Bob Marley - Survival Lyrics

(Ow, ow-ow-ow-ow!
Ow, ow-ow-ow-ow!)
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
How can you be sitting there
Telling me that you care -
That you care?
When every time I look around,
The people suffer in the suffering
In everyway, in everywhere.

Say: na-na-na-na-na (na-na, na-na!):
We're the survivors, yes: the Black survivors!
I tell you what: some people got everything;
Some people got nothing;
Some people got hopes and dreams;
Some people got ways and means.

Na-na-na-na-na (na-na, na-na!):
We're the survivors, yes: the Black survivors!
Yes, we're the survivors, like Daniel out of the lions' den
(Black survivors) Survivors, survivors!
So I Idren, I sistren,
A-which way will we choose?
We better hurry; oh, hurry; oh, hurry; wo, now!
'Cause we got no time to lose.
Some people got facts and claims;
Some people got pride and shame;
Some people got the plots and schemes;
Some people got no aim it seems!

Na-na-na-na-na, na-na, na!
We're the survivors, yes: the Black survivors!
Tell you what: we're the survivors, yeah! - the Black survivors, yeah!
We're the survivors, like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
(Black survivors),
Thrown in the fire, but-a never get burn.
So I Idren, I-sistren,
The preaching and talkin' is done;
We've gotta live up, wo now, wo now! -
'Cause the Father's time has come.
Some people put the best outside;
Some people keep the best inside;
Some people can't stand up strong;
Some people won't wait for long.

(Na-na-na-na-na!) Na-na-na, na-na-na na!
We're the survivors
In this age of technological inhumanity (Black survival),
Scientific atrocity (survivors),
Atomic misphilosophy (Black survival),
Nuclear misenergy (survivors):
It's a world that forces lifelong insecurity (Black survival).

Together now:
(Na-na-na-na-na!) Na na-na na na! (Na na-na na na!)
We're the survivors, yeah!
We're the survivors!
Yes, the Black survivors!
We're the survivors:
A good man is never honoured (survivors)
in his own yountry (Black survival).
Nothing change, nothing strange (survivors).
Nothing change, nothing strange (Black survivors).
We got to survive, y'all! (survivors) - [fadeout]

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Bob Marley Survival Comments
  1. Kalervo Antero Nieminen

    Miksi näin huonoja äänityksiä??? Sikamaisen huono tääkin!!

  2. tom t

    man , they used top notch recording equipment - considering it was 1980 , they really captured that unique legendary voice in stunning clarity. Big Props to the Studio personell that handled they business .

  3. José bisopo Dos santos

    Vamos viajar que o reggae é espiritualidade

  4. R CartoOne

    ❤💛💚 -Some in Life Wake up, Make a Difference, and help US do the Same. Thanks Bruthe Bob ❣❣❣ The Truth is in plain sight !!! We are Governed by Wolves in sheep Clothing. Time to UNITE, One Effects All!!!! ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, ONENESS. Numbers make the Difference. Not the Greedy FEW. GOD BLESSINGS ON US 🙏One Love

  5. Adilson Santos

    Alguém ouvindo Bob em 2020?


    Concerteza meu a.igo nn pode faltar

  6. light bringer

    2020 still relevant

  7. Jean-Michel Leteuré

    Quoi 2019 ? ça te pose problème ?

  8. Bobskibrit

    Had so many good times to these songs that never die....friends, hanging out, being happy...that's Bobs music.

  9. Teiri Tony

    Thanks dja bob stay pure in the all message thanks rasta

  10. George Fernández M.

    my special fly

  11. lasmilyunamelodias

    Ah, My BOB!!!==>
    Watta MMMervelousss!!!

  12. Jimmi Stone

    This isn’t the real album

    tom t

    please expand

  13. terry rats

    que dire .bob tu m as fait vibrer quand j étais gosse dans les années 70 et bien maintenant que je suis un grand garcon tu me fait toujours autant vibrer .je suis sur que la haut tu les fait tous autant vibrer qu ici bas .respect

  14. Ally Maongez

    Robert nesta Marley

  15. Marcelo Cavane

    O melhor profeta de todos tempos Marly

  16. seigo tajiri

    ボブ マーリーは、最高だ!

  17. Carlo Altieri

    Bob Marley il più grande di tutti i tempi ❤

  18. Sebbie Vince


  19. Diana Campbell

    Bob marley has a song for every situation that you are going through these songs can't die ...such a great legend.


    For sure..

  20. Orphéo Ahouansou

    Bob Marley!!! why you leave this word ??
    for me you are always with us, for ever and ever man. The human soul will soon find the right way. Every day your songs find them reson. BIG MAN we are COMING to CHANGE DOWN BABYLONE.hope you hear me. amen

  21. Vicente Medrano


  22. All Eyez On Me * TMC *

    i spent a couple of bdays in Jamaica, but the 1st one i visited Bob Marley's resting and birth place (he and his mom are resting there). the most spiritual and emotionally phenomenal experiences in my life so far. much respect to the King of Reggae!

  23. Mike Sinclair

    Music stops at 16:22??!!

  24. Rio Grande

    Bob marley.fue enviado a la tierra del vientre de la alma colmada de ternura a ser escritor por frases canciones..que hay creador del mundo.y todo lo que existen y existirán.. para llenar alma con una solo hidrológica..ser libre..Jah rastafari

  25. Sarah Duncan

    Man can learn a lot of history in this album and the songs! Freedom comes to all Nation! Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 will be free from the butchers apron soon come!!!

  26. Maurizio Morelli

    Marley profeta del reggae

  27. Jesus ™

    I was 8 when this came out, it was always being played in my house, had such a huge impact on me. Even though at that age I had no clue about the stories behind his many of songs, the powerful nature of the music just reaches too deep to not make a connections to one's soul

    Truly timeless 🔥

  28. Vagner Silva

    Salvador BA BR

  29. Vagner Silva

    Vagner Silva o cabuloso nas escritas

  30. Vissen met Harry oosterhof

    Dit maakt mij blij als ik dit hoor komen alle mooie herinneringen weer naar boven

  31. Pensando o Brasil e o Mundano

    O Brasil 2019 precisa de BOB the best contra opressão.

    Natália Caroline

    Que opressão, rapaz? O Brasil continua sendo um PAÍS LIVRE. Aqui não é Cuba nem Venezuela.

  32. Kenneth Ronan

    Survival. Is the best song .is it not on it . An why.?

  33. Lookout4the3rdrail

    Intro 2020

    Michael A

    Pretty accurate

  34. Metal Wolf

    Good music!😄👌✌️

  35. Edrick Leon

    Buen disco ✌

  36. Patricia Puet

    Conciencia, amor y armonía. Gracias Robert por compartir através de tu música todo tu conocimiento, tus disconformidades, tu formas de ver el mundo, la sociedad, tus enseñanzas, etc. Pero principalmente por hacernos entender que debemos amarnos entre todos. Sin diferencias.
    Gracias. Me has hecho mejor persona. Vives presente en mi corazón, sé que algun buen día te encontraré, estare esperándote, alabandote. Te quiero ❤

  37. Juan Jose Calderon

    Para mi....el mejor disco de Bob le compre con 15 años y le di muuuucha caña....todos los rastas del pueblo me le pidieron ....aunque solo se le deje a 2 confianza.
    Por que ya se sabe la buena musica no suele devolverse...ya me ocurrio con otros discos y peliculas que les dejabas y costaba un mundo que te lo devolvieran .....y a veces los que volvian ....rayados y llenos de mierda

  38. Amanda wanderley

    Um continente tão rico e abençoado. Devastado pela ganância dos poderosos. A maioria dos países comandados por ditadores triste realidade.

  39. El Desdichado

    Good riddance to Mugabe.
    B.M. called it wrong on that one... no one liberated Zimbabwe.

    Still a great album and very inspiring.

  40. Durga maya Saru


  41. Taupan Skanking

    2019 is still listening to this song.

    Francesco Mazza Energie Rinnovabili

    también en el 2020... serà lo mismo.


    which song? lol

    Trevor Burkett

    Forever listening

    Trevor Burkett

    @WhyNotTruth bahaha

  42. Gareth John Copley

    The REASON BOB WAS AHEAD of his time is because he is a Prophet of GOD. Prophets go ahead and then bring the message back to the present time....THE STONE THAT THE BUILDER'S REFUSED WILL ALWAYS BE THE HEAD CORNERSTONE. REJECTION BECOMES PROMOTION OVER TIME. KEEP YA HEAD UP AND JAH BLESS YOU INDEED! ❤

  43. Strickland Parks

    Bob Marley the vessel of beautiful love. LOVE IS THE KEY TO HUMANITY

  44. Strickland Parks

    Jah Rastafari, Forever and ever

  45. Mark Eugene Lee

    Bob Marley fan from Pakistan
    Luv the album

    Karina M.

    Jah bless ya my brethren

  46. Emanoel bina cerqueira de castro

    04/08/2019 Salvador BA Brasil ❤️💛💚 bless

  47. Synchrovision Records-Coaching

    Essential! Thanks!

  48. TK Curtis

    Brother you're right, you're so right!!!

  49. Alx Vra

    I had this profound thought in my head that I was you and you were me, and we were everywhere and everything at the same time.

    Chilou sur Saône

    it's happening more and more brother

  50. Chance Roth

    The KING FOREVER in my heart,and in the life!!!!!!!!! JAH Bless youre soul!!!!!!!

    Karina M.

    go to Jamaica!!

  51. Rafael Ricci

    Melhor álbum!!!!

  52. Nobodies 2Dogbar

    Track 2 is Not from OG album...title is misleading. Lies.are.lies big or small

  53. C C

    I havent heard this is 20 years. I listened to BMW non stop as a kid in the 70'/80's. The first notes of this album took me back to me being 12 & lying in the dark on my bed with a kick ass Technics hifi & earphones. Remember the sound of a needle hitting the record. Remember....

    Mark Eugene Lee

    I used to listen lot in 90's

  54. Eloymath Djent

    Ambush in The Night!

    Mark Eugene Lee

    Ma favorite

  55. nolosha qurbaha


    El Desdichado

    So many flags...
    That's how many Somali women want their fun buttons back!

  56. Evil Pagan

    His best album.

  57. Nuoro Black

    This is my favorite Marley album.

  58. Terrie Tonka

    Bob Marley, thank you very much.

  59. judy amiotte

    Peace love happyness n a whole lot of truth. Something stywrowng sent this god. Long live bob marley n his crew.

  60. judy amiotte

    I believe in him...

  61. Rodrigo Figueroa

    Un pesoooooo tremendo

  62. Joe Flash

    The longer moments of silence in this vid are good for what?

  63. maricela alvarado

    Tell the children the truth

  64. Stofi Phuti

    Quit glad now. My spiritual healing songs right on the finger-tips. Salute to YOU TUBE salute

  65. Carlos Alberto

    Pra mim não existe e nem vai existir igual Bob sem comparações

  66. Fábio Junior

    Pedrada, perfeição tem nome ! 🇧🇷

  67. Tir Chonaill Tiger

    Music from the gut. Respect to Bob. A prophet .

    Mohammed Adams

    Bob Marley we reduce to be

  68. Henrique Costa silva

    Sempre será o melhor grande bob

  69. Raynara Rodrigues

    Bob marley......tirava .....onda ......RELIQUIA.....YESS.....OK....OK....

  70. Diego Souza

    Mano eu viajo no som do Bob gosto muito

  71. Aleksey Maro

    pooping so much everywhere

  72. stevenson mervil

    Mèsi anpil pou pataj la.

  73. Sophia SSY

    I started listening to this in 1983, I was 6. He was way ahead of his time, Legend.

    Izere Lynda

    Same here, grew up listening to this amazing man's music.

    Pitambar Baldeo

    Man die voice still living memories God bless .

  74. kochocs173

    Why there terrible remix of Top Rankin'???????

  75. maureen penner

    Sorry this guy isn’t here But still is

  76. Roger Ragoonath

    Grow up listing to marley an stil do love dem

  77. Christopher Moore

    SO much Trouble Likely Bob Very best song in skill.

    TK Curtis

    Brother you're right, you're so right!

  78. Mark Heke

    Ngapuhi hard Aotearoa

  79. Mark Heke

    Jah Rastafari

  80. BRUE TENN666

    Great drumin on the whole album,brilliant

  81. Raymond Scott

    This is not the full album.

  82. pierrette bedard

    From 7 Forest Hill where you filled my heart to Sherbrooke street in Montreal, still got the vibration strong

  83. FuriBoB natty dread

    love music onelove


    universal music for all generations, message of peace and unity. I pass the torch to my 3 month old son as my parents did with me ... thank you to this great man who was Bob Marley! 🙏

  84. Shan

    . Listen. The Babylon System is a vampire. Wow. Thanks BOB. 🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱

    macho mann randy savage

    Rothchild central banks control and own you all. There is the truth children. That is the truth. Now begin your journey to knowledge and ultimalty freedom.

  85. Shan

    I meant to say the Bassline of this “Top Ranking Version is just magical. The whole cut is real Raw studio work. They made it look easy and yet so beautifully crafted I sometimes have a feeling there is no Doubt a bit of herb and instrumental can change the world. Thanks BOB. And the wailers of course. RASTAFARI. 🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱

  86. Shan

    The Bassline on this version is just magical RASTAFARI. Thanks BOB. And the wailers of course. 🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱🇲🇱

  87. Ilaal Company

    Africa continently could not utilize in substantiating a significant political influence with the West, US in particular that was never part of the colonialist against the continent. African Americans were supposed to create Continental and racial advocacy and lobbystists group such as those established to represent other races like AIPAC. In that essence, we could have had an established and cemented significant influence in the whole west. Instead, our leaders have been blinded by hate to disguise their dictatorial and authoritarian leaderships which by far once collapsed makes them take down their respective country with them, leaving no or little chance of stable political reform or shift. They are certainly succumbed to their one eyed view of been control freak that completely misdirects them to set up strategically calculated political logical frame that is built in leaving a positive legacy behind like Nelson Mandella and Julius Narreri. Poor are we!

    macho mann randy savage

    It's rothchild central banks that own all of us.

  88. Ilaal Company

    I definitely admire this inspirational music of the Great Bob. His inspirational is guiding us all through. The no ads mode is also appreciated. We are the origins and we must Unite for the sake of our continent and people.

  89. Blade Man

    WAKE UP AND LIVE YALL RISE YE MIGHTY PEOPLE. Rise from the sleeping slumer all together NOW! !!Here's a question what does NOW spell backwards? It spells WON! !!WAKE UP AND LIVE YALL.

    Mike Toure

    One love

  90. Blade Man

    Not siding with no one person for me all of the so-called African Americans have a voice in repairing the damages of our people all who have a voice to be heard must speak out and up the question of who is willing to give their lives up huh?it's going to come the time for the necessary sacrificing of the body collectively like our for father's and mothers they gave their lives who is willing to do the same? Talking is one thing walking the walk is the ULTIMATE ACTION. NOW WHO IS THE REAL REVOLUTIONARIES WHERE THEY AT?ready to die for ADOS OUR ANCESTORS HUH?

  91. Blade Man

    This song top ranking is so ripe for today's people to hear because that's the message to every one fighting over who is the leaders of preparations we must stop it our predecessors have been fighting for us many years ago with these thieves and murders we must unite and push the lines collectively or we are doomed this goes out to sister Cornell and all who argues over who is right on the topic of ADOS. IT'S NOTHING NEW THE FIGHT HAS BEEN ON LONG LONG TIME AGO.

  92. SumnerCounty1986

    Fire that up man

  93. kobe Bryant


  94. Avi Soncino

    Why is survival missing?

  95. marcos tejeda


  96. Murari Haridas

    bitrait is very LOW here :((

    Defo Thomas

    Les visionnaires étaient avisés des années avant mais sont restés incompris
    merci pour le courage et l'engagement