Bob Marley - I'm Hurting Inside Lyrics

When I was just a little child
(little child)
Happiness was there awhile
(there awhile)
And from me, it...
It slipped one day (ay)
Come back I say

Cause if you don't come
I've got to go looking...
For happiness

Well if you don't come
I've got to go looking...
God, for happiness... happiness

Say that
Say I'm hurting
(inside) and its no...
I'm hurting
I'm hurting
Deep inside

Oh good god now

Oh hear my cry
Hear my cry
Yeah my my my my my my my cry

Been together like school children
(school children)
Then you hurt me just in vain
(just in vain)
Lord, I'm your little child
(little child)
Happiness come back awhile

Cause if you don't come
I'm go'ng a looking
For happiness
The road is dangerous

Cause if you don't come
I've got to go looking
For happiness...happiness

Said I'm...
Don't you know I'm...
I'm hurting, hurting inside

Oh I'm hurting

Who cares
Who cares

Does the one who love
Feel the pain
Feel the pain

Does the one who love
Feel the pain
Feel the pain

(been together)
Been together like school children

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Bob Marley I'm Hurting Inside Comments
  1. Ruben Cleaver


  2. Buzz Tint

    Most ppl only see external pain but internal is more severe

  3. Jimmy Reagan

    emo rap before emo rap lol

  4. Gertie Bosch

    im happy despite my pain

  5. Dylan McGowan

    My first experience with music is from Bob. My Ma would play him all the time when I was younger. The first song I remember was Kaya, when I was around 3. Still discovering new tracks from Bob 20 years later. Great song this 👍

  6. Joandre Junior

    Nice reality

  7. Pepe Perez

    Best all the time

  8. irie feeling

    Esse faixo de luz em forma de riddin eu ouvi há uns 36 anos!

  9. gamerboy101

    You know the world isn't fair when Bob Marley is sad ❤️

  10. Aesio Alves

    Como amo essa do Bob Marley, grande poeta!

  11. The Corndog Hero

    Liangelo Ball's true calling

  12. marguerite dipizzo

    !♡ I'm sad if bob was hurting, love him

  13. Roots Blh

    Blissss ! I was in need to this song for my morning .. Coffee and hash joint made it right

  14. Michael A

    Haven't heard this one till now, so good

  15. Yves Augustin

    I wonder if Donald Trump ever listen to bob tracks !

    Ethelda Dyer-Major


  16. BB Bostic

    SO tired of the deceivers.. The thumbnail reveals the ftm transgender top surgery..

  17. Habtezgi Gebreysus

    My brother passed three years ago and i,m still hurting the guy in the picture in the left side

    Inner Peace

    rest in peace

  18. Jose Loroza

    Marley sempre Bob

  19. Chrissi Brown

    I grew listening to Bob but I was about 9 or 10 and Mighty Quinn was my favorite movie... Sheryl Lee Ralph covered this song and that's how I came to know it was a Marley classic ..She did it justice and it would've made Bob proud

  20. Loi Laing

    I thought I'd heard every Bob Marley song, and then BOOM! Ok YouTube, come through with some new to me oldies.👀

  21. mimirenomeron

    First heard this on 2019

  22. mally withdabally

    I care Bob, truly💕

  23. Eddie Brock

    Im glad Jah blessesd me with the heart of a jamaican. No offence to anybody. "we be forever loving jah." Bob love jah and I hear it more and more in his songs. Roots and Culture for lyfe.

  24. Jess Murphy

    Im 17 years old and I've listen to this man since I was in the womb!! I listen to him every day to feed my soul! What a blessing on the world ❤️

  25. Monique Robinson


  26. Ismi Haidar

    Oh God.. Almost forgot this song...

  27. Kayla A Wheeler

    Such a Beautiful song

  28. Alejandro Alfaro

    who cares, who cares...

  29. Chandni Thakker

    Wow ...I literally just got off the phone with someone...I told this person " I'm hurting inside " ...once I get off the phone ..I see this as a recommendation..

    Christopher Clark

    The tech today spys on you with adverstisement...
    I pray your well beautiful god bless

    Chandni Thakker

    @Christopher Clark thank you

    Christopher Clark

    Dont worry..
    I just lost my job making 25 hr now im dishwashing its embarrasing im only 26 my birthday just past be going thru it too...keep ur

    Christopher Clark

    Head up

    Chandni Thakker

    @Christopher Clark I'm really sorry to hear that. And no I don't find that still have a job and making ends meet. That's something to be proud of. Everyting irie

  30. Amory Marchaisseau


  31. ukina knarf

    "Coz if you don't come I've got to go looking for happiness"

  32. Liam E Jones

    Good tune by bob...♡ The beat to this track

  33. The Beautiful One

    Good looking guy. He was so good looking.


    This song played at my friends funeral and he was truly hurting inside.

  35. Dr NGO

    How much emotion we carry inside of us...doesn't matter how small or big it only takes one memory to trigger it off. The wellbeing of our spirit needs nurturing everyday not just when it hurts. Jah Bless

  36. Aggro Frodo TV

    Monika, Hermann, Kev, Denise, Volker, Werner, Peter, Marc please rest in peace... It's so hard for me...


    Keep ya head up. Everything's gonna be alright. It's always darkest before the light shines.

  37. Infamous 01

    “Im ___ years old listening to this” headass😭

  38. *D&S* *LOYALTY* *82811*

    The Greatest Regea Artist of all time..Bob Marley music is timeless 💥💥💥💥💥

  39. Skip Jones


  40. Atanasio Smith

    This song by Bob Marley came up right on time, I RECENTLY lost my wonderful Godmother Helen to OVARIAN CANCER. I'm truly hurting on the inside. 😭😭😭

  41. Dani California

    I am hurting inside too 😢😢😢

  42. Cause Of Death

    Why this song is not on spotify?

  43. MAKUA TV


  44. Wadjet

    *he was a baby😍*

  45. Marian Olah

    True legend Rast a faraway

  46. planet 9

    Sometimes we dont understand
    The men we love⚘

    Dawn Young

    We will be for
    Ever loving Jah for giving us. Bob Marley we love him everlasting one love peace

  47. Peli Tongi

    Going through some shit right now and this pops up in my recommendations

    nikya moore

    Same here, but it's all to the good when I hook up with Bob❤

    nikya moore

    @Jeff Stift you're a warrior👏much love to you❤

    Fanny Bass

    There's a mystic flowing in the air...


    Same haha is YouTube recommendations some sort of witchcraft hahah

  48. Mario Enriques Zapata

    Comput-jah we live in a simulation ❤

  49. Shondale Brey

    I'm broken in small pieces

  50. Human Being

    He kind of looked like bubbles off the wire..R.I.P Bob Marley Rest In Jahs Name King your music lives on forever! Spreading love and positivity!! We love you bob

  51. Bass Da Silva

    My hero Robert Nesta Marley

  52. Yvonne Lozano


  53. Hectic Sheff

    Love bob marley never heard this song tho, love it!

    Andrew Pullen

    This is one of his rarest.

    Maybe because it's somber.

    Check out

    Guava Jelly 🐢

  54. Meli Mystic

    i wish i was one of bob’s wife

  55. Mashinani

    .. am hurting inside to listen to this and just wish that bob ws alive

  56. the Midnite Gardener

    @iraje hall
    Iraje hall hurts in the inside too guys. Him sad 😢

  57. Murna Cash

    I am sorry u hurting I am hurting more

  58. Milton Jose


  59. fernando

    lo mejor que escuche en mi vida

  60. KATRESKA [R] A n t y

    In love 😍🔥

  61. GnopKing

    Who cares?WHO CARES ?

  62. Brit Bloomthal

    Thank You.

  63. Ad Fácil

    this song had a rehearsal exhaustively and was your last rehearsal in life of Bob. According to the musicians of his group, there was a very sad mood!

  64. Xvc Wdf

    I'm hurting inside he forgot to promote the fact that Rasta is vegan and alcohol free

  65. amer aidi

    Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed...tell them you love them

  66. Bosir Maye

    This one makes me cry. Thanks Bob. You are the only one who can make man cry


    It's one of the saddest songs I've ever heard 😞

  67. ehud1983

    Hurts a little less now

  68. Moshe Kieval

    Ha piness!!

  69. maelea haze

    it’s summer time.. u know what that means

  70. xpat73

    One of his lesser known tunes, but a great track!


    I think it's by far his best imo, by far.

  71. Roger Shaw

    Me too...

  72. J V

    Lord I'm your weary child, happiness come back a while


    YA MAN its a over missed Classic

  74. Prince Wadada

    Who were the musicians on this track? Wailers? Hum... just top

  75. Exel

    L9ve jah



  77. Hershey Herneshaa

    Cause if you dont come ive got to go lookin for happiness LEGEND of all Legends

  78. Samuel Fumi

    Good men and some of people don't live long!! Jah Live 🦁🦁🦁

  79. maurice priso edimo

    Cette chanson n est pas 1 fixion, mais la vie de bob, sn histoire ttes les douleurs kil a du enduré ds sa vie , vendre des tomates, oignons savon des oranges sur l étal de sa maman à la sortie d école, celle de milliers de personne au tour de ns.

  80. maurice priso edimo

    A l âge de 5 ans cédela c rend à Kingston avec sn fils bob, 2 ans après c dernier est confié à sa tante paternelle par son père, ( gorval marley) très vite bob devient l homme à tt faire pour la vielle dame, cette rumeur remonte jusqu a sa tante maternelle, furieuse elle informe cédela quelque temps à près cédela retire bob chez la vielle dame, normal décède 1 px plus tard, 1 décès dû à son alcoolisme , cédela avais 1 lien très fort avec sn fils unique à l époque , elle insiste pour aller au services d état civil faire établir l act de naissance de bob, malheureusement elle prononce très mal Le nom Nestor l officier retient NESTA au lieu de . NESTOR

  81. Aaron Ntangalo

    The one who cares about my pains is the one who loves Me,, bless fire bless,, Bob is one of a kind

  82. Panday Pira

    In his own way Bob Marley (RIP) was a prophet to Rasta People!

  83. Oren Williams

    Rastafari Natty dread Tru to Jah cool

  84. Sonya Nicosia

    Thank you master

  85. SlaysFayAdorbs

    My first time listening i'm 13 and I love it I've been binge watching all his YouTube mixes!

  86. echolot

    one of bob's most underrated songs

  87. marcel wieringa

    when i was just a little child
    (little child)
    happiness was there awhile
    (there awhile)
    and from me, it...
    it slipped one day (ay)
    come back I say
    cause if you don't come
    i've got to go looking...
    for happiness
    well if you don't come
    i've got to go looking...
    god, for happiness... happiness
    say that
    say i'm hurting
    (inside) and its no...
    i'm hurting
    i'm hurting
    deep inside
    oh good god now
    oh hear my cry
    hear my cry
    yeah my my my my my my my cry
    been together like school children
    (school children)
    then you hurt me just in vain
    (just in vain)
    lord, i'm your little child
    (little child)
    happiness come back awhile
    cause if you don't come
    i'm go'ng a looking
    for happiness
    the road…

  88. BeenThroughTheStorm

    2019. Jah lift up anyone who wants lifting. Bring love to those who mostly need it which is the whole world. One love

  89. Bosir Maye

    Who was Bob

  90. Will G.

    This and "caution" have this sound to them so beautiful.

  91. Othman Lahlou

    Happiness Come back i Saïd👼

  92. Adam Stevens

    Very sad to see someone who spread so much love die so young. We need Bob in the world right now!

  93. Nnayed Boems


  94. kaya

    I'm a really hurting inside. Happiness never been there for me

  95. Yusuf G. Costa

    l ascolto per la prima volta.

  96. knallbrezel

    honestly, i think jo mersas cover is better