Bobbie Gentry - He Made A Woman Out Of Me Lyrics

I was born on a levy
A little bit south of Montgomery
Mama worked in the big house
And daddy he worked for the County

I never had no learnin' until I turned 16
When Joe Henry come up the river, yonder
Law, made a woman out of me
Lord, he made a woman outta me

I used to tease Joe Henry
Guess it served me right
Wasn't long till he left me
Crying out in the night

Joe Henry had his say, he wouldn't set me free
I fear to tell everybody
That the man made a woman outta me
Lord, he made a woman outta me

When I think back to that day so long ago
I get a little feelin' on my mind
Although it hurt me there's one thing I know
When he left, he left him a woman behind

When I meet another young man
Wantin' to love and run
My mind goes back to Joe Henry James
And a heck of a job he done

Ain't no other man let me down
You see I been set free
Ever since way back yonder
When Joe made a woman outta me

Lord, he made a woman outta me
Lord, he made a woman outta me
Joe made a woman outta me
Lord, he made a woman outta me

Joe made a woman outta me
Lord, he made a woman outta me

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Bobbie Gentry He Made A Woman Out Of Me Comments
  1. Jim Gagne

    I must have been living in a cave !, why have I never heard of this woman's music. I was born in the 60's...WTF

  2. Sky Blylevin

    Sexy as all get.

  3. revup67

    simply brilliant - jammed packed with Pop/Soul/R&B and Funk

  4. George Moore

    Ok, Joe henry Musta tore than girl up. get some Henry.

  5. Tim Parker

    #MeToo,. Ha!

  6. Antonios Lambrakis

    I've never heard of her before, or about her.
    Nevertheless, I immediately liked this piece.
    She has a great voice and honest eyes.

  7. quantumthunder

    I can understand why she quit the business, but did she have to take my heart? Good on ya, Bobbie!!!

  8. Dollie

    What a sexy song.

  9. Ned Holcomb

    Man what a beautiful woman and could she sing!

  10. Frankie C

    It was an R&B hit by soul singer  Bettye Lavette BEFORE Bobbie Gentry.

  11. Teri Werda Monahan

    Wonderful music, re-digitize, it's great!

  12. Layla La Grange

    I have heard of her name for years and NOW I FINALLY know who she is!! She is AWESOME!!

  13. Dag Ingebrigtsen

    we can see that, Dag

  14. The Duckling Homestead and Gardens

    I am 46 years old so not even around when she began, bug I grew up on her music and I have always absolutely loved her voice and her songs, and Ode to Billy Joe was probably my first favorite song, and all of my life I have always gravitated towards woman with her sound of voice, so clear and beautiful but with that little rasp in there too and could sing the range that she did, oh man hearing her sing sitting around today brings back so many great memories of my childhood and my first love for music, and wow could she write a song, she brought into almost every song via the story she told!! A definite treasure to our world, one I hope to always have some way of hearing!!!

  15. danielrdrown1

    Listed by  Rolling Stone magazine( 2016) as one of the top 40 sexiest country songs of all time.

  16. Frank Fiello

    Quarry, the whole season list!

  17. Robert Smith

    I love Bobbie Gentry but this is way too pop and commercial for this song. See the Amy Madigan 'Crossroads' version. It's downright sordid, which is what rape is even if she did like it.

    Trish Marloe

    Thank for pointing me to Amy Madigan version, I don't think the censors would have let it be played back in the day....Radio was heavily screened....and radio was the main highway for songs being heard. Way different times!!!!

  18. 57timmyb

    Bobbie opened her hi energy shows with this song for many years, sauntering barefooted on to the stage in a halter top and 501's, top button undone, belting out the lyric with that unique soulful honey/whiskey voice. Those jeans had diamond buttons as she became more succesful on the Vegas stage. I seem to recall a show titled something like Jeans by Levi Struas, diamonds by Tiffany. I could be wrong but I believe those jeans are in the Smithsonian.

    Lelo Stimulous

    Use normal words.

    agent orange

    @Lelo Stimulous die

  19. Tom Thibone

    I don't see "Danny Boy" on the song list.

  20. Freedomboy006

    country soul and rock n roll! best combo

    kate davenporty

    +Freedomboy006 oh yes.

  21. David Rush

    Bobbie was fabulous.  She's been so private for so many years.

  22. Antoine Camilli

    petite blanche ftw!

  23. Mark Stolle

    incredible track

  24. danzig25

    Amazing voice.

  25. Steve Chavez

    One of the best artists I've heard. Completely underrated

  26. sharon mcmanus

    you think? Bobbie Gentry is 1 of the most under rated country/pop singers of the 1970's!

  27. warholboy

    Absolute brilliance!