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Marude dorama no One scene
Suroo ni naru anata no kuchibiru kasundeiku
Kokoro to urahara ni tsuyogari de iu sayonara
Mada iitakunai
(Toki wo maki modoshite)

Aenai jikan ga ai wo sodateru nante
Tada no iiwake da ne
Aitai nara sugu ai ni kite hoshii no
D kedo dekinai no wa Why why why?

Otona ni narikirenakute
Anata ni aisaretakute
Nando kizutsuita tte Again again eh
Motometeshimau yasashii uso de mo
Kon'ya wa ii kara

Moeagaru honoo kokoro wo kogashite Amor
Oh eh oh eh oh
Sasayaite Te amo
Furimidashita kami jounetsu no rizumu de Amor
Oh eh oh eh oh
Mitsumeau Te amo

Sasayaite Te amo

Sugaru ki wa nai noni kisu shite hoshikute nee
Shisen de okuru kono Secret sign
Kakehikishite wa tameshiteta no wa
Hontou no junsuina omoi janai Why?

Kodomo jimita koi wo shite
Anata wo furimawashita ne
Nando kizutsuketa tte Again again eh
Motometeshimau kanashii uso wa
Kon'ya wa iranai

Kasanariau kage kokoro wo utsushite Amor
Oh eh oh eh oh
Sasayaite Te amo
Akaku somaru hou jounetsu no furoo de Amor
Oh eh oh eh oh
Mitsumeau Te amo

Futari nagameta umi wa eien ni omoete
Nanimo kamo ga maboroshi datta
Hararito ochiru namida no shizuku
Toki wo tomete

Moeagaru honoo kokoro wo kogashite Amor
Oh eh oh eh oh
Sasayaite Te amo
Furimidashita kami jounetsu no rizumu de Amor
Oh eh oh eh oh
Mitsumeau Te amo

Sasayaite Te amo
Sasayaku Te amo


まるでドラマの One scene
スローになる貴方の唇 霞んでいく
心と裏腹に 強がりで言うサヨナラ

会えない時間が 愛を育てるなんて
ただの 言い訳だね
会いたいならすぐ 会いに来て欲しいの
だけど 出来ないのは Why why why?

何度傷ついたって Again again eh
求めてしまう 優しい嘘でも

燃え上がる炎 心を焦がして Amor
Oh eh oh eh oh
囁いて Te amo
振り乱した髪 情熱のリズムで Amor
Oh eh oh eh oh
見つめ合う Te amo

囁いて Te amo

縋る気はないのにキスしてほしくて ねぇ
視線で送るこの Secret sign
駆け引きしては 試してたのは
本当の 純粋な想いじゃない Why?

何度傷つけたって Again again eh
求めてしまう 悲しい嘘は

重なり合う影 心を映して Amor
Oh eh oh eh oh
囁いて Te amo
赤く染まる頬 情熱のフローで Amor
Oh eh oh eh oh
見つめ合う Te amo

二人眺めた海は 永遠に思えて

燃え上がる炎 心を焦がして Amor
Oh eh oh eh oh
囁いて Te amo
振り乱した髪 情熱のリズムで Amor
Oh eh oh eh oh
見つめ合う Te amo

囁いて Te amo
囁く Te amo

[English translation:]

Like a scene from a TV drama
Your lips are in slow motion and grow hazy
(I don't want to ask)
The goodbye I keep within myself
I don't want to say it yet
(I want to turn back the clock)

When we can't see each other it makes our love stronger
That's just an excuse
If you want to meet then come meet me right away
But you can't do this, why, why?

I can't grow up completely
I want to be loved by you
No matter how many times I've been wounded, again, again, yeah
Sweet lies that makes me desire more
Just hold them off tonight

A blazing fire scorches our hearts, amor
Oh eh oh eh oh
Mumbling te amo
Locks of hair dissheveled to the rhythms of passion, amor
Oh eh oh eh oh
Locking our eyes, te amo

Mumbling te amo

I didn't mean to lean on you, I want a kiss
This secret sign sent through my eyes
Playing this love game, testing each other
That's not true, pure affection, why

I've been childish in this relationship
I'm making you go round in circles
No matter how many times I've hurt you, again, again, yeah
Sad lies that break us apart
We don't need them tonight

Our overlapping shadows reflect our hearts, amor
Oh eh oh eh oh
Mumbling te amo
Cheeks getting red along the flow of passion, amor
Oh eh oh eh oh
Locking our eyes, te amo

The sea the two of us saw, I thought it was forever
Everything was but an illusion
Teardrops sliding down gently
Please stop time

A blazing fire scorches our hearts, amor
Oh eh oh eh oh
Mumbling te amo
Locks of hair dissheveled to the rhythms of passion, amor
Oh eh oh eh oh
Locking our eyes, te amo

Mumbling te amo
The 'te amo' I mumble

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  1. 나의 숲[slow food]

    한국어버전 내주세요 너무좋은뎅

  2. 田尻フェルナンダ

    BoA love you❤️🇧🇷🇯🇵🇰🇷Brazil❤️

  3. Ana Vitoria

    Eu. Amei. Essa Musica. BoA. Amor. Musica. Ligal. A. Coreana. E. Linda. Demais.

  4. Maytee Souza

    Algum BR?

  5. Ana Martínez

    De mis canciones favoritas de BoA

  6. Ana Vitoria

    Eu. Amei. Essa. Musica. Eu. Achai. Que. Japanese. Ta. No. Vedreo lindo

  7. Joaquin Garcia

    I need this song to be remixed with a reggaetónero. It just screams perfection. Lol someone hit up Daddy Yankee or Wisin y Yandel. Someone who won’t mess up the originality of the song.

  8. Ana Espinosa

    I would love to see her perform this song

  9. Tania lisseth Martinez portillo

    Me encantas

  10. gantz12


  11. Ana Vitoria

    BoA. Amor. E. Nois. Ligal. Sempre. K. Pop.

  12. Kkokko Kim

    춤도 음악도 목소리도 뮤비 색감이나 구도 스타일 모두 정말 세련됐다 약간 쌈바? 느낌 춤도 들어가있어서 변화무쌍하고 다채로워 ㅠㅠ

  13. - rosemc's

    BoA é muito br mds

  14. CloudSea운해

    아모르는 아무리 들어도 매번 두근두근♡

  15. Universe Park


  16. Cote Dz

    Chile loves you 🇨🇱❤️

  17. Nicolò Catorcioni 3

    Why her voice remembers me of Everglow's E:U ...?

  18. Ana Vitoria

    Muito. Legal. Kkkkk

  19. Martín Ibarra

    Latin atmosphere of the song is so good! kariente! :)

  20. 尊。


  21. 男鹿辰巳

    WTF,BoA is Japanese or Korean........I'm so confused


    she's Korean but also sings in Japanese in a few of her songs :)

  22. Olivia Chua Ty

    I really still don’t get it boa is Japanese or korea so she are which ones Japan people or korean????? Or boa is mix korean , Who can tell me boa is mix or just korean


    She's Korean. She was the first Korean artist to release music in Japan and the reason Japan allowed after years to produce music there. She's a pioneer

    Olivia Chua Ty

    TessaInfires Thank You for telling me

  23. Jeon Jungkook

    E meu amor mesmo

  24. Marche Pickles -pickmarche1-


  25. bD AARMY

    No one seems to care about the song, they're talking bout everything else but the song. So let me just say, I really love the vibe of this song. It's pretty unique.

  26. Andria Gaming

    Is she Boa who sang Every Heart?

    silin t

    Andria Gaming yes! she is queen of kpop and jpop

  27. TECH &TOM

    this song is good but masayume was too good

  28. starryrosemoon

    a korean singer singing in japenese with a spanish concept, LITERALLY EVERYTHING

  29. Nannapak Whangchai

    I’m always prefer her all Japanese song more than all Korean song and I choose it since her debuted til now. She suitable with Japanese language and those kind of music. First I know her I was think she is Japanese singer...😂

  30. Jade Barreto

    Ta aí uma cantora BoA pra caramba.

  31. YS K

    언니 이노래 꼭 한국에서 다시해요 그럼 히트쵸요 ㅠㅠ

  32. FireWaterEarth

    Happy 19th Debut Anniversary!
    I made music video to ' Encounter' if you would like to see there is a link here ->

  33. Linkrinku-リンク Productions

    Rea dy butterfly yyy

  34. Every Pink's


    La Godjihyo

    No, es Latino

  35. Maurine Sto. Tomas

    #19YearsWithBoA <3

  36. Miriam Abdulhay

    this’s the best song omfg

  37. exooo weareone


    Linkrinku-リンク Productions

    x 2 😍

  38. Jane

    Rainha 💜 esse hino merece mais views hein!

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  40. Biktur Kwon

    A call to "VALENTI"

  41. Hyung Kim

    Alguien mas es de mexico🇲🇽😎👌
    7w7r amor oie zhy si quieres yo te enseño aoa

    Linkrinku-リンク Productions

    Ready butterfly :v

  42. Adriana Sevilla

    i barely know her but *im gay*

  43. Laira Ramalho

    inconformada toda vez que escuto BoA e me lembro de que eu li sobre o debut dela numa revista de anime. eu me sinto tão velha, mds

  44. Izaya Orihara

    The k pop star I like the most PSY and BoA


    So vim porque eu entendi o titulo mais a musica ficou Maravilhosa

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  47. Ruben Chi Bertoni

    Omg I’m obsessed with this song!!!

  48. KASAMAGO network

    Love BoA since 2005


    11 년이 지난 지금

  50. Erza Scarlett titania

    Love you 😘

  51. ShinHayate Channel

    not enough of attention because now lots of people watching blackpunk and such. few of my channels way taken down by YT because of BoA, good old times :)

  52. SEOULful-Wings

    Check out BoA's new mv, Feedback which is being released this week :)

  53. SEOULful-Wings

    .......she's still got it!!!! I'm so proud of our queen ^^
    she's done TWO comebacks at the same time, along with SMTOWN world tour !!! how crazy is that....

  54. isabel

    ELA CANTANDO "AMOR" 😭💗💓💞💖💕💗💟💖💝💓💞💕💗💕😭💗💖💕💞💕😭💖💗💖😭💓💝💖💝

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    ブスだってI love youから来た人おらんかな?めっちゃよかった!話も歌も。BoAが歌ってるとは。流石です!

  58. Demian Cariello

    The only kpop act that can dance and sing at the same time, all the other bitches are so behind her level is not even funny. But her music is not as innovative as it used to be back in 2000-2006. Also, her multiple surgerys made her look like a horse.

  59. Amira BnSlh

    Fairy Tail led me to #Boa years ago -> Boa led me to EXO -> #Exo into My Heart
    The only two kpop artists that I loved both belonged to SM XD

  60. larissa rodrigues

    ammmeeei muito amooor por essa musica kkk <3 Amor

  61. s b

    She actually owns a part of sm entertainment now. Only legends.

  62. NightKnight

    This songs been out for almost 5 months and has barely made it over 1 Million Views


  63. Daniel Dominguez

    Amor en español? Genial algún México, chileno,peruano, argentino, colombiano etc por aquie
    Me gusta la canción por que es con sonidos latinos

  64. Nicole oliveira

    Rainha da K- Pop

  65. lee Marcela

    Nem parece que tem 32 anos
    Amo ela ❤❤

  66. 채린

    한국 타이틀보다 이게 훨씬 좋은 거 같아요ㅠㅠ 그렇다고 한국 타이틀이 싫다는 것까진 아닌데... 이게 훨씬 보아느님 분위기에 어울리는 선곡이 아닌가 하고.. 찰떡 컨셉이에요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  67. Mariluz Morales Gomez

    1,1M 🎧👐💕

  68. pekoiman official

    Is she the boa who sang possibility with daichi miura?

    sh lin

    Yes,she is.

    pekoiman official

    @sh lin i knew it! I first heard her sang possibility, and thought she was a japanese singer.

  69. Oh My NoPaLeS!

    That Spanish words makes the song even more amazing. Always being a talent BOA :3

  70. Wandi Kurniawan

    BoA and her team need to change the concept on her career.

  71. asianboi4 eggrolls

    If everyone ask why she not popular no more is because she is not as young as she once was and that the new generations of kpop bands have taken over like bts and blackpink and exo while other kpop bands like tvxq,super junior and shinhwa have died down.

  72. fefe_gomes 123

    "Amor" Loved, kisses from Brazil🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷❤

  73. Kpop Aesthetic

    Resumindo: "Amor" Está em Português de portugal, português do brasil, espanhol e angolano, MAS espanhol é o mais conhecido então o "amor" ali em cima está correlacionado ao espanhol.

  74. 김승준


  75. Vsoo Kim

    Chị BoA của em là nhất hát hay nhảy giỏi ngầu đẹp
    I love BoA

  76. Mark Chappell

    Why do you think your brother the hyina is your brother ?? Hyinas and lions are mortal enemies.

  77. Maria de la Paz Santiago

    GENIA BoA!
    Thanks for keeping in mind latinos!
    I wish u came to our country.
    Kisses from Argentina.

  78. Cupids 5210

    nice song 😍😍 she should had this kind of song in korea too.

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  80. D M

    It's a shame BoA and Namie Amuro never collaborated before her retirement.


    Agreed T_T

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    She's really getting the money's worth out of her hat

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    Se a BoA aparecesse na minha casa com esse chapéu na cabeça a resposta pra qualquer coisa é SIM!!!

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    A SM gosta de música com título em português, pra iludir nós Br?