Blue Rodeo - Try Lyrics

Don't tell me I'm wrong
Cause I've been watching every move that you make
Hearts you steal with your make-up and heels
Trouble for the men that you take

Every time you walk in the room
I couldn't even be sure of a smile
You were never the same way twice
But I'm falling in love

Night after night – oh it's crazy

So many people who said
Girl you've got nothing but time
Oh you are a shining star
Don't you worry about what you're leaving behind

Every time you walk in the room
I couldn't even be sure of a smile
You were never the same way twice
But I'm falling in love

Night after night – oh it's crazy
Oh you got to try try try
Don't you know you've got to try try try
Oh baby you try

Every time you walk in the room
I couldn't even be sure of a smile
You were never the same way twice
I'm falling in love

Night after night – oh it's crazy
Oh you got to try try try
Don't you know you've got to try try try
Oh baby you try

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Blue Rodeo Try Comments
  1. mike acton

    so great so Canadian, one of our country's finest songs

  2. Free Spirit With Nature

    Perseverance, yes I like it ! We can all try .
    Smile :) .

  3. C. R. M.

    I love how GK is just so f-ing cool in this vid.. .probably one of the most underrated guitarists in this country.

  4. Melissa P

    Thank you Mr. Cuddy.
    Your words helped me when I was in living on the streets

  5. Spare Time Novels


  6. Deb Ronalds

    I love this song!

  7. Emilie Etoiles

    This is my cry to song.

  8. Marlyn Fuentes Castro

    Am Falling in love 💕

  9. cazador smash

    Me encantan estas canciones mi tio creo que los conoce
    Tim roland

  10. Zak6959

    Yeah I went out with one of those girls before

  11. Darkasknightfall

    Always listened to Blue Rodeo. This stuff never gets old. 👍🏼

  12. Shaan Suleman

    Come to Washington DC. 🙏🏾

  13. Patrick Peters

    Met every member of Blue Rodeo. They are the epitome of kindness and humbleness. Each and every one of the band are such great souls. Wonderful band.

    Jessica Smith

    It's the only way us Canadians know 😊

  14. peter papadimitriou

    I can remember asking a girl to slow dance with me with this song back in grade 7 or 8 LoL, still a great song still

  15. Apexeon151

    To bad blue rodeo never made it to America

  16. Alberta Jensen

    I guess if tried in everyway we'd be ok. Saskatoon,Cananda

  17. The stv Canada redehiteblue

    I lost everything they took everything

  18. The stv Canada redehiteblue

    If I was God I give u ur life back mom I miss u I need u more then ever glade we made amend befor u passed

    Amy Waldron

    Sending love your way. I miss my mom, too. 😪❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  19. The stv Canada redehiteblue

    Bonjour comment cava

  20. The stv Canada redehiteblue

    Never forgotten mom wedding in 85

  21. Milly Price

    Classic love it

  22. Third-Eye-Blind

    # 4 a better world

  23. Irish Field

    Amazing and tops song will stand time ever thank you Blue Rodeo

  24. 2020

    Makes me sad and reminds me of my childhood

  25. Ronald Fry


  26. peter papadimitriou

    Loved this song and if I'm not mistaken I think that this was my first slow dance song back when I was in school lol

  27. first name last name

    When you consider this video was shot in 1987, it's terribly well done. Most Canadian videos back then were garbage shot on VHS with amateurish greenscreen, but this is quite obviously shot on film, with some very imaginative angles.

  28. Susan Williams

    One of the best Canadian bands!!!

  29. May A

    One of my favorite songs. Didn't even know they were Canadian like me😍

  30. Aaron Boots

    One of Canada’s greats for sure!!

  31. Palma Rosati

    beautiful melody , love this song love them


  32. Flo Shakakeesic

    Memories. ..still I don't listen...I love him

  33. Cordelia Chase

    Just heard this song for the first time earlier tonight on Zoomer Radio AM 740's The Eighties At 8. The singer is absolutely awesome! I thought it was country, but someone else here described them as a rock back with country influences.

  34. Wolf Pack

    Just TRY <3

  35. Wolf Pack

    Great :)

  36. da ne

    mentally out of shape !

  37. Donna Williams

    Beautiful song!

  38. Caroline Gendron

    A chaque fois que je l'écoute c'est des frissons garantie meme si je l'écoute en boucle. Wow que dire de plus je vous laisse imaginer le reste … bonne écoute a tous

  39. Tracey Smith

    Our Canadian favourite. 🇨🇦 rocks. Proud to be a Canadian girl

  40. Al Huggins

    guess i gotta stay with the program

  41. Angielina

    Most romantic song ive ever heard

  42. Lesley Lawrence

    Quintessential Canadian Music of the last 30 years. Proud to have witnessed these guys playing in St Catharines. One hell of a concert!

  43. Dalia Dunn

    Who unliked this video!?

  44. David Edward

    Who cares if BR is Canadian.... Just good music, that's all.


    We care, their songs speak to us and our environment growing up here. The lyrics can be universal but a lot of the lyrics in their music are about the Canadian environment and experiences growing up here, it's familiar to us. I can listen to music from other parts of the world but they won't have the same familiarity effect that BR does, I think other Canadians may feel the same way.

    I am 54, I grew up on a farm on the prairies, then, small mining towns way up north and now I live in the city, Vancouver.

    Take this song for example..

    If you're not Canadian, you just won't get it, sorry...

    If you're from the U.S, maybe, "Born in the U.S.A" by Bruce Springsteen or john Mellencamp's, "Jack and Diane" may give you a sense of what I mean, who knows? I do know Born In The U.S.A was actually an anti war song that a lot of Americans didn't get so, think of it from when they didn't get it. lol


    Oh, I just remembered another song by Bruce Springsteen that is my all time favorite of his, "Hungry Heart", that's an American song that can cross borders but still remains all American.

    David Edward

    JustAThought ironically (but seriously), I am 49 and live in Vancouver (suburb anyway)... I just sometimes get tired of the Canadian showy-ness. It's very un-Canadian.

  45. Wild Dingo

    Seen these guys play in Nova Scotia.... They blew the roof right off the building. Great vocals,,,Awesome music. Big fan off your group .

  46. william lewies

    Rim shot :) Drummer .

  47. SilverStar Majestic Guardian

    So many times uforgave that women after everything I even warned her men never never touch my mother and this the treameant she gave her own daughter even when she stated I wasa mistake but yet I forgave her even traveled this far to get what the k could to be with her before she died thanks Andy and eddy I know what she did eh

  48. Tracey Smith

    I try. 🇨🇦.

  49. bonny blue gricken

    I miss you so my love

  50. Ms Murr

    My dad saw these guys at Riverfest 2018.

  51. FML 420

    wait there Canadian I didn't know that im from canada


    YOU STINK BRO OF COURSE THEY'RE CANADIAN. notice the correct use of THEY'RE also. thanks

  52. Mark Sr DIY

    I have listened to this song for 31 years.. This song had a huge impact on me since day one.. and I will die listening to this.. Thanks Blue Rodeo

    Pam Stewart

    I listened to this song as well 30 years ago...I listen to it when I need a picker upper

  53. bonny blue gricken

    Jean I miss you for it will b 8 years since you died on me and I am still pissed at you we were married 35 years and I was not the one you talked to with your last breathe

  54. Barbara Maclean

    I love him and his music. Beautiful love songs , unique voice.

  55. ????????

    she hated me for it i didnt mean to

  56. ????????

    miss this i was 5 years old and i mistakenly recorder over her wedding song

  57. Larry Smith

    Love this.

  58. Sandra Pronteau

    Always loved this tune...I never get bored of this. TY Blue Rodeo!

  59. Ricky Palmer

    U never come in the room the same way twice!!! I was sitting on my couch in the 80s n serving in Army n was just hooked. Great band never get credit they deserve.

  60. Irish Field

    Amazing song ever beautiful ever thank you

  61. Cj Auigbelle

    This song will always remind me of my very first love....restinparadise my love k.o

  62. ferox965

    Jim Cuddy is an astoundingly great singer.

  63. tooez90

    Holy Smokes...this album is 31 years old...I must be old...I better go have a nap :)



  64. Suzanne Lacroix

    love this song

  65. david byerly

    this should've been a huge hit in the states, I don't understand why they are one of canada's best bands, yet few people in the US even know who they are


    david byerly most Americans don't knowBR because their songs don't have a catchy hook. If you want to hear a great Canadian band , listen to Lighthouse.....Pretty Lady and One Fine Morning.

  66. Pumpkin Pie

    Such a fantastic band!!

  67. Len Gasparini

    This song reminds me of all my trips to Vancouver in the late 1980s.

  68. Angus Cole

    One of the most poignantly beautiful n haunting songs ever!!! I remember seeing the video for the very first time. We had one of those enormous satellite dishes n I lived in a tiny lil town in NE MS. n it wouldn't pick up MTV but it did MUCH MUSIC outta Canada (,their version of MTV n far better in my opinion) n every single soul I ever played it for just fell in love with Blue Rodeo. Whoever said it sounds just as fresh today as the day it debuted is absolutely right.

  69. Chantal Descheneaux


  70. John Grahame

    Never an average song ! Fantastic band 👍👍

  71. XxSeraphicxX

    Dear Lord Jim Cuddy... can anyone croon so well?

  72. Zero The Hero

    I think everyone had this tape stuck in their Walkman in 87

  73. Jc W

    One amazing voice one amazing band ❤️

  74. Anita Panzine

    <3 <3 breathless

  75. Del Crowe

    I first time I saw Blue Rodeo play was in 1996 at the Silver Dollar in Spadina. They are one of Canada's greatest bands.

  76. Ronald Fry

    Terrific voice.

  77. Sinead JL

    Oh, I love you so much Jim and all your songs. Never tired of listening to them.

  78. tbellamy99

    After the rain

  79. bonny blue gricken

    Such a great song so many memories

  80. Larry Smith

    Canada thinks u world rocks.

  81. Larry Smith

    Mistakes in this life costs big Money.

  82. Larry Smith

    Love this song.

  83. Cheryl Morriseau

    I just melt when I hear this song 👍

  84. Darlene Barnes

    All time favorite!

  85. Chris A

    Oh Canada!

  86. bernard hervieux

    view blue redeo innu nikamu to east sept iles 14km maliotenam very big people outside

  87. Nancy Chiasson

    Sweet memory of a youthful love !

  88. Natalie C

    Blue Rodeo stole my heart ...

  89. David Parsons

    I love singing the chorus to this song to myself walking up the road on my own...not for anyone in particular...just feels good singing this....

  90. Roxanne Bruce

    Orville Norman Bruce 💓💋💘 Cecilia dedicated to you again surprised song

  91. louise lalande

    beautiful song

  92. 2sennheiser

    thanks man!!!'

  93. 2sennheiser

    a real Canadian vocal and lyrical artist!!!
    one of the best songs and videos ever made!!!
    only 1.2 mill views is a same!!!

  94. Terry Beaton

    Listening to lots of old BR and this song seems to be their finest moment. Although the last "try" sounded a bit demanding for such a romantic song.

  95. Danny Lowry

    One time, my dad almost got t-boned coming out of a Foodland store. Little did he know that the guy who hit him was the drummer of Blue Rodeo! He saw them performing in Toronto on TV later that night, and went, "Hey! That's the guy who almost hit me!" A classic moment.

  96. Dogday

    I can hear them playing this song at Gage park in Hamilton, when i was just outside..awesome

  97. Ol' Hickory Ham Mike

    sexiest voice in tHIS TOWN