Bobby Darin - Once Upon A Time Lyrics

Once upon a time
A girl with moonlight in her eyes
Put her hand in mine,
And said she loved me so...
But that was once upon a time...
Very long ago

Once upon a hill
We sat beneath a willow tree
Counting all the stars
And waiting for the dawn
But that was once upon a time,
Now the tree is gone

How the breeze ruffled through her hair
How we always laughed
As though tomorrow wasn't there...
We were young
And didn't have a care
Where did it go?

Once upon a time
the world was sweeter than we knew
Everything was ours
How happy we were then
But somehow once upon a time
Never comes again...

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Bobby Darin Once Upon A Time Comments
  1. grooverunner

    With just a few physical body movements, Mr. Darin conveys all the emotion in Lee Adams' lyrics, and then some. That is a very special gift.

  2. Michael Kayfes

    If i had to pick the greatest live performance i've ever seen it would be this one for sure

  3. Mary Anne Schultz

    As he asks the accompaniest, Roger, "once more time", one can easily hear his shortness of breath from his heart disease, lost so you (from Nurse Mary Anne)

  4. Pam Mckellar

    I would of loved to have seen Elvis sing this beautiful song ! Two great entertainer's gone to soon Bobby Darin and Elvis !!!

  5. Pam Mckellar

    Bobby was a true ladies man and a gentleman Bobby Darin is miss dearly ! What a beautiful love song !

  6. Laina Lopez

    Gosh how I miss the TV variety shows from my childhood of the 1960s through 1980, they were always so entertaining and golden nuggets such as this could be found from show to show, week after week...

  7. Vanessa Rodriguez

    That's my song ....

  8. Jeff Smith


  9. improcat1

    Once Upon a Time this was popular music.

  10. Roger Sweet

    Roger on piano....Wonder who he is ...which Roger. ? And is there a photograph of him please!?

    Diana Rolph

    Roger Sweet Apparently Roger Kellaway

    Roger Sweet

    @Diana Rolph Thanks..Where did you find Roger Kellaway?

    Diana Rolph

    Oh it's on this chat page somewhere if you look through it! Also I had heard of Roger Kellaway re Bobby Darin

  11. Sonny Campise

    She was the most beautiful girl in the world, and yes it will never comer again, a girl like her only comes once in a life time...

  12. cnniz fakenewz

    They can’t do it like this anymore.They don’t have that kind of talent.

  13. Nancy Adcock

    This is absolute perfection..ok now I’m speechless 😢💕

  14. Nancy Adcock

    This so beautiful, sad, heartbreaking. You can tell he felt every word of this. He had and has no equal . Love and miss him so much😢💕

  15. Robert Carter


  16. M.J. Leger

    Why do all the great artists leave us?  Bobby was so talented, he could do it all, write lyrics, compose music, play instruments, do impressions, even had the moves on the dance floor, as least as much as his ailing heart would let him.  Gone at 37, what a loss!  Thankfully, he left us with some of his recordings so we will never forget him.  He lives on!

  17. Pattie Richards

    Well, he’s been there

  18. mel clo

    While he catches his breath, oh my goodness then he sings like an Angel the poor love

  19. David Harvin

    Good song. Tony Bennett did the all time best version.

  20. oldwestguy

    Simply the best at what he did, which was entertain with every fiber of his being. Bobby Darin didn't simply sing a song, he embraced it. In turn, his audience shared in the energy and warmth that resulted from his unique brand of song styling. He was one-of-a-kind... none better before or since.

  21. lance ball

    Like everybody, I have heard many renditions of this song by many of my favourite vocalists, never comparing, as I appreciate the uniqueness of each version. However, I have to say Mr. Darin’s presentation touches my heart like no other. His soulful expression here is to me, incomparable. Sadly, his genius has become more acknowledged since his passing, like others in history. We have realized what we lost. A brilliant artist who was with us for such a short time.

  22. dichambers

    I wonder if he is thinking about Connie or Sandra. Two great love stories.

  23. graham smith

    The very best. Sadly missed.

  24. Kathleen Cerone

    Amazing rendition of one of my favorite.Songs💘
    Sentimental galore. R.I.P. Bobby Darin 💔🎶💔🎵💔

  25. Norm Murr

    Could it be sung better ?? Oh how I remember my once upon a time so very, very long ago.

  26. Time To Wake Up

    Hi Jan. I just wanted to say I love your channel and all the hard work you put into sharing these videos with us. I hope you don't mind, but someone recently published this same performance only in higher quality with no static. I want to share the link here, but also wanted to get your permission before I do. I don't want to disrespect you in any way. I'm a massive Bobby Darin supporter, he's my favorite all time entertainer. I simply want to share this incredible remastered recording with all of you. Please get back when you are able.

  27. fedupwithusernames52

    Such a beautiful and sad song. I swear he's thinking of Sandra Dee while he sang this song. RIP Bobby & Sandra. ♥♥

  28. Shawna Weiss

    I can relate....I’m sure most people can.

  29. zills2

    no words to describe this performance except for epic.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for checking in with us.

  30. ayronsmama05

    This is my first time hearing this. I am 50yo and I am melting, love the song and this man's voice, RIP Sir!! I wonder what he was thinking, feeling during this?

  31. Shawna Weiss

    He’s regretting losing his Sandra Dee. You can see and feel his pain.

    Alan Jay

    Exactly. Regretting whatever happened between them wanting a second chance.

  32. ??? guess

    I love Bobby Darrin

    Alan Jay

    Me too.

  33. Maryjo Miller

    This is the song I have picked for our 25th wedding anniversary. Hope I make it it's 6 years away yet. Have had cancer and now it's back so I take it one day at a time and hope and pray for the best. God Bless Boddy Darin love that song.

    Alan Jay

    God bless Maryjo. Just keep trying. This song is so wonderful and you can make it.

  34. Bob Zwolinski

    Jan, one of my subscribers turned me on to this video. I loved it so much, that i did a [DES] Digitally Extracted STEREO version of it. It can be viewed here:
    If you do not approve of this, I will gladly remove my video immediately!
    Thank you for posting this masterpiece!

  35. Dottie Fortuna

    Love Bobby and I’m so glad I got to see him at the Latin Casino in New Jersey before he passed 🌹💔 He was so talented not only in singing but he played piano, drums, and what a great showman! He gave you your money’s worth and more! He was a decent actor also 🎥 Frank Sinatra didn’t like him, I think he was jealous of all his talent. I never liked Sinatra, I liked his songs but quite a few of them were written by Paul Anka. Rest In Peace Bobby, you are not forgotten 🎵 🎼 🎶 💖🌹🌹

  36. Benjamin Ponder

    Either he was born to sing this song, or this song was written waiting for him to sing.  The definitive interpretation; how can someone so young express such depth and maturity of emotion usually reserved for those of us who have lived many lifetimes?  I think of his marriage to Sandra Dee.  I think of his touch and go heart condition.  He goes right to the heart and soul of this song, and it feels like he's singing it to me.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for visiting the channel.

  37. SeekerGoOn2013

    Hey. Nice camera work and direction too.

  38. Ellen Rudolph

    Bobby Darin’s interpretation of this song is so personal & real. I think this is his love song & regret to Sandra Dee.

  39. T Dunph

    What a talent. What a voice. So underrated it isn't even funny. RIP Bobby Darin

  40. Pam Mckellar

    A true ladies man !

  41. Sunlight

    Nobody even comes close to Bobby Darin and all that he accomplished in his short life. A true genius in every way and an absolutely breathtaking performance of this song. It simply doesn't get any better than this.

  42. Jade Zee

    this is great great song..but better song by someone with age....listen to Sinatra sing it when he was 50 and understand how it is to sound.
    this is NOT a good performance...

    Jan Hammer

    At 50 Frank still had many years to live. For Bobby time was short and he knew it.

  43. Holly Drucker

    Tragic he died before he really had a chance to live. Much too early😰

  44. Rob Cairns

    Andy Williams version is superb and worthy of constant playing, but Bobbys rendition with knowing he's probably thinking of Sandra Dee is just on another level and has me in tears.

    Hazel Robinson

    Simply the best! If you have a heart you can't help but be moved by this song. Bobby knew he was living on borrowed time so he always gave 100%. Bless you Bobby may you rip.

  45. W.J. SKIP Coughlan

    66 Negatives.....REALLY...…..You must like today"s Garbage......So Why are you here??????

  46. Mikel Alatza

    As good as it gets...

  47. Kent Allen

    Bobby Darin, what a class act. I love his vocals on this masterpiece. So melancholy and breathtaking.. He transport you back to a innocent past...

  48. Ken Riccio poems

    oh my god .. absolutely unreal! Bobby Darin

  49. M L I

    That Microphone gave him hell through the entire show.

  50. Marilyn Stevenson

    Bloody hell...Tears again!!!

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks Marilyn for tuning in.

    Marilyn Stevenson

    @Jan Hammer Hi Jan..It's always a pleasure!! Cheers. Marilyn...

  51. Carol Ashurst

    What a beautiful but melancholy song... sung by a great man taken way too soon...

  52. murp h

    A treasure.

  53. carpediemfriends

    This classic song live by Darrin is absolutely heartbreaking....perfection.

  54. Erna Sharp

    Simply gorgeous! So moving,,,❤

  55. Phyllis Clarke

    What a beautiful and poignant song, sung by a Master.
    So thankful that moments like these are preserved and can continue to bless us.

  56. Baby Bunny

    This song is at once beautiful and sad. And I both love and hate it for how it makes me feel!
    Booby seems to be barely holding it together here 😢😭
    And I have to say, for your sanity, NEVER listen to this song when your loved one has passed on! Or after you've been rejected or divorced.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for checking in with us.

  57. Marilyn Stevenson

    Arranged by Shorty Rodgers!!! That is something!! I also think it shows respect, by Shorty, of Bobby's talent..

  58. L Knighting

    Blessed !

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for tuning in.

  59. George Swift

    I guess we all can relate to this song!

  60. Marilyn Stevenson

    God!! I'm actually in tears..and I have heard Bobby sing this many times before!!! Gootube3526..""The final acceptance"" was part of how you described Bobby's rendition of this beautiful song...Yes, it Was..I have the dvd of this show, purported to be the last concert Bobby gave. He died later that year..As Bobby is thanking the audience, before he walks offstage, look into his eyes. He is, without vanity, soaking the audience up.....almost, most probably, as if he knows that he will never perform again. Bobby died towards the end of that year. So, yes, was the final acceptance. How cruel life is...Miss you, Bobby...

    Marilyn Stevenson

    @HBMC drop me a line to tell me if you got it!!! Sad, eh!!! He does a wonderful routine on vibes!! And I thought Hampton was good!! Man!! Do you ever remember, in the ral early days, seeing Bobby do his little ..I call it a ""4 step""..when Bobby sang Mac...He does this little dance routine, on the ""Look Out Old Mackie Is Back"" It was his trademark at the time...then, unfortunately..he dropped it!! I think it was still ""smooth"" enough for his Tahoe shows..etc!! It was pure Bobby..And I cant find a video with this in it!! There is one when he is on Jack Parnell's show in the UK...but his feet are below the screen..Damn, he was fine!!!

    Marilyn Stevenson

    @HBMC You've really got me on a wonderful Bobby bender!! I dug out (they should be on top!!) two 45's I bought yeeears ago..Lovin you and Amy on one 45 and Down So Long and Treat My Baby Good on the other disc.. special!! But, then, Bobby was special..and always will be..jam session!!!


    @Marilyn Stevenson Thank you very much Marilyn!

    Marilyn Stevenson

    @HBMC Enjoy him!! as I know you do..tears are allowed!!! Marilyn

    Marilyn Stevenson

    @HBMC It's a pleasure...Do what I do..shed a few tears..I know you will..cheers

  61. Nora Qudus

    I remember when radio stations played more than just one genre of music, I am happy to have heard these in my formative years

  62. Janet Coombes

    I visit Graceland every year , I wish there was somewhere I could go to say thankyou to Bobby for all the pleasure he has given me.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks Janett for tuning in.

  63. Reever

    You tend to forget the most beautiful songs written until you hear them again. This is one. Checking who wrote.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for tuning in.

  64. Penny Richardson


    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for visiting the channel.

  65. Norm Murr

    I remember that time well.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks Norm for tuning in.

  66. Metal Power


  67. Cindy

    A beautiful song sung so meaningful by the sadly missed Bobby Darin.

    Jan Hammer

    Thank you for visiting my channel.


    @Jan Hammer Thank you for this very lovely sentimental song by Bobby Darin

  68. fresh air

    I wish i was born earlier to be there ... watch him live

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for tuning in.

  69. Darryl Palmer

    So fine, such feeling, tenderness

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks Darryl for tuning in.

  70. Diane M

    A great star 🌟

  71. Scott Wichmann

    Absolute perfection. Thank you for uploading this. Just a magical performance by a once-in-a-lifetime talent.

  72. mona2242

    Bobby sang this from the heart. I truly believe every note/ word he sang. He’s telling us his love story.💕

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks Mona for tuning in.

  73. Maria Lupe Melendez

    What a beatifull voice missed every day!! Abuela Lupe

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks Maria for tuning in.

  74. jane homes

    I love this song I will go to the cemetery and play this song for the one I used to know miss you Michigan

  75. jane homes

    Bobby Darin has this song Hands Down

    Jan Hammer

    He does own it. Thanks Jane for tuning in.

  76. Marissa Dower-morgan

    Killing me softly

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks Marissa for tuning in.

    Marissa Dower-morgan

    @Jan Hammer My favorite song when I was a child ..strangely it reflects my real life

    Jan Hammer

    @Marissa Dower-morgan Thanks Marisa for tuning in.

  77. Janet Coombes

    Jan Thanks for all these wonderful Bobby moments you have given us X.x.x.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks Janet for tuning in. He was the real deal.

  78. jane homes

    Who could ever put a thumbs down

  79. jane homes

    He's got this song no one else does

  80. jane homes

    Once Upon a Time there was a boy named Bobby thank you universe and God for all the good times we had and thank you for Bobby Darin the best singer wish you could have stayed a while longer

  81. Brian Ward

    Fabulous song, fantastic rendition! What a pity he died so young...... Hey, Edgar Allan Lovecraft, I know a joke about someone walking into a bar but it isn't Bobby Darin....

  82. FIFA CJ16

    I wish he hadn’t died so soon it some times makes me really sad when I see his last album I just feel like I have an emotional connection to him because I sing and play bass and I play with my dad and we do most of his song

  83. L Knighting

    Beautiful rendition.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for tuning in.

  84. Janet Coombes

    Even Elvis could,nt have sung this better than Bobby did. he greatly admired Bobby himself,!! ! !

  85. sjtom57

    So many memories listening to this, both happy and sad.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for checking out the channel.

  86. John Smith

    I can feel his sadness.😔

  87. HobbyAddicts

    I need this on vinyl!

    Jan Hammer

    It was probably recorded by Bobby. You might google his discography. You might find an album there.

  88. Earle Rice

    I shall always love you Jan. We had this exact feeling and love for each other "Once Upon a Time". "All my love, all my life" Earle

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for checking in with us.

  89. Kate Eisen

    Heartbreaking to know that he was literally struggling for every breath. When he went off stage they had oxygen at the ready. He is struggling to sing this beautiful song and it makes it that much more poignant.

  90. Enzo Music

    saddest song I know! I must sing it in my band!!!

    Jan Hammer

    Enzo send us a link to your music.

  91. Pam Mckellar

    Bobby darin was a ladies man ! A beautiful song bobby sing this song better than anyone could do it you know !

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks Pam for tuning in.

  92. Christine Cummings

    Tony Bennett did this song much better

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for tuning in.

  93. Elizabeth Margot Otarola Gonzalez

    Bobby canta con el alma se le nota su emoción en sus ojos que maravilloso cantante como te admiro

  94. Benno Salz

    After listening to Mr. Darrin singing Once upon a time, one could cry the whole night. Seldon have I heard such a sad and tragic performance. What a loss. Goodbye Mr. Darrin.

  95. SvendBosanvovski

    What an artist, and what a great song this is. Co-written by the team who brought us Bye Bye Birdie, reprised at the end of final season of Mad Men with the delectable ingenue, Anne Margaret gazing into the camera's eye while she dances in free form. Hall of Fame inductee, Lee Adam, wrote the moving lyric. They are both still with us in their 90s as far as I know. I'm sure Bob Dylan reviewed this for his equally moving version on the Triplicate album. You can see him singing it to Tony Bennett on YouTube in similar style.

    Jan Hammer

    Ah those were the days.

  96. LadyAnne

    ***Bobby Darin love him his style always***** ****once upon a time****..and.***it all ends***__