Bobby Darin - Talk To The Animals Lyrics

If I could talk to the animals, just imagine it
Chattin' with a chimp in chimpanzee
Imagine talking to a tiger, chatting with a cheetah
What a neat achievement it would be!

If we could talk to the animals, learn all their languages
I could take an animal degree
I'd study elephant and eagle, buffalo and beagle
Alligator, guinea pig, and flea!

I would converse in polar bear and python
And I would curse in fluent kangaroo
If people ask me "can you speak rhinocerous?"
I'd say "of courserous! Can't you?"

If I conferred with our furry friends, man to animal
Think of the amazing repartee
If I could walk with the animals, talk with the animals
Grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals
And they could talk to me!

If I consulted with quadrupeds
Think what fun we'd have asking over crocodiles for tea!
Or maybe lunch with two or three lions, walruses and sea lions
What a lovely place the world would be!

If I spoke slang to orangutans
The advantages why any fool on earth could plainly see!
Discussing Eastern art and dramas
With intellectual llamas
That's a big step forward you'll agree!

I'd learn to speak in antelope and turtle
And my Pekinese would be extremely good
If I were asked to sing in hippopotamus
I'd say "whynotamous" and I would!

If I could parlay with pachyderms
It's a fairy tale worthy of Hans Anderson and Grimm
A man who walks with the animals and talks with the animals
Grunts and squeaks and squawks with the animals and they could talk to him!

Let me hear 'em talk

I'd study every creature's language
So I could speak to all of them on site
If friends said "can he talk in crab or maybe pelican"
You'd say "I canny can" and you'd be right!

And if you just stop and think of it
Ain't no doubt of it
I'm gonna win a place in history
If I could walk with the animals
Talk with the animals
Grunt, squeak, squawk with the animals
And they could squeak and squawk and speak and talk to me!

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Bobby Darin Talk To The Animals Comments
  1. tunefultony johnson

    Herb Alpert and his Brass did a nice video when they all went to the LA Zoo and stared mixing it with an assortment of different animals....

  2. helping society

    Thank you, Bobby Darin ! Wonderful singing. Everyone must see you are dressed so smartly and handsomely. This is something society has lost after 1974's pop - jazz - rock music incursions into society.

  3. helping society

    Needs to be sung more slowly. But wonderful. Who wrote it ?


    Leslie Bricusse

  4. helping society

    Wonderful Singing

  5. helping society

    Can everyone email Fox to release Dr Dolittle
    movies and sell them in CD or DVD and sell to itv to show .....It is one of the very best... Everyone, spread this request...Bombard Fox till they release it for world wide.... Thank you. Tell them they would make a fortune !

  6. Mike Ballard

    On "New Earth" you can communicate with the animals. The year is 2206. We made it!

  7. SpongeBob Fanatic

    This is a version where it's actually singing. Rex Harrison, eat your heart out. P.S. what other singing versions do you know? Not speaking, singing. P.P.S. do you think Robert Downey Jr. could do a version of the singing version?

  8. Ligia Oliva

    I need to sing tommorow

  9. Laura Anderson

    I’m singing this for choir

  10. clu7chy rt

    Uh oh stinky

  11. Angia Diamonte

    This song brings great memories

  12. Joseph Blanchard

    Chief Wiggum just brought me here

  13. Elizabeth Young

    cant find this on itunes

    Danny Brown

    Go on mp3 juices

  14. Reever

    Clever clever song. Wow! Such content filled. Genius. Wnoever wrote.

  15. Rowan Crumb

    I had no idea there was any version of this song outside the Rex Harrison version from the Dr Doolittle musical. I wonder which came first.

  16. M.A. Gray

    Fake accounts and hacked comments section all day everyday. Enjoy the tunes without comments

  17. Arturo Gasca

    I'm here because of Wiggum

  18. Gary Morris

    He was a great talent that we lost far too soon.

  19. 실비아シルヴィア

    I thought only Duolingo thought this was possible¡

  20. elaineszy

    I've been thinking of this song because the scrub jays in my yard have been landing unbidden near me and asking for a snack.

  21. Alana King

    So sad that I can't get this rendition on the Australian ITunes store. Great version.

  22. Alana King

    This should be the anthem for any person who takes up veterinary or zoological studies. Love this song.

  23. Stabs

    "Good Lord! Doctor Dolittle is Chief Wiggum!"
    "This bird's gonna fly." *Proceeds to jump out window*

  24. Clevelandshowfan420

    Sounds like a family Guy song

  25. Alfonso Valleza

    Ironic that at the time this song was written and performed people in the U.S. want to understand animals except the most important animal... other human beings from different ethnicities, languages, and beliefs.


    Alfonso Valleza are you inferring it’s an American issue? I believe Communist China killed 80 million of their people, Communist Russia 50 million, Nazi Germany 6 million Jews. Now let’s move over to Africa where Christians are slaughtered daily, the middle east where they kill and maim each other daily, where civil war rages as we speak. Yet you want to point the finger at Americans? Welcome to the HUMAN CONDITION!

  26. FlexoShootFlexo

    Barney Forever! Wiggum Never!

  27. Jonathan Lehmann

    Pelicsn like hell i can

  28. Emma's Ditto

    They would ask us 'why?' for all the atrocities we commit against them everyday... and yet they would probably still have more compassion for us than we do them

    Thomas Roman

    Here here!
    Animal rights dont exist - yet!
    Any person that claims they're victims of racism but they eat me is a hypocritical asshole.

  29. RTL The Musician

    Hey Chuck E, am I an animal????!!!!!!

  30. William Smith

    How can you hate this? I love it. Perfect

  31. Sunisa Cooper

    I prefer the Sammy Davis JR version

  32. SukeyTawdry06

    GREAT VOICE, GREAT singing style!! The Great Bobby D.!

  33. eric taylor

    This song was made for Jimmy Durante. When I hear Bobby Darin sing, I always think of the Great Snozzle singing it.

    steve mann

    Why did u just remind me of Groucho Marx with that comment 😂

  34. laurstar18

    Why do I remember this song from when I was little?

  35. Dreamavere

    I think in the next Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film I think one of the characters should introduce this song to Newt Scamander, I think he'd love it! Also I wish they did a wizarding world version of this song!

  36. Victorina Guthwin

    he's wonderful!! discovered his talent and genius recently!! He completed his purpose. thank you.


    Victorina Guthwin hi! hope you're on his FB fan pages ( Bobby Darin Appreciation Group, Bobby Darin Fan, etc.)

    steve mann

    Victorina .. Me too. Ive listened to about half a dozen of his early classics and now im in love with his whole collection !! R.I.P LEGEND 👍💙

  37. Nate Fleischer

    Doli Dimples

  38. hategreed1

    Coooo, did this beautiful man perform this live on TV? With animals (or muppets?) Sure would love to have seen that!

  39. hategreed1

    This is yet another in a thousand or so cases wherein it is impossible to believe that WRC had a weak heart. Listen to him sing this difficult song so EXCELLENTLY!! FAST!

  40. theseus yo

    good lord.. doc dolittle it's chief wiggum!

    Kevin Nixon

    This bird's gonna fly!


    @Kevin Nixon piano squeak

  41. Raven Moon


  42. First2comment

    Wiggom: (mustache falls off)
    Person: it's chief wiggom!
    Wiggom: this birds gonna fly! (Jumps off window)

  43. Michael tercero zamora

    Top-notch !

  44. aceattorney1989

    I heard this from Kidsongs, but I didn't this version existed before that.

  45. Seven Seer

    where is the movie version on youtube???!!!!!

    Seven Seer

    i'm sorry, but i find that highly suspicious

  46. Pedro Stormrage

    Many people already converse with computers in Python :P

  47. The Fakey Cake Maker

    I like Bobby Darin

  48. Koal T. Z. Robertson

    quickly to the mp3 converter!

    steve mann


  49. Lady Margaret

    Much better than original. Sorry Rex!

  50. darkblood626

    Being able to converse with an animal that has an entirely different dominant sense would probably bend your entire perception of the universe. For instance a dog’s nose pretty much allows it to interact with the past as it can sense every creature that has walked on a piece of ground for the past week. But it also makes communication with said animals impossible even if they were sapient because their perceptions would be completely different to ours there would be no base line to compere. this fact has depressed a lot of people in the SETI project. Just food for through.

    Kane Midge

    You must be fun at parties


    +darkblood626 No, it needs only a converter such that we'd be able to see in a 3D field what those dogs smell or what whales hear. A giant chunk of our brains is devoted to visual perception and making a mental map of the world- but it would be a mind-bending experience, that's for sure.


    @videowilliams That's the point. They may not have that conveter.

    Gary Morris

    Let us not analyze it deeply, and just enjoy the song.

  51. jay hoffman

    Much better than the Rex Harrison version!

    The Hominid

    To be fair... That bar is not high!

  52. Lucas García

    I want this song to be played at my funeral

    Lucas García

    That way nobody will be sad


    Play it at my funeral.

    Hammerschlägen M

    Hopefully that will be soon. Very soon.

    Octopus Ph.D

    @Hammerschlägen M lol calm down

    Hammerschlägen M

    @Octopus Ph.D
    Well yeah. Just couldn't help myself :-)

  53. Hamster craft88

    I can talk to animals no joke


    bet the snakes tell you to hiss off

    Hamster craft88

    @TheBoltimus lol ya probly but there is animal speche like in wolves, going on there back means "your the boss" going down on frount paws with there back legs up means "lets play" pointing there tail stright means "Leave now" so ya anyone can really learn what animals are saying


    @TheBoltimus ha ha! Cute!

  54. Martha Moore

    I loved this song as a kid!  Brings back great memories!

    Sunisa Cooper

    Mine was a slower more composed version of this just listening to it, warms my heart and gives me great flashbacks sitting at the breakfast table listening to BBC Radio 2.

  55. JustFelie

    I came here for Wiggum

    Jose Ignacio

    same as I



    theseus yo

    this bird's gonna fly

  56. Hugh B

    so happy

  57. Eyal Cohen

    תהנו מקצת איכות :)

  58. KASEY JO

    It is gunny


    I love it

  59. swordofcoke

    Keep this comment section alivw!

  60. BalticSeaChris

    If friends said “can he talk in Crab or Pelican?”
    You’d say “like hell he can!” and you'll be right!

    Haha, love it! And I love Bobby for doing this album, although everybody advised him against it.

  61. TheJmaister

    i dont no why, but this song make me happy and all jumpy inside :)

  62. Edgar Martinez

    me too

  63. Ange L

    could you please send me an mp3 of this song?
    i'm so glad i finally found the version i grew up listening to!

  64. ooozetoons

    Sounds like something Yakko Warner would sing.

  65. André Jansen

    Thanks for sharing Scott! Mainly the text is very motivating! Greetings, André

  66. POTZ123

    @PointsofData haha fair enough mate

  67. PointsofData

    @POTZ123 Ah, I'm sorry. I was born in 96 but this was one of my older brothers favorite movies, so of course I saw it several times haha.

  68. POTZ123

    @PointsofData the first time ive heard it period. i was born in 1991 and didnt have much of a childhood so i have never seen it.

  69. PointsofData

    @POTZ123 I'm just wondering you mean this is the first time you heard it period or heard it sung by him? Because this was originally in Dr Doolittle. x3

  70. serglinkk

    @monny287 well I am glad you found it, If you still don't own it, i can send you an Mp3 of this song to your email.

  71. monny287

    I have been looking for this version for SO long. When my brother (now 4) was a baby, I used to sing this to him. This was one of the only songs that would put him to sleep. I put it on a CD that has since been misplaced, and I have been searching for this version ever since. Love it. :)

  72. WaltViperGillette

    Chief Wiggum Sent Me Here....

  73. POTZ123

    what year did this song come out? im a massive bobby darin fan and this is the first time ive heard this song its great!


    POTZ123  hi! good to find another "massive" Bobby Darin fan! hope you're on his FB fan pages ( Bobby Darin Appreciation Group, Bobby Darin Fan Page) , too :-)

  74. LC Writer

    I agree with Larry's comments. "Talk To The Animals" got a lot of play on WNEW-AM in New York and WIP in Philadelphia. This should have been a big hit for Darin. Thanks for posting!

  75. larrynealwaxmuseum

    Always did like this version of this song by the late, great Bobby Darin. I don't believe this song(record) by him made the national charts, but it did make the local
    top 40 rock and roll radio station's weekly survey here in OKC. Good Post.
    Larry N. Boyington, aka Larry Neal, former curator of the Wax Museum on the big 1520 KOMA