B.o.B - SK8 Lyrics

Skate (Skate)...

Young nigga on my grind, but I don't (Skate)
(No I don't skate) Skate...
No I don't got no time don't make me (Wait)
(Don't make me) Wait...
(No no no no)
I don't ever go broke, don't take no
With the Mozart ride with the toast, boy you know I got a lot on my (Plate...)

Y'all niggas on my grind but I don't...

These niggas ain't really all that, tryna be on top like a cap on a bald head
Friends told me that they wouldn't cross me and they all did
I'm just getting busy killin' rappers, leave 'em all dead
All I know is us bro, fuck what y'all said
Ray 's in the jungle so my best friend 's Tarzan
Want it? Imma get it, pull strings like harp players
Young ones tryna ball, but I don't really walk near
I be grindin', I'm grindin', I'm grindin', I'm grindin', I do
Won't catch me slippin', man, they just be trippin'
They trippin', I tell em to lace up your boots
Doing what I want, don't play by the rules
I'm not a teacher, but you can get schooled
She not a lightbulb, but she can get screwed
He just be lethal when he's in the booth
I don't know people, I sit with my crew
Do get it, my right, no left
Oh yes let em know I want some more checks
My girl be trippin', I work it out like both flex
Your girl keep trippin', be askin' me for more sex
Oh, what you wanna do?
Tryna get this money, tell em follow me like vamanos
Spot em like a domino, Hit 'em with the dummy flow
This ain't the future, you got me shinin' like a dinosaur



Do tricks your honor
She get the wood acoustic, your honor
She act like she don't do shit, your honor
But she walked here like the shoe fits, your honor
And those ain't retro, she blowin' me, ex though, she sit in the Esso
Is she with you, cuz I go a prime ape in the chimp too
You Charlie errin', this hurricane fixes you
So when the cameras rollin', better act right, bitch
But side chicks only get the half-pipe, bitch
These niggas turn on you than they jack-knife, bitch
I protectin' all my green, holla' cacti, bitch
Fit you're bright, cocaine crack white bitch
Get a CAT scan all we see is pussy in you
No wonder you out here movin' so cat-like bitch
My Negro, I been on my shit though
I'm an influenza, you been on your menstrual
You ain't even understand. you ain't even on your ten toes
Boy, I just be sketchin' on your lady with my pencil
And so, Eraser broke, but if you raise a ho
Imma carve her into stone, Your Michaelangelo
Might turn her into a banking roll, turn on the channel ho



Never really rode on 4 wheels
She can ride a surfboard like a pro still
I keep the money on auto like mobile
Eat it out the box in the morning like oatmeal
Nigga I'm straight. Imma send her home before I hug 3rd base
I'm shelf, bitch. Sell like I'm on eBay and niggas want beef like the FDA
We could up these stakes, with a side of some Vino Blanco, Torpedo Launch code
Close curtains on 'em, I don't need Article
A nigga mile-high like the Denver Broncos
I'm so high, they like, "have you see where bob goes?"
Pussy weed and Presidents [x4]
Heard you hatin' on the squad right?
Well, suck my dick like its a peppermint
Wakin' up to residents, cameras poppin', Serve bands alot
[?] and art, Sir Lance-A-thot
Beatin up the block, Jay Lambo and Bob
6 Bitches, 3 legs, tarantula
But she on the tris on the [?]
She speak on her knees, on her knees
And I heard her boyfriend getting salty
Cuz she keep my cd...


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B.o.B SK8 Comments
  1. logan arnold

    I remember the mix tape this was on. It was a dope project.

  2. Erykka Kayesa

    This songs so underrated but it’s 🔥🔥

  3. Robert Pineau

    Who’s here in 2017???

  4. Mel

    Such a cool dope sick song

  5. Rys REIGNٌ

    thought that Jake Lambo was more famous.. strange

  6. joe doe

    yoo where you at?


    john doe i dont run my vevo

    joe doe

    haha not a problem man I want tot see ya more with big homie B.o.B

  7. rG vontaye

    who's here in 2016

  8. Logan Spence


  9. Go Berzerk

    Where's that super sound now?

  10. Elijah VaZ

    I remember when this shit came out bruh. On repeat af

  11. Dubble R

    this is so cold i gotta set this as my ring tone



  13. Meng lin Pan

    so damn good

  14. Infa Null

    How the hell has this only got 6k views? definitely needs more recognition.


    True #NoGenre so underated

  15. Allana Davidson

    needs more views

  16. im tang

    Good bro

  17. ya-boi-snazzy

    I expected more skate trick or better skate trick

  18. Dmytro Tkachov

    This song is on fire!!!

  19. A XP

    Sweet. Was hoping they would make a video for this nice song!

  20. Tunde Williams

    ur flow is to sick

  21. BattleShots2521