Bobby Valentino - Just Me & You Lyrics

Just me and you
(ohh baby.. just me and you.. just the two)
Just me and you
(ohh baby.. yeeaaaa.. wooooo, come on)

I knew when I met you, you were special cuz no ordinary love can make you feel this way
You took a while to get to kno me
I cant wait so I can show you that I aint trynna play no games
So im nominating you (so I'm nominating you)
Cuz I only want you (cuz I only want you)
Tell me what you wanna do (tell me what you wanna do)
I'll be evrythang you want me to

Just me and you (just me and you)
Dont worry bout this, dont worry bout that
(we dont need nobody else)
Dont worry bout nuthin
Just me and you (just me and you)
Dont worry bout this, dont worry bout that
(we dont need nobody else)
Dont worry bout nuthin

Holdin hands in the park, picnics under the stars
Make a wish and I'll make it true
My heart belongs to you, it aint a thang I wouldnt do
Just to prove how much im feelin you
So im nominating you (so im nominating you)
Cuz I only want you (cuz I only want you)
Tell me what you wanna do (tell me what you wanna do)
I'll be evrythang you want me to

Just me and you (just me and you.. baby, youu)
Dont worry bout this, dont worry bout that
(we dont need nobody else, ohh)
Dont worry bout nuthin
Just me and you (just me and you, just the two)
Dont worry bout this, dont worry bout that
(we dont need nobody, just me and you)
Dont worry bout nuthin

(you got to kno.. if you dont kno baby.. dont you worry)
Dont worry bout nuthin (noooooo, cuz I wanna tell you)
Dont worry bout this, dont worry bout that (dont worry bout it, dont worry bout nuthin)
Dont worry bout nuthin
Dont worry bout nuthin (just me and you yea.. oohhhh baby)
Dont worry bout this, dont worry bout that (dont worry bout it, dont worry bout nuthin)
Dont worry bout nuthin
Just me and you
Just me and you
Just me and you

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Bobby Valentino Just Me & You Comments
  1. Woo&Chunk

    I love this version.

  2. SwangLow MVP-Panel

    Song give me Chillz ya'll Every time I listen; dang near caught the Holy Ghost! Aha

  3. Marion Johnson

    On God this my jam

  4. Marquita Robertson

    Some stuff just don't need a remix sorry don't like it good try

  5. Briggett Shands

    Do your thang Bobby V I hear ya💕💕💕

  6. Briggett Shands

    I made a wish just me and You Bobby V😁

  7. Crecia Bonner

    Still love this in the 2019. 😍💓💓💓💣😚😚


    If you listening right now thumbs up you the bomb!!Repeat!!!!Repeat😜oakayyy!who else can't stop playing this song??A real man takes his time and is patient with rushing just a slow sexy vibe🤗❤💙💜let's you take your time to get to know him..aint worried bout nothing because he gonna show you it's all about you😊nobody else...

  9. Nasirrah Abdul Addarr

    Something about this song it's so smooth.

  10. Faith in all things W

    Bobby V. Did his thing on this song. Good chill music.

  11. Daz Shephard

    not a bad rendition, Bobby V didnt do a bad job, but also keep in mind he had help from the original singer so he couldnt mess it up

  12. Gail Robinson


  13. D'Shawn Banks

    Under Rated Remake

  14. Toressa Richmond

    I looove this song...gr8 singer....i can listen to his songs all day especially this yo thang boobby v...

  15. Lakecia Turner

    Still my shit 💯

  16. Aimee Manderson

    I feel for bobby v, trying to bring the old to the new, but he's just Soo underrated it's a shame I love the bones of him😍 he gives me goosebumps and I still have a long playlist good love him 😍😍

  17. veronica glover

    this is also my best song ever to in 2019

  18. kristi miller

    2019 and still play this all the time ❤️ this song

  19. Kareem Owens

    Just Me & You

  20. Noah Fike

    kortney Owen psychiatry # I have always wanted to get married and have kids # I have no life # Wayne is the last thing I have left # I can't breakdown # I'm too overgrown # can u please sos

  21. veronica glover

    you stay true to me and will stay true to you always

  22. veronica glover

    this song always make me think about me and my best friend

  23. Alisa McGraw

    Still jammin in 2019 💕💕💕

  24. Santana Sweetness

    Wowww this is my first time hearing this rendition.

  25. Brit Aguilar

    Miss you

  26. Kamar G

    Some classic songs should NOT be touched by these youngsters but Bobby knocked the ball out the park with this one. I think him have Sadiq on the track helped him keep it close to the original as possible and still put his own twist on it without messing up the formula of the song

  27. mac sauce

    Should I be petty and be the first to talk about the ........🤷🏾‍♂️fuck it

  28. Crecia Bonner

    Come back Boo we missin u! 😚

  29. Nasirrah Abdul Addarr

    I like this.. Smooth

  30. Roxsand Sandifer

    Bobby v. Always sings what's ladies wanna😍 hear he da truth he always goes hard on all's his 🎶🎤 love ❤😘u Bobby v. From Ms. Roxy. 👊🏅🎤💞❣💘💖💗

  31. Crecia Bonner

    He went in on this one. I actually like it better. 😍😍😍

  32. Jason Wilson

    I was in high school when this version came out

  33. Porsha Robinson

    Brings back memories💕💕

  34. baby ga

    Love it 😘😘😘😘😘

  35. George Courtney

    this song will always be super tuff

  36. Sensimilla Star

    He Killed this

  37. Cado Mosley

    Ahhhh nice track

  38. BRUH_DaTz_ SkInS

    Not bad... but can't touch the original...

  39. olena waters

    just me and you

  40. Tom Videos.

    Tony tony tony

  41. Sнαnnon Hayles

    My wedding song ❤️❤️❤️

    Luke Odhiambo

    This song is dope,playin it again n' again

  42. Miko Babee

    this that SHIIIIIT!

  43. Jamel Waters

    just me and u

  44. David Terrell


  45. Khaliah Allah

    and more male artist

  46. Khaliah Allah

    all male artist i like the most its chris brown trey songz neyo bobby v omarion usher. ray j r Pharrell. Williams. justin Timberlake

  47. Khaliah Allah

    i love bobby v music

  48. Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez

    remaking a classic dangerous but he killed it

  49. 1DaftPunk Style

    Great cover Raphael Saadiq's Toni,Toni,Toni song " Just Me and You ".....

  50. Ronda Smith

    March 2017!!

  51. Dee Love

    Bobby ain't play no games on this track ❤️❤️❤️😏😏😏😏😍😍😍😍


    yes, this is a remake but he did this song justice

    Tinkle Bell

    Dee Love Bobby be serious he shocked me when he appeard on Love an Hip Hop

  52. Alberta Howard

    you a bad man Bobby V...

  53. Dj Throwed

    Still the shit all over world today!!! #facts

  54. LaTarsha Spurlin

    Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Keshia Hare

    love the original and BV remake

  56. itzblakk notblack

    I love this remake....Especially the switch up of the lyrics and Raphael Sadiq on the guitar...👏🏿👏🏿🙌🏿Bobby V did his thang on this track! Been a fan and still a fan💗

    Kamar G

    I thought the same exact thing

  57. Dana Moultrie


  58. Jasmine Wheeler

    That ride and die shit!!

  59. mrt seeya

    reminds me of some chick back in high school that I was way too afraid to ask out lol

    Jasper Jamm

    Lol damn are you and I the same person?

  60. Brandon Henderson

    it remind me of my younger days when i used to be up at night on the phone with them girls now I'm 32

    Coach White

    Brandon Henderson DVD c.f. ffcbhvvcc

    Coach White

    Brandon Henderson 8oiijoii

    Coach White

    Brandon Henderson iki

    Coach White

    Brandon Henderson ghun

  61. Twyla Hines


  62. Sexi caramel Sexi caramel

    Yass!!! Love Bobby Valentino 😍😍

  63. 〽rs. Lee

    bobby v baby 😘💯💯💯

  64. Nikkie Lopez

    sexy af

  65. Maranda Harris

    💖😘💯💋💞🎉 This my jam!!!

  66. MrBlactye

    Great job Bobby V. Because it is hard to do a song by one best group of our time in Tony Toni Tone.

  67. kimyatta Juicylips Johnson


  68. Kevin Evans

    He cranked!!!

  69. Latara Lassiter

    The best remake ever

    Nicole Haynes

    Isnt it though still listening in 2018

    D Mo

    EVERRRRRR!! Better than the original.

    Noelle Marie


    SwangLow MVP-Panel

    Heck Yeah! He killdt it!

  70. Kay Gee

    my baby loved this song .rip ATD💙

  71. Jaydstahh_

    dayum 👌

  72. Nikki Alexander

    💖 this song

  73. Nikki Alexander

    💖 this song

  74. Prince Mateo sparta

    This song work even on a monday ! hihi

  75. radiogirl nelo

    Bobby V needs to come out of "retirement" or get a fresh set of banging songwriters and producers. Dude is dope!

    Rose Pitts

    +radiogirl nelo I just watched him Live on facebook Friday night and he let the facebook viewers listen to a new single, so he's coming back! The track is a banger!

    radiogirl nelo

    +Rose Pitts Oh wow! Thanks for the heads up.

  76. Givianna Irby

    Love this song

  77. Marion Johnson

    We don't need nobody else

  78. jhanopol

    I remember when i was 17, first got my liscence, took my dads 95 Accord with the sunroof, and picked up my girl crusin to this track. Good days

    Ashely Johnson

    oh yes we dont need nobody baby


    Thats damn sexy

  79. Mike Sumlin

    Nice.....I Nominate my sweet Wife...... Neicy

  80. M K

    Love this <3

  81. Daniel Williams

    So I nominating you......👍

  82. ThatBlackBohemian

    Don't worry about this, don't worry about that, don't worry about nothing.❤

  83. Amanda pattel

    Excellent download! Great condition of a great smooth black Song! Thanku 😁

  84. Pat's Videos

    No it's not like Toni Tony Tonae's original song and the lyrics were changed up, but I still like it.

  85. Marie Dodds

    Just me and you ....  

  86. Felicia Dixon

    Thank you for sharing. I listen and think of the one I love....wish we were together.

    Michelle Johnson




  88. Janet Nunes

    Love it

  89. misstantrix

    I appreciate his efforts. And now that I know he is from the old school group Mista, I am happy for his stardom, but nothing can touch the og version!

  90. joe reed

    Not the original, but pretty good record.

  91. mandyzakes09

    coz l only want uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  92. TMESHable1

    Now we talking. This is the real thing. This is the real tang. Immaculate Bobby.

  93. Roba Twiri

    Bedroom Music.....

  94. Paul Ramson

    The truth is only one song I love to dance off is Bobby Valentino song Just Me and You because I love this song in my life more and more.

  95. Leonardo Bruno

    bobby v doenst works... i think that Valentino its so much better.
    Just saying:)

  96. stanly shane

    ladys go check out ctown

  97. Jasper Jamm

    this shit makes babies