Bobby Darin - The Girl Who Stood Beside Me Lyrics

Whose face did I see beside me
When I looked into
The mirror yesterday?

Whose eyes opened wide
And who has tried
To keep my spirits high
Through yesterday

Who now shares my life?
And tears whenever I cry?
Who becomes my wife?
And fears the day I die?

Who now knows my thoughts
And every word I say?
She's the girl who stood beside me
When I looked into the mirror yesterday

Who then gave her hand to me
When I was trembling in the dark
Just yesterday?

Who then showed me all
The nights and all the sights
And all the lights, just yesterday?

Who now shares my time?
And who now makes my bed?
Who now lies beside me?
Who now holds my head?

Who knows all my thoughts
And every word I say?

She's the girl who stood beside me
When I looked into the mirror yesterday

Whose voice did I hear
When bells where ringing?
Silent birds that started
Singing yesterday

Who then said: "Come sit beside me"
Oh, my darling, don't deny me

Who now shares my time?
And who now makes my bed?
Who now lies beside me?
Who now holds my head?

Who knows all my thoughts
And every word I say?

She's the girl who stood beside me
When I looked into the mirror yesterday

Yes, the girl who stood beside me
As I looked into the mirror yesterday

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Bobby Darin The Girl Who Stood Beside Me Comments
  1. Mary Lynn Johnson-Kerker


  2. steve hewitt


    Mary Lynn Johnson-Kerker

    Forgotten by most but not me. Brillant yes

  3. ohwhatelse

    W O W! Never heard this before. So-o beautiful. thanks so much.
    ABSOLUTLEY LOVE this song. He was an expert at just the right emotion for the song. IF HE ONLY KNEW HOW MUCH WE STILL APPRECIATE HIM. I HOPE DODD KNOWS.

  4. Janet Coombes

    This is one of my top fave Bobby songs,just beautiful ! ! !

  5. one mexican

    again I visit this gets better and better...miss this era..and lucky to have lived through it....

  6. ralph sharratt

    one of Bobby Darins best songs

  7. Janet Coombes

    Edith S everything you say about. Bobby is so true ,, He was pure magic in every way

  8. Rita Malik

    He seemed to really love Sandra , but asked for a diviorce if I knew why


    Rita Malik ...she said it was her addiction to pills/uppers. She said it was her fault. Can you imagine how terrible it would feel to know that you broke someone's heart like that because you couldn't give up an addiction? She said her son saved her life yrs later by checking her into treatment. I'd imagine Bobby asked her but, in denial you think that the problem is always someone else's fault, that you don't have a problem. Ask me how I lnow?
    My gorgeous husband got to the point in his alcoholism that he left a family he loved but, he loved his addiction & party life more.
    He later tried 3 times (being forced) to give it up but, each time he went back. He ended in bed with his own bullet in His brain.
    If that sounds bad, well, don't think it couldn't happen to you. Some ppl have addictive personalities (don't start...). Fortunately I don't or I'd have killed myself because, I'm allergic to so many things.

  9. Patricia Winch

    “Very moving!” “So Romantic!” “Beautiful!” ❤️(do I need to say more!”)

  10. Relic Hunter

    Sung from the heart! No showing off, just pure heart. And then he thanks his musicians. Humility in action! Thanks for the memories Bobby.

  11. Susan Cote

    This is such a beautiful song!


    No one does it like Bobby Darin, man has his own distinctive style that well and truly set him far apart from all other in the music business.... Bobby was always called the greatest young singer / entertainer of all time by the greats in the business and was so highly respected for his dedication to his chosen profession and his tireless hard work...
    Man, Oh, Man if only they knew just how short time was for Bobby and it was fast running out.... Bobby never let it get to him, nor was he ever going to be cheated, he must achieve what Bobby set out to do.... Gosh, Bobby achieved it all and then some to top it all off.... Bobby was brilliant, a total master genius who mastered his own destiny.
    Bobby could do it all and did so with awesome flare, exquisite style, make no mistake it was well and truly his own, BOBBY DARIN STYLE ALL THE WAY, THANK GOODNESS....
    Thanks for the precious memories Bobby you made the greatest difference of them all...

  13. Ted Lynch

    a comment was made about why this song was not hit.ive been listening to this song since it's release and there's not that many from the 60's Era that had strength and feeling. A great tune. As I mentioned I listen to it constantly. This should have far . Different taste for different people.

  14. one mexican

    just brilliant ...brilliant have always loved this song and this Darin era....thank you for the post just brilliant..'60's live on in us..

  15. ralph sharratt

    I think one of his best song's

  16. Zero

    Just for the record, the title is "The Girl That Stood Beside Me" no "behind" me.

    C Ying Ho

    @Anita Zenobia Thank you.


    No problem. :)

  17. teddyboy1000

    wow never seen this before   thank you so much for sharing   I have always loved this song and never understood why it wasn't a HUGE hit

  18. Zero

    This is beautifully sung. Does anybody know when this performance took place?


    +Anita Zenobia My thoughts as well.:)

    William Byron

    Not at all. He's having difficult heart problems throughout this performance which makes his command and control all the more admirable.


    Thanks for that information William. I have also read two books on his life. Fascinating man! And yes his performance is definitely admirable considering that he was having heart problems during it.


    @Zero . He does look tentative. Particularly at end. Poor guy.

    Viv Cooley

    U were and still are the best l love. U Bobby Darin