

    This makes me want to go back to 1991.

  6. Marinete Pereira

    Michael bolton good night . Vc sentiu Saudades de mim? Então a partir do dia vinte eu vou ficar desconetada vc vai ter paciência e relaxar até eu voltar ok .

  7. Marinete Pereira

    Michael bolton .vc é muito sedutor e também muito carinhoso eu gosto muito . Um homem tem que saber cortejar e agradar uma mulher . Eu sinto honrada com seu carinho obrigada seja bem vindo . O que mais me impressiona em vc , mesmo que seja um rock pop star é que vc não tem medo de lutar pelo o que vc deseja, e isso pesa na balança . Vc intenso , amoroso, indo e sedutor com muita elegância. Thank you

  8. Pam Benningfield

    One sweet dream ❤️

  9. Mohamed Ali

    Jan 2020 anyone?

  10. STEVE P

    He can't sing.

  11. Marinete Pereira

    Michael bolton is love . Thank uou is vrry beatifull somg you shame love wonderfull .

  12. Marinete Pereira

    Yes? Ok very speciial song . I love very good song thank you

  13. duncan gachuiri


  14. Matus G.

    Powerful song

  15. Marinete Pereira

    Michael boltom good morning . Is true .is very special for me ok sing for me forever . Love you

  16. surrepeight

    This song lifts you up and makes YOU fly!

  17. J R

    I defy anyone who don't move to this track!

  18. Business Purchase

  19. khanhalee

    Everybody I knew back in the 90s had a Michael Bolton cassette. His much used to sell like hot cakes and it was obsessive.

  20. Blue Moon

    💖💖💖💖💖💕Yes it is☝✨🙏

  21. Cary sherrill

    Macgruber brought me hear !! Lol what a dumb movie but it has some good tunes..

  22. Jeremy Smith

    I was watching MacGruber ik this was Michael Bolton but I swear you hear this song and don't see the video you'll think he a black soul singer

  23. maragret Downs

    Love this song xxx

  24. danny araya

    noose waiting in my garage: you have 4 minutes + 20 seconds left


  25. Youseline Delva

    Ou ka retire joua bon Dieu ban m mwen foute rinmin nonme Nan ou AP pale kk li pa massissi epi you li pa bezouin fanm li gin yon belle fanm deja pran reefel ou pou w okay sa se Coeur mwen pa foure ecri suggestion pou mwen merci

  26. Youseline Delva

    Michael Bolton I so love this Man

  27. Youseline Delva

    I love Bolton m

  28. danny araya

    if you don't intend on having this played at your wedding, don't invite me

  29. jemal Smn

    anyone oct2019

  30. Mathieu Fortier

    Wow this brings me back to my childhood years.. catchy song!

  31. claudia maria tanasa

    Yes, it is ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  32. Blue Moon

    Yeahhh Baby💕💕💕💕💕🔥☝

  33. adam

    Best Bolton song

  34. Quagmire

    Sounds more like "spill wine, take that girl"

  35. Endah Yunaryanti

    Bautiful ..❤❤

  36. Thomas Feerick

    Who had the original of this? Love Mickey b version.

  37. Dietz Audra

    Still a fun uplifting song!

  38. HorrorMistress98

    Reasons I actually like soft rock: this

  39. Victoria Molina Jimenez

    ohhhh me encantó bellísima ,TE AMO BERNARDO BARRON🚹♐💟😎🔥😋😙😙😚😘💋💖💞💖💖💋💋💋

  40. DrRiddlez2015

    This song peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1991

  41. hnming

    John Bolton - War is a wonderful thing.

  42. Sara Brown

    My All Time Favorite Song Ever because I've Always Loved The Jazzy Music and Michael Bolton Himself Because He's Most Powerful Talented Singers Of All Time?

  43. Andrea Krause


  44. filiz giritlioglu

    I love you Michael

  45. Delois Jackson

    Love ❤️ is a wonderful thing. Michael Bolton, i love ❤️ this song. I’m your number one fan Michael, great 👍 video ❤️❤️

  46. GentleSpirit Rose B

    That´s how it all began . . .

    5 mths + 2 weeks ago . . .

    When I was HAPPY
    and dancibg in the sttreets and singing in the tram . . .

  47. Ciru Karago

    So out of nowhere this song comes in my mind 😍


    That's exactly what happened to me omg🤩🤩

  48. mikias ketema

    listening to this song in 2019 from Ethiopia.

  49. Meladisinné

    Great song...Love it...The love of family and friends...💞

  50. STEVE P

    He can't sing.

  51. Villy Storcke

    love is certainly a wonderful thing

  52. William Mullaney

    My music teacher looks just like michael bolton, only with a lot less hair lol

  53. helena gažiová

    only my heart 11111111

  54. Travis Carr

    How did I end up here in the 80’s homo genre of music .

  55. Małgorzata Woroch

    swietny videoclip oraz super piosenka oraz wspanialy michael bolton

  56. idan willenchik

    The guy on the chandelier doen't know when to quit!

  57. Portia Letwaba

    Still listening to this in 2019 and dancing like i'm 17 yrs old #Timeless Classics

  58. Clarice Hartley

    Some kind of Wonderful ❣️.....

  59. Maria Cioffi

    Love is a beautiful think

  60. Christopher Becker

    the ones with the thumbs down your kidding me this guy can belt it out still today

  61. Timmy crack corn

    Real heart and soul music that is very encouraging!

  62. Elyas Demeke

    This guy makes me wish I was born in the 60's

  63. loonatis

    That bass line tho

  64. Bongani Maphosa

    Lov is wonderful

  65. FloriSanchez

    I was a tween when I first heard this song. I liked it then and still do!

  66. Nina Morrison

    Yes, it is!!!

  67. Lyana B

    Wonderful song , wonderful voice ... Happy for all people in the world

    Rambo Wilford

    But he stole it tho ron isley original tried to elvis this lol got sued

    Lyana B

    @Rambo Wilford , Bravo's that he was inspired by the best , that's why he's a king of music ❤

    Rambo Wilford

    @Lyana B he wasn't "inspired" he stole it and ppl didn't see it cause they didn't know. He didn't pay homage, he didn't ask and he never even met Ronald Isley. There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything and tho he made your childhood great he was wrong

  68. The wacky and wonderful

    This song plays at my work and every time it comes on my day gets a little better

  69. Nina Morrison

    Yes Otis Nina Morrison

  70. Jemal Sulimane

    2019 April

  71. Patricia Timms

    Love is a wonderful things built on the truth

  72. GentleSpirit Rose B

    May GOD help you now.

  73. GentleSpirit Rose B

    Don´t need your Ring or anything . You can´t buy me.
    This time it´s really off.
    You hurt me intentianally ! ! !
    I am not willing to take that one more time.
    I definitely do not need any more hurt in my life.
    Wish you all the best, Michael.
    Especiall on Christnas this year.
    GOD bless You.

  74. Odette Bernabeu

    Rythem Honey OH yea.

  75. GentleSpirit Rose B

    Are you ok, Darlin?

  76. Nina Morrison

    Yes dear it is!!! Nina Morrison

  77. GentleSpirit Rose B

    N A M A S T É _()_

  78. GentleSpirit Rose B


  79. GentleSpirit Rose B

    Just not caring for ny feelings.
    Only and always YOURS.

  80. GentleSpirit Rose B


  81. GentleSpirit Rose B


  82. GentleSpirit Rose B

    L O V E IS A WONDERFUL THING . :* :* :*

  83. kitkatt24

    Me when the nacho fries come back.

  84. torben jensen

    a nice uplifting song

  85. Retrotoon

    Love may be a wonderful thing but money is a glorious thing

  86. mitch3996 II

    The one similarity i can find here is the title at the start of each chorus. Whether that’s enough to be plagiarism i’m not sure, but it certainly isn’t enough for 28% profit of the album it’s on. It wasn’t even the album’s biggest hit....

  87. Edia L. Velez

    Butter flies and kisses

  88. Gordy Omolaiye

    Michael Bolton was robbed of this song. Yes I said it!!

  89. Delva Theodore

    A wi se sa ki lavie ya wi mizik ou rinmin yien

  90. maragret Downs

    Love this song xx

  91. steeba steebah

    ...great horn done rite, too...but Mike, that doo... ;-|

  92. Josie cardenas

    This song really does make u happy

  93. Bleb Han

    You gotta agree with your kids when they make fun of you for jamming to this.

  94. Stella Johnston

    When I lived in Alaska one of my daughters teachers was Michael Bolton brother and oh my goodness he was so damn fine as well

    Bleb Han

    Was he called Mr. Bolotin? That's Michael's real surname.

    Stella Johnston

    Bleb Han yes he went by Mr Bolton

  95. Hananto Harto

    Good job i like it !!!.....

  96. Monika Ogórek


  97. Zev Feldman