Bobby Darin - I Am Lyrics

I have left the seed of life
From South Hampton to Singapore
And if tomorrow morning comes
I guess I'll leave some more

I'm a captain without an ocean
And a lover without emotion
And a monk free of devotion
But I am, most of all, I am

I have worn the country's colors
In a thousand different ways
I have won the game of life
Upon the table which it plays

I'm a sun without a setting
And a tear without regretting
I'm a mind full of forgetting
But I am, most of all, I am

Forgive me while I kiss away
This thought that's in my head
But it's the only proof I have
That this old man ain't dead

I'm a robin without its wings
And a song nobody sings
To the ivy no one clings
But I am, most of all, I am

Yes I am, most of all, I am

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Bobby Darin I Am Comments
  1. Hazel Robinson


  2. Adrian Stoica

    Off to bd after this song

  3. David Chernofsky


  4. Zenon Kolacz

    Beatuful song , beautiful voice!

  5. hategreed1

    The GREAT one wrote this, as so many others.

  6. LPmit Paul 0707

    this version sounds slightly different from tge lp-version. can that be?

  7. Karen E

    One of my favorites. I've loved Bobby Darin since 1958. He's incomparable. This song rivets me.

  8. Hanspeter Weinmann

    I dont care about the pic, just happy to hear this beautyful tune which I never heard before, thanks