Bobby Darin - I Wish I Were In Love Again Lyrics

Sleepless nights, daily fights
Quick toboggan when you reach the heights
I miss the kisses and I miss those bites
I wish I were in love again

Broken dates and the endless waits
Lovely loving with the hateful hates
Conversation with flying plates
I wish that I were in love again

No more care, no despair, I'm all there
You know I'd rather be punch drunk

Believe me sir, I much prefer
Classic battle between a him and a her
I dislike quiet and I wish I were
In love again, [?]

Furtive sigh, the blackened eye
The words, "I'm gonna love you 'til the day that I die"
The self deception that believes the lie
I wish that I were in love again

When love congeals, it soon reveals
The faint aroma of performing seals
Double crossing of a pair of heels
I wish that I were in love again

Hey, no more strain and I ain't feeling no pain
Today I'm sane but I would rather be punch drunk

Believe me sir, I much prefer
The classic battle of a him and a her
I can't stand quiet and I wish that I were
In love all over again

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Bobby Darin I Wish I Were In Love Again Comments
  1. Jorge Estomba

    Boy i liked Bobby, but the accolades sound like he was Elvis, Sinatra and McCartney all rolled in one. !!! He was an entertainer ,, very personable but
    Not a great voice.!!!!!! There were a million voices better than him during his era !!!!

  2. ImpersonationFilms

    Someone PLEASE create a Karaoke if this

  3. ImpersonationFilms

    Sinatra could never do this. No body was more talented than Bobby Darin.

  4. Diana Rolph


  5. Marilyn Michaels

    a great performer... great!!!!!

  6. Steve Smith

    Bobby Darin with the Count Basie Orchestra backing him up on a Rodgers & Hart classic. 20th Century classical music!

  7. SukeyTawdry06


  8. Jonathan Jackson

    This was the same episode he record with The Supremes on Rogers and Heart Today in 1967

  9. hategreed1

    The GREATEST live performer of all time. THANK YOU for uploading this, C Ying Ho.

  10. Melissa Noel

    Any idea what year this is from?

  11. Kathleen Cerone

    Look at the smile on the count's face...diggin it ! K.C.


    Totally classic Bobby Darin with the wonderful Count Basie Band looks like in the back of him.... This is exceptional, as always Bobby really knew how to tell the story in song always drawing you the picture using his expressions and movments adding to the entire picture.... Bobby's cheeky smile and killer eyes just made all females go totally weak at the knees no mater the age.... I have never known any other entertainer who held such enormous presence on stage, in front of a camera or in person that Bobby Darin has.... Bobby the master genius with multi-talents who far out shone all others in the business, leaving them all in his wake.... This is a total master piece and I never get bored listening to Bobby Darin, if you listen to his songs not one of them is ever sung the same, always a little different, BRILLIANT... Bobby was the first to remix his songs...
    Thanks for posting this gem, totally awesome stuff.... RIP BOBBY DARIN XO XO

  13. tigreadroit

    With the Count Basie Band !!!