Blue Rodeo - Outskirts Lyrics

Here on the outskirts of life
Dreams seldom come true
Flippin' thru photographs emotional holographs
Cutouts of all the figures you might've been
Reflections of a life that you once lived

As the evening descends
Your conscious of every breath
And every moment is a crisis, I guess
Starin' out the windows of your hotel room
You lit one too many fires underneath that spoon
Well I guess you deserve the chosen few
Real life, just out of view

Well that's just here,
On the outskirts
Yea, that's here,
On the outskirts of your life

And there's a picture we've all seen
It was taken in the lobby of the L.A. Ambassador Hotel
It's the silhouette of a man in another's arms
So turn off your TVs, and let that train go home
'Cause everyone warned you that California
Wasn't goin' to be the end
California wasn't gonna be the end.

And tell me where can you hide when
the whole world is ugly and strange
Yea tell me where you gonna turn when
this whole world knows your name
And these four walls are screamin'
And all your friends were so deceiving
Yea you forgot the lines of a part you rehearsed so well
Lyin' awake in the Brazilian Court Hotel

But that's just here,
On the outskirts
Yea, that's here
On the outskirts,
Of your life...

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Blue Rodeo Outskirts Comments
  1. Jason Patriquin

    If this ain't Canadiana at it's highest level; I don't know what is.

  2. Alto Nova

    I've seen blue rodeo live 4 times and its odd they never play this song. Its always left out of their lineup yet its a title track. They put on excellent shows, a solid 2 hours of music. Would like to see them do this one for once.

  3. Ruby Star

    Brings Back Memories!! First Heard This Song, About 30 Years Ago!! Funny What Old Songs Do To You!!

  4. thefinalsolutionall

    OMG, they were kids once

  5. Rick Laird

    Fantastic Music :

  6. Rick Laird

    " Remember when I seen them do this live!

  7. Rick Laird

    " Blue Rodeo are Fantastic "

  8. Zsmart

    30 years.

  9. emmanuel redmond

    So many good memories....

  10. William Mark Dyer

    My Dad still won't watch the Bobby Kennedy shooting film.

  11. felled jones

    "Califorrrrrrrrrnia.....wasn't gonna be the end"

  12. moodblue81

    Great album, Great band!

  13. thefinalsolutionall

    Let one too many fire underneath that spoon :(

  14. txtraderhtc

    I love how the song builds up to a crescendo at 2:50 when Greg sings "California wasn't going to be the end" and then Jim comes in.  Also "you forgot the lines of a part you rehearsed so well" is also one of the all-time great lyrics about missing an opportunity.

  15. Michael Douglas

    Rolling Stone said it best... A Canadian band the way an American band should sound

  16. WLDB

    Wow. Very 1980s.

    jeremy blackwood

    Well.... Yes and no in my opinion.....

  17. Sarah Baird

    always when i am listening to my favorite music, i see my daughters face.........

  18. SChiasson3

    I just love this.... a lifetime ago and I still gotta get up & dance!