Bobby Bare - Winner Lyrics

The hulk of a man with a beer in his hand, he looked like a drunk old fool
And I knew if I hit him right, why, I could knock him off of that stool
But everybody they said watch out, hey, that's the Tiger Man McCool
He's had the whole lotta fights and he's always come out winner
Yeah, he's a winner.

But I had myself about five too many and I walked up tall and proud
I faced his back and I faced the fact that he had never stooped or bowed
I said, Tiger Man you're a pussycat and a hush fell on the crowd
I said, let's you and me go outside and see who's the winner.

Well, he gripped the bar with one big hairy hand then he braced against the wall
He slowly looked up from his beer, my God that man was tall
He said, boy, I see you're a scrapper so just before you fall
I'm gonna tell you just a little 'bout what it means to be a winner.

He said now you see these bright white smilin' teeth. you know they ain't my own
Mine rolled away like Chicklets down the street in San Antone
But I left that person cursin', nursin' seven broken bones
And he only broke ah three of mine, that makes me the winner.

He said, now behind this grin I got a steel pin that holds my jaw in place
A trophy of my most successful motorcycle race
And each morning when I wake and touch this scar across my face
It reminds me of all I got by bein' a winner.

Now this broken back was the dyin' act of a handsome Harry Clay
That sticky Cincinnati night I stole his wife away
But that woman she gets uglier and she gets meaner every day
But I got her boy, that's what makes me a winner.

He said, you gotta speak loud when you challenge me son,
'Cause it's hard for me to hear
With this twisted neck and these migraine pains and this big ole cauliflower ear
And if it wasn't for this glass eye of mine, why, I'd shed a happy tear
To think of all that you gonna get by bein' a winner.

I got arthritic elbows boy, I got dislocated knees
From pickin' fights with thunderstorms and chargin' into trees
And my nose been broke so often I might lose if I sneeze
And son, you say you still wanna be a winner?

Now you remind me a lotta my younger days,
With your knuckles a clenchin' white
But boy I'm gonna sit right here and sip this beer all night
And if there's somethin' that you gotta gain to prove by winnin' some silly fight
Well okay, I quit, I lose, you're the winner.

So I stumbled from that barroom, not so tall and not so proud
And behind me I still hear the hoots of laughter of the crowd
But my eyes still see and my nose still works and my teeth're still in my mouth
And you know I guess that makes me the winner...

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Bobby Bare Winner Comments
  1. Trish McLemore

    Man Shel Silverstein wrote SO MANY different types of music. ❤ And Bobby Bare does this one justice 🧚‍♀️

  2. Ruth Boykin

    This song has always been a winner! Thanks!

  3. james frost

    I got into a fight with a mountain in 2012 after a motorcycle accident, it broke 18 of my bones but im still here, i just cant walk, i dont know if I'm a winner but i havent seen that mountain walk either so its a toss up ;) lll

  4. Fred Rosen

    Know what? What is fascinating is how this song by Mr.Bare affects all of us from different backgrounds.Bobby is great and extant.

  5. Bill Hale

    My brother John passed away used to play this song for me all the time he called me the winter

  6. Uncle Jim's Tarot

    You can fight for anything you feel like fighting for. If it is important to you, then it is important. Why do we always try to impose our "opinions" on others.

  7. Kevin Strong

    Shove all these tRump ads. Cheeto Christ!

  8. Janet Farris

    Wow. Bobby I never tire of you and your music. Lovin you

  9. Lacey Hobbs

    If it werent for bobby we wpuldnt have had waylon and other legends he is great huh

  10. Lacey Hobbs

    If it werent for bobby we wpuldnt have had waylon and other legends he is great huh

  11. Brother Mutant73

    Song my dad loved.

  12. Joyce Clary


  13. James Cole

    We love Bobby awesome thanks

  14. Griffith Harland

    "This Guy actually gets Naked as he Sings."

  15. Chrris Smith

    No offense Jason aldean but this is country music.

  16. Bill Olenick

    When I was a timber faller and a commercial fisherman I enjoyed a little fistcuffs on a Friday night,if I didn't have a women.This song made me think twice in later years

  17. Danny Walker

    When country music was country music . Not these nasal rhymes about hogs, dogs, and logs ,frogs set to a bumping beat .

  18. Toni House

    Bobby Bare rocks.

  19. westbender 820

    Check out that sweet pedal steel in the background.

  20. Audio Maverick

    When you realize boomer has less teeth than you to lose :P

  21. Jesse Montgomery

    I'm not a winner. I haven't won the white color way and I haven't won the blue collar way. I haven't won the prison way. I haven't won the street way. I haven't won the family way. I won the slacker way. Still a slacker. Life long slacker. I've been told I'm the poor mans Batman, the poor mans Christopher Gray, the hardest working lazy person somebody ever met, a complete contradiction in every aspect of my life, the most joker of my friends joker friends. Still I've never followed through on any of my jokeresque words and I would be honored if my greatest accomplishment in this life was to cause 7 billion people to starve to death. :) Only people that should be walking this earth are Human Beings and human beings hunt for their own food they aren't farmers they don't live off farm food. They are hunters and only hunters should be alive on this earth.

  22. Daddy O

    Song changed my way of looking at things!!

  23. Steve Hill

    I was born in Ironton, OH and I know Bobby lives out in Pedro, I moved away when I was a kid and moved back in the late 90's to Ironton. Was no jobs there to be had, I partied and enjoyed the time when I was there. Love the Sand Bar and T&A, not sure they are there now. But I am back in Logan County instead of Lawrence. Bobby is a GREAT singer/songwriter old enough to be my dad. God Bless ya MR. BEAR, You made a Big mark in the music industry in the hometown I call my own.

  24. Bobby Wallace

    I know as I write this most will not believe me. But when it comes to fights I have always been the winner. This song is exaggerated of course, but I do have arthritis in my neck, shoulders, upper back, and my hands. I have scars all over my body, but no broken bones from people anyway. I had a horse stomp my ankle and I have a metal plate and 6 screws holding my ankle together. Log splitter smashed the end of my finger. I'm not saying I can't be beat, just haven't tangled with the person or persons who could . Here is my facebook page to see my finger so you know I am truthful.

  25. Dee Russell

    My Dad went thru WWII when he came home a man and woman got into a fight in his home town bar, this song was playing, the man went out got a gun came back and shot at his wife, missed, but It hit my Dad in his belt buckle and made him vomit but he lived both, the war and the war at home, he said he was the winner!

  26. Jamie Martin

    Made my son listen to this. I love him but he has to learn.

  27. Slay Thrash

    It’s not worth it, if you know you’re a real man you have nothing to prove, to yourself or others. The way you carry yourself speaks on your manhood. The only time to fight is to protect family and yourself. Every fight could be your last, or their last. Remember that.

  28. Lynn Miller

    Sometimes it takes work and LUCK TO BE A WINNER

  29. Edgar Guerra

    I'm the winner 🤫

  30. tom cass

    Where was Bobby on Ken Burns doc?

  31. inthebriarpatch

    You gotta be careful what you fight for... you might just get it.

  32. Napalm Suicide

    Bar crawlers have some stories. We start shit for no reason, then ponder why people start shit with us.
    Im a loner, I just hate when there are more of them than me.

  33. J G

    hey america, are you tired of all your winning yet

    stephen sewell

    MAGA 2020

    J G

    stephen sewell

    He’s a crook

    stephen sewell

    I will have to send you a future reply November next year. Our infastructer is lovely dovey here in Canada. Canada votes this week...go Coservitves(R)

    J G

    stephen sewell

    Uh ok 👌🏼
    Stfu about our politics then you damn Canadian

  34. John Wayne

    “ I got her boy! That makes me the winner “ 😂

    Steven Yourke

    John Wayne This song is simply brilliant! One great line after another! Cracks me up.

  35. John Gannon

    great song

  36. Darryl Denson

    Bobby........what a story. Doesn't get any better.

  37. Stephanie Reynolds

    This fellow I once was fool enough to fall for thought he'd found himself a sugar momma... I dumped his sorry lazy ass (took me longer than it should have), and, the last I heard he had his hat in one hand and his dick in the other.

  38. Carl A

    Bobby was a real Winner.

  39. Don Vernon

    God,country and Family is what's worth fighting for!!

  40. Bayan1905

    You'll learn a lot more from the fights you lose than you win.

  41. William Thieshen

    Bet I'm the only one reading this post (except.Beverly) whose ever heard of Pedro Ohio I used to haul Firebrick out of there going to the steel mills in Pittsburgh pa,also nearby South Webster.Didn't know Bobby was from there!

  42. David R. Davidson

    I heard this Bobby Bare tune for the 1st time a month ago on my local classic country station. Love it!

  43. vwalsh63

    Let's put the "O" back in country

  44. Jaymie Massey

    mr Massey R usd

  45. Steve Graham


  46. willieboy3011 Jonas

    Great ole song by a heck of a singer. Like so many old Country Music songs, there is more truth than fiction taught.

  47. Parallels and Tangents

    Listening in 2019

  48. Linda Dustin

    The Winner that describes our Prez Donald J Trump, an unlikely hero but a hero neverthe less.

  49. Country music Cattlerest-

    Great song Thanks for the memories

  50. John Gannon

    great song

  51. Kriss Wegemer

    First time I heard this song I was 14. 44 years later its still funny as all get out.

  52. Leroy Jenkins

    This is real country

  53. Thad Dronen

    If you don't like this song you are a punk bitch

  54. William Robbins

    I haven't heard this song in five years... I can still hear the pop and crackle of the needle on the record.

  55. Ron Verbeek

    I crashed a race car at 160 mph and lived, , I'm a winner

  56. Lionel Ducote

    Never been in a fight, Close as hell but no cigar.

  57. Big Bubba

    But that woman she gets uglier, and she gets meaner every day. But I gotter boy, and that’s what makes me a winner. LMAO

  58. Troy M Wenzl

    Right on!!!

  59. Beverly Collingsworth

    Bobby Bare is my father's first cousin but I have always enjoyed his music..i just wish l could shared some of the songs my dad and him sang to

  60. Beverly Collingsworth

    Bobby Bare is my father's first cousin and grew up with my father Edward Collingsworth and his brother and sisters went to a one room schoolhouse in Pedro Ohio and grew up dirt poor and preformed for his classmates with a 12 dollar guitar from Sears and Robuck and always knew he wanted to preform! But a true down to earth country boy who says yes ma'am and no sir..he is loved for more than his music but the awesome individual he truly is❤

    Darrell Somers


    Gary Kerns

    A true credit to the human race! I say "grace", "ma'am" and "sir", and address any adult I don't know very well as Mr. or Ms, (their last name) and whoever ain't into that I don't give a damn. BTW, I'm 56 y/o.

    John H

    enjoyed the back story :) thanks

  61. Brent Eling

    6'8 400 lbs. Never started a fight, never lost one. God bless the idiots who tried.

    Calvin LayPort

    Only 165 never started a fight in my life but I've never backed up either infact most fights iv ever been in Was over some one else getting bullied I had 5 older brothers and yep by 14 through out of school but I'm game to the bone and the best friend a person could ask for I treat people with respect because when I was a child if you said yes in stead of yes sir you got slapped in the mouth the last fight I was in was at a boat ramp in Arcadia Florida with a man that was at least 240 he had been out of prison for 13 days i told the man I don't know you why you want to jump on me he said it was because I was friends with a man he didn't like but it was because he was so much bigger then me that's what all my fights we're over I know that so we tied ass but there was about 50 people there and you just can't win a fight if you get kicked in the face if you get a man down so I had to get to my truck cause there was four on me I was bleeding broke nose one eye shut he knocked my window said next time I see you same thing I said wait here 30 minutes and you'll get your chance remember I had five older brothers when I got back 20 minutes latter all I said to my brother's no body gets in it no body for him or me when my brother Jimmy seen him he said damn bubba pick one more your size I nope him big ass is mine tonight we ran together I dropped his ass ever time I commented but I would back up and say get your shit together big bad man it's gonna be a long night for your ass Arcadia is a rodeo town and my whole family were real cow boys not wanta bes we we're on our horses before daylight 6 days a week at 15 I made the same money as a grown man cause I done a man's work all day but I was tought something that night don't take shit just stomp his head off if you get him down but I wanted to show that man I damn sure wasn't worried about him kicking my ass the last time I had a very hard punch for my size and the last time I dropped him I got to close telling him get your bad ass up and let's fight damn you but I stood in front of him to long back then prison wasn't a as easy as now they worked your ass and it showed on him nothing but swelled up all over I gotta give him that you could wash clothes on him but I was in front of him with him on his knees when he got his head clear he grabbed me by my jeans picked me up over his head and threw me in a big bead of burnt down coals from a big fire when I came out I watched the skin slid off both my arms from four arms down to my finger nails slid off and fell to the ground and he stated to laugh remember I said I'm dead game I looked at him and said you think this fight is over now it's gonna get bad well end of story I had to go through a lot of debreeing worst pain you can think of but the had to life flight his big ass to the Tampa FLA.tramma center where he was for almost 6 mouths because after he Burt me like that I bit him till he stopped breathing and sat on him and watched him each time he took a breath I'd punch him twice in what was left of his face I broak his nose caved in his check on his left side do bad his eye was hanging in his ear broke both his jaws upper and lower and fractured his right four head right above his right eye but he found out the difference between a fist and a game dog that night I'm 53 now iv never back up from a man and I want now I've got 2 son's that want either it's bread into um either you got it or you don't it's not something you can teach each morning when I shave I'm proud of the man that's looking back at me and I'm proud of my children I raised they only been in a couple of fights not like me I didn't want them to look like me because I wouldn't press charges on that man his momma and pussy as daddy did I was in court for two years over that fight because of his hospital bills I said let him get a damn job and pay his bills but I had a family to take care of so I got 5 years probation for him jumping on me because my wife begged me not to go to prison over him so I had to pay a lot of his damn hospital bills for five long years when it came time to get off in the court room I'd had enough the judge said I'm giving you five more years to finish paying those bills I had already payed 48,000 dollars I lost it right then I said no hell you ain't you can lock my ass up but I want pay another dime towards his damn doctor bills and tell him next time I'll make damn sure he's dead if he even says he want some my ass five years latter he sent me a challenge to fight again I drove 450 miles and he called like the fist he is I should of at least bet my gas money out of his so called bad ass the state attorney actually told me if you would of killed him I wouldn't of done a thing I told him I did kill him your damn hospital shouldn't of been using them damn paddles to get his heart started again because I watch they brought him in the same room I was in because I had third degree burns from four arms down and both my hand had multiple breaks but I was smiling

  62. wilfred heggart

    i love this song

  63. Mickey Bowser

    OH OH !!GOSH.

  64. Timothy McGinnis

    Song tells the truth

  65. dakota dude

    I survived a stroke. I’m a winner

    Karl Cooper

    I had a stroke Two days before Christmas 2018 , a small one. I don't a big one.

    Karl Cooper

    Don't want a big one.

    Mark Mikels

    Oct 13, 2018 for mine.

    Mark Mikels

    A year survivor. I'm a winner

    Marvin. Dewyer

    Same here i had a bad strok myself A im still alive ...keep on living as long as u can. God bless..

  66. Jen Mault

    I date a guy who could be the subject of this song...

  67. Craig Book

    Anyone who listens to this is a winner!

  68. Dave Curry

    More great lyrics written by Shel, sung by another great artist.

  69. Nathan Jacobson

    I could have made every comment, but I didn't, but I could have, so that makes me 'The Winner.'

  70. Lawrence Lewis

    I had cancer 4 years ago. Now I don't. I laugh at cancer! Finger snap in face! I'm here and I'm a winner and that's a fact!

  71. Harley Tucker

    The greatest person to came from Detroit Michigan. His songs have meaning.

    Marvin. Dewyer

    Hey im from Michigan myself A

  72. Chris Humphrey

    I realize now that I'm not the winner

  73. Jamie Martin

    Love Bobby Bare. He is a country legend and a badass.


    2018 still love Bobby Bare!!🇺🇸🍻😎

  75. Dennis Keckley

    I got her boys I'm a winner

  76. stephen sewell

    I'm a DRIVER...i'm a WINNER! Things are going to change...I can FEEL it!

  77. Craig Zeigler

    The old days.

  78. James Stanford

    A winner for sure 50 years a fan!!! We need more Bobby's, Johnny's, George's - please somebody fill their shoes!!!

    Charles Roberts

    Nobody is going to fill their shoes you can bet money on that these new country clowns can't even come close to the older group..


    Colter wall is trying his best

    Zac Monarch

    Tom t Hall is one of my favorites..can't beat the great story tellers

    Thomas Ferrusi

    @Charles Roberts ya got that right ^5

  79. Jamie Martin

    I lived long enough that now I get it. It's a damn miracle

  80. Mark Staggs

    Man what a true song

  81. Jay Weekes

    classic great

  82. Richie Ray


    Richie Ray


  83. Bryan Potter

    Bobby bare Detroit city and Miller's cave are my favorite songs

  84. Nick Miller

    Mick Taylor is the only unbeatable winner I know of (WINNER!!!!!!)

  85. Joseph Harder

    Absolute  genius. Period.

  86. Alan Hogan

    Why is thear no country music like this any more?

  87. George Bisacre

    Life is all challenges, win but the wins don't come from nothing!

  88. Mike Liner

    This song is almost to the tee of my cousin Lester. He passed in 2002.What a tough son of a bitch!

  89. Darlynne Smith

    one great music

  90. mrbeaverstate

    Yeah a bar in Lompoc California in 1978,,,that is what this song brings back to me!! Thank you Bobby Bare!!

    Den Laffoon

    Which one? Martins?

  91. Sandra Graziani

    Wow!!!!! So Cool

  92. Harv Smith

    Dam good country song right there i don't care who u are !!!!!! Some people need to learn in life n good boot in ass will get the point across !!!!!

  93. rondaleroi

    The first time I READ this was in Playboy magazine, believe it or not. Probably reached a lot of young fellas who needed its perspective.