Bobby Darin - Irresistible You Lyrics

Irresistible you, my heart has gone to you
And while I resist, I'll be irresistibly drawn to you
I know from the first it was so
I was caught in the undertow from the moment we kissed

Irresistible you, you're in the heart of me
And your magic eyes seem to magnetize every part of me
I'm yours my heart and I insist, for we don't want to resist
Irresistible you

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Bobby Darin Irresistible You Comments
  1. M.J. Leger

    What a gigantic talent this guy was! He could do it all, play a few instruments, compose music, act, do impressions, dance a bit, sing like crazy and was a just all-around nice guy. We miss him and hate that he was taken away so young at age 37, the world lost a great guy.

  2. Rita Malik

    Mercey, I was born the wrong time, bobby Dari , sam Cooke, plus and all in the wrong era for me to have had a chance

  3. Rita Malik

    For the fifties that’s a perfect hair piece

  4. George Bradley


  5. Le Gamer

    Pub speculos lotus 2heure que je la cherche et just irresistible you

  6. MICHAEL R Fitzgerald

    An unabashed Ray Charles knockoff.

  7. hategreed1

    MAGNIFIQUE! Fantastic job on your video, thanks for uploading this BEAUTIFUL recording.

  8. Zackarie Delacroix


  9. dewkitty

    <3 Bobby

  10. Carl Hathaway

    Your magic hands
    Your loving eyes Your kissable lips
    Make my heart realize
    I'm in love I'm in love
    And I know it's true
    Cause who wouldn't fall for irresistible you

    Well I don't know what you've got
    But it's got me Baby I'm hooked
    Like a fish in the sea
    You make angels fall from above
    You could make the devil fall in love
    And who wouldn't fall for irresistible you

    Oh come on
    Let's dance a while I want to talk
    I want to talk to you child You've been blest
    And you're much too much
    But there's a wonder of a love You don't touch

    Now don't you fret
    Don't you worry bout me cause I'll never forget
    How much you mean to me
    I love you I love you
    My whole life through
    Tell me who wouldn't fall for irresistible you

    Let's twist a while

    Don't you ever fret
    Don't you worry bout me I'll never forget
    How much you mean to me
    I love you I love you
    My whole life through
    But tell me who wouldn't fall for irresistible you

  11. 17macavalleria

    Se la nuova generazione  di artisti ascoltasse Bobby Darin, di certo cambierebbe mestiere. 
    If the new generation of artists listen Bobby Darin , certainly would change the trade.

  12. francine sete

    Irresistible lui !

  13. BonziBUDDY


  14. BonziBUDDY


  15. Vern Smith

    This song is great, so easy to dance too


    Wonderful song sung by a sexy charismatic young man……. this is REAL MUSIC by the best ever talent in the business.  Bobby swings beautifully and no one comes close, he achieved so much in his short life doing it all and some, others who live longer aren't this talented.  An awesome multi-talented guy who came from very humble beginnings….. he never forgot where he came from but kept fighting the odds every day of his life.  An absolutely awesome entertainer, showman, actor, you name it, he did it all, who's star shone brightly, gone far too soon…….  REMEMBERED FOREVER MORE 

    Kathleen Cerone

    EDITH SYMMANS : must always love & appreciate his talent/style❣️

  17. medina3118

    why is the sound muted and non existent on all video selections NOW where it never was before,can we have the sound back please .Thank You.

  18. monpetitciel

    Merci!! Je pense comme toi. Bobby Darin était et est fantastique. J'écoute ses chansons et je ne m'ennuie pas.

  19. tigreadroit

    Bravo "Monpetitciel" ; Bobby était vraiment le meilleur.

  20. Jose Alberto Figueroa

    " ...puedes hacer que el diablo se enamore"

  21. Mel A

    Great pics and song! I don't understand why so many people described him as not being good-looking... Just looking at these photos shows how GREAT-looking he was, and combined with his moves he's absolutely yummy!
    Thanks so much for putting this up.

  22. CBSEye

    Oh, how I miss Bobby Darin. Today's kids are all pretenders. Darin was the REAL DEAL. I can't thank you enough for your imaginative and lovely tribute to Bobby. It was beautiful as is Bobby's song. Had he lived, he would be receiving the accolades of say, Tony Bennett - a beloved artist and still selling outt wherever he plays. Thanks to tributes like this, Bobby Lives! - JG & CBSEye

  23. monpetitciel

    @soyuki444 I'm glad that you like it. Hugs!!

  24. monpetitciel

    @grandye20 Thanks for watching!

  25. monpetitciel

    @IngridHexerl I love the songs of Bobby Darin too! Thanks for comment and watching. Hugs!!

  26. soyuki444

    Great Job ! Beautiful pictures !

  27. grandye20

    Thank you....very nice job! LOVE everything Bobby Darin did....second to none entertainer!

  28. monpetitciel

    @stevemularz Thank you very much!!! Have a great day. Hugs!!

  29. monpetitciel

    @chrishayrider68 I'm glad you enjoy it. I think like you. Thanks for comment. Hugs!!

  30. monpetitciel

    @jolien58 I'm glad that you like it, my sweet friend. Have a fantastic day. Hugs!!

  31. monpetitciel

    @fraaaaaag Thanks for comment my dear friend. Hugs!!