Bobby Darin - Queen Of The Hop Lyrics

Well you can talk about your Julie and your Peggy Sue
You can keep your Miss Molly and your Mary Lou
When it comes to the chicken or to doing the hop
I've got a girl they call the queen of the hop

Well I love my queen
Do you know who I mean
Sweet little sixteen
Yes that's my queen

Well she wears short shorts and rock and roll shoes
Gotta see her dance to the yellow dog blues
She's my sugar time baby
I'm her lollipop
Everybody knows I love my queen of the hop

Well I love my queen
Do you know who I mean
Sweet little sixteen
Yes that's my queen

Well she tunes into bandstand every day
To watch the kids dancing cross the USA
She don't care about a thing except in rock and roll
My baby drives me crazy when she does the stroll

Well she tunes into bandstand every day
To watch the kids dancing cross the USA
She don't care about a thing except in rock and roll
My baby drives me crazy when she does the stroll

Well I love my queen
Do you know who I mean
Sweet little sixteen
Yes that's my queen

Well that's my queen
Yes that's my queen
Well that's my queen...

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Bobby Darin Queen Of The Hop Comments
  1. Jeff Potter

    Great record ! ...I always wondered who's playing the killer rhythm guitar ?

  2. Clyde P

    Very late 1958. Mentions then-recently-popular songs, many from earlier in the year.

  3. Adrian Stoica

    Idont have to eat time but im off to bed after this song.

  4. Time To Wake Up

    Jim Croce pinched the intro of this and used it on bad bad Leroy Brown

  5. Blind dude

    Cool thumb nail. The "queen" is a hooker on the side.

  6. Andy Cunningham

    miss you cristl

  7. Mike Davin

    Rock n Roll the BEST!!!


    Teenagers theybare The Queen🙋🎩

  9. city zen

    Love that bass player in the black swimsuit.

  10. 925stefan

    Thank you for a great songand all these wonderful women👍👍👍


    A great rocknroller track!!!!Bobby had it all!!!!

  12. Tonetwisters

    Very first 45 I ever bought. This song drove me bonkers ... I think it was that rhythm guitar ...

  13. Joseph Kane

    Angela McLeod will always Be My Very Own Queen of The Hop

  14. Frans Dielis

    Those were the days !

  15. Frans Dielis

    Back to MY future!

  16. TheOldiefreak

    That's Rock'n'Roll !!!

  17. Eddie Parker

    EddieParker now that’s take me back wow 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😀😀😀

  18. William Larson

    Like this! a lot! Thanks!

  19. Raimund seewind

    Great music

  20. Anthony K

    Great track and some great old clips. Shoulda stuck with them..The newer ones are shit.

  21. James Roper

    Can't go wrong with that rockabilly sound.

  22. James Langdon

    pat molitari queen of the hop

  23. Bill Huber

    That's rock n roll . this "rock" music today can take some lessons from the 50s .

  24. Einar-Roald Jensen

    This is MUSIC!

  25. Darryl Evans

    The great Bobby Darin now this rock n roll Queen of the Hope


    What may be most joyful than singing &dancing rock and roll💃🏿🤩🤓🙋❤️

  27. James Langdon

    pat molliteri ab queen of the hop allways

  28. Frans Dielis

    These beautiful chicks on the photos are granny’s now !

  29. Joseph Kane

    another hit single from Bobby Darin as it is called Queen of the Hop as it was a huge hit for him in 1958

  30. Shan Timothy

    Statutory rock


    I'm no Bobby Darin fan, but THIS is classic rock-n-roll.

    Tracy Porter

    He did "Splish Splash", totally awesome!!



  33. Paul Bengle

    Dig this song

  34. Arkadi 2354


  35. Joseph Kane

    Rock and Roll Music is to die for as it will always be with us forever and ever

  36. Eric Hauser Sr.

    song is a timeless classic...
    cool daddy video too.
    best is the ass at 0:40 to 0:43...!
    soon to be a timeless classic too !
    nice betties !

  37. vern wallen

    And on top of it all he was married to the sweetest gal on the planet.Sandra.

  38. Manuel Madrid

    rockabilly lives in new mexico at the 505 ese qvo

  39. Kyle J.


  40. Bianca Bagnolet

    c'est vraiment excellent j'aime c'est très très jolie j'aime

  41. Bianca Bagnolet


  42. Bianca Bagnolet

    c'est vraiment excellent

  43. Paul Bengle

    Super cool song, love this one

  44. Elaine Ewalt

    Hell ya! Love that vintage Rock! Great song! Great video! 👍

  45. Bianca Bagnolet

    bonsoir et merci de partager vraiment excellent

  46. Michael Schuler

    Rock'nRoll at it's best!!!

  47. ronaldt491

    Those garters and that little band of brown at top of stockings where garters were attached got a lot of boys through puberty. Didn't take much back then. Girls could wear skirts/dresses knee length, but when they sat down the little band would always show. Then someone in the late 1960s decided to invent pantyhose. Why??Why??

  48. Joseph Kane

    Angela McLeod will always Be My Very Own Queen Of THe Hop always and Forever and ever

  49. Eric Hauser Sr.

    love the 50's look!
    want a pin up girl...
    a " bettie "!
    bettie page rocks!
    thanks dude

  50. Roc Calumera

    Bobby had it goin' on, just like the girls in the slide show.

  51. Anto20220

    Et par DION di MUCCI..

  52. Jooris Prosper

    Always love rock

  53. Dietmar Aicher

    Ich bin 1957 geboren. Schade

  54. toy man

    Bobby Darin left us way too soon.

  55. Steve andrews

    aweet Lil 16/ during the summer of 1967

  56. Joseph Kane

    To Me, Angela McLeod is My One and Queen Of The Hop

  57. christopher dawson

    This and Splish Splash 1958 freakin fabulous. he went on to other stuff, lots of it, but those two are my favs!!!

  58. Oldworker99

    The good song! I'm the same age as Rock&Roll! And I'm can dance it UP NOW! I'm in good form!

  59. Muziekgenot

    Timeless really good music never dies

  60. RobertRichard45

    Grande Bobby Darin, we miss you+++

  61. Joseph Kane

    Angela McLeod will always by My Queen Of The Hop as she would love it very much so just as I do

  62. D Zilla

    Bobby too bad. Not forgotten. Rock on. "Queen of the Hop". Fucking 'A'.

  63. wrotenwasp

    Man, one of the best things I dig about 50s rock and roll is that screamin sax. Why the hell can't music even remotely sound like this anymore?

    Christopher Murphy

    We've lost something.

  64. patriot patriot

    The sexy girls in the 50's didn't have tatoos.


    they do now DADDY 0

  65. Ramiro Oporto

    Siempre te recordamos Bobby, eres grande..!!

  66. michael brigg

    Top Notch R&R.

  67. Cindy Mason

    I love Bobby singing this song but I don't like the video pictures and I don't think Bobby would have approved it either. They don't look like sweet little sixteen.

  68. Joseph Kane

    Just One of the Very Best singles by Bobby Darin as it is called Queen Of The Hop as it came out around 1958 such a real feel good single by the great Man himself

  69. Joseph Kane

    Another Great song by the Great Bobby Darin Called Queen Of The Hop as it was hit in the U-S Chart for him in 1958

  70. John Osborne

    Gonna use this song for a screenplay i am writing, its gonna captivate the boy meets girl moment

  71. SuperDino2222

    Bobby Darin was a multi-talented musical and acting genius, sadly he left us too early, RIP sweet one.

  72. alex m.

    Thanx, I forgot about this one.

  73. toy man

    Great music. Unlike the cr*p that passes for music today.

    Kevin Murillo

    I agree with you. Nowadays we have talentless people that do nothing to be a "great artist", they just use auto-tune or sing something with no sense. The music is crap compared to the last century.

  74. RockSlide

    Thanks for most of the cutie pics. The women (girls) were not pretending to be men back then.
    Request: Please change the thumbnail pic you're using on YouTube. The girl on the left side in front of a car who is posing in her panties looks like a quick service prostitute. Rather disgusting portrayal of a woman. Women deserve more respect than that caricature.

  75. john cook

    girls had hairy bushes in those days!!!!!!!!!

    Ron Mifsud

    So did your mother...;.

  76. theathanor

    Massive Rock n Roll fan. Great stuff!

  77. Timothy Cook

    Love that Queen 😚

  78. teddy rwilliams

    78 and my feet are moving to every beat even tapping keyboard in time .wow

  79. karen marie

    Great song.

  80. kemposoefi

    So sad he died way, way too young... Thank you very much for posting and keep the legend alive!

  81. tamati kaiwai Reid

    sang this great song years ago,in battle of the bands

  82. graham bull

    Won a jive contest to this in '58!

  83. chuck dahlin

    Love to watch sweet little sixteen dance to "The Yellow Dog Blues."

  84. Aileen Lightbody

    Music like this is timeless. Rock 'n' Roll will go on forever. It's just as great now as it was back in the 50s. I wonder how many of today's hits will be remembered in 6 years' time, let alone 60!

  85. Ron Roberts


    Jim Geiger

    Because they lead you to the SWEET spot.

    Robert Bonter

    Because they were not fat slobs living on Big Macs, fries, doughnuts, and diet sodas, back then.

    Virgil Caine

    Ron Roberts
    the legs were the click bait. Viva la difference!

    Ben Covington

    What a great question!!! But they are great , aren't they?

  86. Sam Hart

    I like my music that I play for everyone

  87. 25FIREBALL

    I,hearby give all ya young whippersnappers permission to listen to MY music

  88. Joseph Kane

    Bobby Darin is one of My Favourite singers and I do love This song as it is from 1958

  89. cs100443

    great music

  90. Arlene314

    I loved this song since it was released in the 50's. Great beat!

  91. Nello Lolli

    gran pezzo !!

  92. Scott Yi

    What's do wop


    I don't create 'em.. I just copy and paste 'em

    V.P. Anderson

    Why are you asking on this video? This is not doo-wop.

    Kevin Ceniceros

    Are you serious? Well, Doo-wop is usually a mixture of Rock and Roll and Rhythm and Blues.


    Doo-wop, street corner harmony with a 50's beat. Started in African-American communities in New York, as far as I can tell.

    Denis Lessard

    they call it doo wop because african americans sang on street corners in big cities in the east. the doo wop noises were made because most of these songs were done a capala (no instruments) and the noise were done to imitate instruments

  93. John Talltrees

    To bad barry manhoe is the queen of the hop now!

  94. Cathie Morse

    great station

  95. Arlene314

    Always loved this song......

  96. Harry Hopworthy

    This record sends me into Rock 'n' Roll paradise !!

  97. Judi Rogers

    still in love with bobby darin after all these years. he was the greatest.

  98. alblues fish

    dig it thx

  99. Richard Proud

    The guy was so great and he could play anything , sing every type of music , movies , TV ---- He did it all .

    Ray Avery

    Richard Proud he was a great impersonator too !!!

    Larry Combs

    I read an article about him and "Mack The Knife". It was written to be a novelty tune and his producer threw it in the garbage. Bobby picked it out and said he thought he could do something with it. I'd say he did......

    Steve andrews


    Ligatur X

    Richard Proud iiii