Bolton, Michael - I'm Alive Lyrics

I've slept under the sun,
And I've tasted the rain, cold rain
I've loved more than once
And I've stared down the face of pain
But look at me
I'm still standing here today

I'm alive, yeah, I'm alive
I'd rather walk this winding road and let love take a leap of faith
Than be alone
Yeah, I'm alive
Life is stronger, and more powerful, and beautiful than ever

Yesterday I was a fool
But in our yesterdays we are all fools
Watched the news in disbelief
Prayed for love to bring relief
Giving up is always easier than standing up to fight
But baby


Everybody gets scared a little
Everybody gets tired a little
Everybody feels low
Everybody feels high
When life is a journey, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride, enjoy the ride
All on borrowed time, I'm alive, look around baby
I'd rather take a leap of faith than be alone, yeah I'm alive,
Life is stronger, and more powerful, beautiful than ever.


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Bolton, Michael I'm Alive Comments
  1. Claudia Cari

    Michael i adore your beautiful voice unique in the world !!! 🌹🌹

  2. poussière d'étoile Lové

    J adoré love

  3. Regina Padilla

    Powerful so true

  4. Ice Angel

    Some people should be allowed to live forever. Michael, your light shines unusually bright my friend. I'll pray with you for love to send relief...we all sure could use it.

  5. Ice Angel

    Awesome song! I can definitely relate to the lyrics and the melody is lovely. Sending lots of love to you Michael!

  6. Nathalie Dieraert

    Oh Michael very very good songs.
    So courage because à lot of concerts.
    Good Travel with plane for that.
    I kiss you.
    Nathalie Dieraert 😘💓💞💓
    I m sorry m'y américain is not so good.

  7. Darlene Theriot

    another favorite & inspiration of Michael B such an amazing blessing full of love. ❤❤❤❤

    Darlene Theriot

    WILL always be my inspiration ❤❤😘...

  8. 上手い

  9. Marvalin Benjamin

    I love this amazing song.... I am you Michael Bolton.

  10. Ana Ribeiro


  11. Patty Warner

    One of Micheal's best songs ever

  12. Ellen-Charlotte Bang

    Love this song,.... see my self
    so much in it...

  13. pato medina

    otro tema favorito!!!!.