Blue Oyster Cult - The Girl That Love Made Blind Lyrics

"I thought your eyes, blue... Oh no, they’re green" she said to me.
We danced in time or didn’t you know?
This dance was

At the party of astrologers, the Christmas tide was due.
On the way to Aldebaran: the dance, the dream, and you.

Actuals and counterclaims dancing all the time
Dancing in the corridor and the dance was Time...

"I thought your eyes, blue... Oh no, they’re green," she said to me.
We danced in time... or didn’t you know?
This dance was... Time.

At the height of Christmas tide
She found a ghost inside
Give it up or let it ride
She must decide.

Actuals and counterclaims; drugged, reborn, resigned.
The castle stands, the girl remains, and if she’ll spin, it’s packed with eyes
out there in the corridor, caught there in the mirror maze,
from her last and loving glance a waltz, a dance, whose time,
not here,
but gone

So put me to the question, but there’s no return from this castle of mine
for the powers that be, the girl and her dreams, the girl that love made blind.

And that’s the last dream we had upon that night...
The party of astrologers—the Christmas of my life.

Christmas, Christmas, the Christmas of my life...

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Blue Oyster Cult The Girl That Love Made Blind Comments
  1. Chop Top Sawyer

    Let's face it, if this got any radio play it would no doubt be ripped to shreds. Not that I would, I love it and I want it played at my wedding, or something.

  2. Matthew Aldrich

    Why can't I explain the tears in my eyes?

  3. George Davies

    Would love to hear the complete Imaginos album as Albert/Sandy intended it, in the order it was meant to be heard. Even if only demos. In many ways, hearing it as demos would be best... Fascinating account of the Imaginos album on Wikipedia. Never heard this before but it's good - Prof. Lanier's keys? Love that big old dirty bass as well.

  4. Luca Simmons

    Shame this didn't make the cut. It might be the most beatiful song I've ever heard

  5. Gerald Schafer

    this song is so sad. So Perfect for Imaginos! This song is the saddest of the Imaginos. Imaginos is a sad saga for him. As an immortal being this song hits my heart

  6. amphiskioj

    "You'll go blind!"

  7. Medra Mosis

    Way to go, Giovani. It would be a shame for such a great song to be lost to the public. Man, I really love this one. Albert's singing cuts straight to the heart. Wouldn't change it for anything.

    Giovani Guizi

    This music is perfect in all the ways. The lyric is awesome, Albert's voice is incredible. Aww man the piano... I'm happy that you enjoyed!