Bobby Valentino - Make You Say Lyrics

she's the type of girl that would make you
every time i see her she makes me say [2x]
every time i see her she make me [2x]

[Verse 1]
Stop for a second
Let me tell you something
I said girl you so sexy, you got it goin' on
I wunna take you out and do some things that you never did
Swear you wildin' like you confident
Damn I'm fallin'

[Hook 1]
Got me always thinkin' bout you
Sometimes I be dreamin' bout you
And girl I know I am da rite man for you
Let me do it like this let me do it like that
I can do it any way you want
Take you roun' my mom take you round' my daddy girl
That's why I'm the only man


[Verse 2]
Even though we just met
I feel somethin'
Let's sparkle and go out
We gone move you in
I know I move fast but time don't stand still
Let me know wut da deal look at me I'm 4 real

[Hook 2]
Got me always thinkin' bout you
Cuz sometimes I be dreamin' bout you
U don't be blowin' me up girl you so cool
Let me do it like this
Let me do it like that
I can do it any way you won't
Take you round' my mom
Take you round' daddy girl
Dats why I'm da only man girl

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Bobby Valentino Make You Say Comments
  1. Starasia Carter

    On repeat like always 🤤🤤

  2. Kyahna Gibbs

    2019 . ugh every time I play this i end up playing it 50 x more lmao 😍😍😍😍

    Starasia Carter

    Kyahna Gibbs right!!


    I play this song out , and later in time i do it again love this one here.

  4. SexySensi

    2019 and still one of my favs 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏾

  5. Tarkia Lewis


  6. Tatianna Alleyne

    I still love this song ❤️ #classic

  7. Anthony Price

    You don’t be blowing me up girl you so cool

  8. Kyahna Gibbs

    2019 ❤

  9. Kashauna Boyd

    2019 😍

  10. David Terrell

    Man say

  11. Yosef Monserrat

    Everytime I see her she makes me Say....wooooo

  12. Erick Jamerson

    "Back in my day young blood"... Haha

  13. mrkelvink

    Copped this sheeet back in 06 this whole album was o for orrrsum!

  14. Amber Seaman

    Mike jackson

  15. Sunreyes dime

    Love this! One of His sexiest Songs!!

  16. Toya Lynn

    Everytime I see her she makes say 🙄🙄🙄

  17. Michelle King

    I Don't Care What Anyone Say I'll Always Love This Song Rns

  18. Michelle King

    I Don't Care What Anyone Say I'll Always Love This Song Rns

  19. Armoney Johnson

    memories I miss old music, I miss my old life ok I'm depressed now going to cry now 😢💔

    Don't worry Be Happy

    Armoney Johnson don't be depressed let our old music bring good memories n put a smile on your face n dance enjoy your life God bless u and let nothing take ure joy

  20. Nimorri H


    Don't worry Be Happy

    Nimorri H yes u rite I love bobby V I always listen to Hus music smooth voice he is blessed

  21. Deelee

    Brings back so many great memories

  22. J. Flair

    Reminds me of my sweet Maria. Shame we never hooked up.


    J. Flair reminds me of a west side story...lil bitch

  23. Nimorri H


  24. Reuben Washington

    make me wanna sing again

  25. Reuben Washington

    Only heard two songs from this album but never disappointed bobby v quality rnb

  26. Glam You Girl

    I loved this album when it 1st came out. My early 20s

    Reginald Whitening

    he underrated

    Indeya Womack

    I was in my early 20's too.....these songs make me so college not a care in the world...


    Glam You Girl all yall can kiss my ass

    Justin McGill Xbox!!! Reigns!!!

    I was 19

    Justin McGill Xbox!!! Reigns!!!

    Well it's the year i graduated from high school

  27. shavonne frier

    Love this song


    shavonne frier go to hell!!

  28. E Douglas

    Been looking for this song I use to play this out in my system

  29. Queen2u

    Still my song.

  30. DatSexyBelizean37

    Now this is real music. .One of my favorite songs

  31. Anthony Young

    I love that say i got it in on that song

  32. Amanda

    This Album bangz!!! On my rnb ish today!!!

  33. Brittney fristed

    Love this

  34. Brittney fristed

    Love this

  35. Shai Colman

    I love this song!!

  36. DARDAR313

    Best song fasho

  37. Reuben

    Jammin'. You should hear it slowed down though.....NASTY!

  38. 84sweedee

    I love Bobby v his voice is so soothing !

  39. aGwEENapple

    Love this song!
    This album's great.

  40. BeiMajorFan

    @86SlimBaby Right!!!

  41. The Adept

    Rafael Saadiqe

  42. darr jack

    This my fave track off the album!

  43. Miller Oh

    @cheesefish90 OMG I agree!

  44. MrKevin619ism

    The best song on this album. I used to rock this joint in 2009. Got to play it loud to get the effects.

  45. BeiMajorFan

    Brings back amazing memories...

  46. Clinique Allen

    this my songgggggg i been lookn 4 this songgg

  47. camillimxs07

    make u say is track number 9... lol
    love the song!!!


    this my shit make me think of my girl!!!!!!