Blink-182 - Teenage Satellites Lyrics

I can almost see your house from here
But the signal seems to disappear so what's the problem? Houston's calling
Then you hit me like a Friday night
Like a handgun in a firefight dive in slow motion towards the ocean

Let's run away
Let's go and waste another year
Let's spin apart
While racing through the atmosphere
We tumble through the night
We burn so bright
We're teenage satellites

Woo oh oh oh oh oh oh
Woo oh oh oh oh oh oh

I'm kind of nervous of the consequence
As we climb over the neighbor's fence the longest summer's nights are numbered
Then you kissed me like a storm at sea
Like I'm the only one you'll ever need we're left abandoned in the deep end

Let's run away
Let's go and waste another year
Let's spin apart
While racing through the atmosphere
We tumble through the night
We burn so bright
We're teenage satellites

(We're teenage satellites)

We are a slow descent
Forgotten astronauts
We are an avalanche
We're just an afterthought

Let's run away
Let's go and waste another year
Let's spin apart
While racing through the atmosphere
We tumble through the night
We burn so bright
We're teenage satellites

Woo oh oh oh oh oh oh
Woo oh oh oh oh oh oh
Teenage satellites
Woo oh oh oh oh oh oh
Teenage satellites
Woo oh oh oh oh oh oh
Teenage satellites

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Blink-182 Teenage Satellites Comments
  1. Eduardo Alvear


  2. Eduardo Alvear

    Shit is an amazing song thanks blink 182!

  3. Lion Of Truth

    It’s so quick and subtle I doubt most people heard it but at 0:19 and 1:19 there are 4 quick Piano notes that Travis hits and it’s just so powerful. It’s my favorite parts of the song. So fucking beautiful and smooth. It just flows into the song perfectly. ❤️🦁🙏👍

  4. TrollSofter

    Tom was great, Matt is great... Just enjoy the music

  5. NIGHT M.3.R.R

    Esta cancion me hace pensar en The Reckoners

  6. Gabriela Inocencio

    Caxias me trouxe aqui

  7. Gabriela Inocencio

    Caxias me trouxe aqui

  8. Eduardo Alvear

    Fuck is AMAZING

  9. Mung

    I miss 2016

  10. Goiaba Mutante

    this song never been played live :'(

  11. Matthew Fgs

    cliffdiving part two

  12. Sushrut

    I miss tom so much but skibba ain't bad either

  13. Jared Jan Medina

    I used to be a bit doubtful over this new album. But listening to the whole thing lots of times made me find them enjoyable to listen to. My faves will definitely be Cynical, Kings Of The Weekend and this

  14. TwentyOneTacos

    The voices set apart at octaves sounds really cool. This is a really good song. Honestly I thought California would be lame since it's new, but I love it! There are so many good songs!

  15. Jason Oquinn

    This is a FAN-DAMN-TASTIC album! Ths songs are all great.

  16. Nikko Joy Sevilla

    Dec. 25 2018 still listening

  17. Aries way

    Like blink182 is good band .

  18. Jefry Siagian

    great song, buddies!

  19. Don’t Panic! No Not Yet It’s Longer Now

    this album kind of reminds me of nothing personal and so wrong it’s right by all time low.

  20. Christian Nilsen

    This is the kind of song I’ll listen in 20 years time and think about ‘those days’

  21. Blaxland tv

    come on brooo

  22. Prof Daniel

    Chours sound like drown bmth

  23. Aleksander Blaznek

    just beautiful

  24. Justice Green

    I only don't like this cause they're definitely not teenagers anymore lmao


    The song has a double meaning. "teenage satellites" are satellites that start to fall apart and break down so it's a metaphor for a relationship.

  25. Big Jonathan Davis Boi

    I love California,but boy do I miss my Tom

  26. Riccardo Lucchesi

    This is one the worst things i have heard in a really long time. The mind boggles to think that this was actually written by grown, 40 something men.

  27. JustANotchInYourBlackParade You’reJustAGoddamnDoor

    Not gonna lie, when the video started I thought it was I’m Not Okay (I Promise) by My Chemical Romance.


    Did you not read the title ?

  28. Royston Dias

    The last thing that I want to do before dying is to listen to Blink 182!!.


    The beginning sounds like " everytime I look for you" from toypaj 😁

  30. edclan santos

    blink 182 a melhor banda do mundo com criatividade e muita personalidade que venha 2018 ....

  31. Jacob Ruelas

    Anyone remeber dammit

  32. Bishal Gautam

    THIS IS.......perfect :')

  33. bagdadder98

    "Middle-age Satellites" I'm sorry I couldn't help it

  34. Tony Cappellino

    Reading these comments make me glad that I didn't grow up listening to Blink (yup, I said it). Listening to this album on my own, I thought it was fantastic, but apparently my opinions are wrong because "it's too basic" or "it's not Tom." Glad you guys let trivial things like those skew your opinions of good music.

  35. jehu87

    Why are they still writing about high school?? Really was hoping with the addition of Skibba they might write something more relevant to the fan base that is no longer in high school and hasn't been for 10+ years but nope.. Instrumentals are as good as they've ever but aren't aren't these guys all pushing 40?


    look up the actual meaning of teenage satellites. Like the literal term.

  36. Dennis Killingsworth

    I love this song

  37. Ashley Muhammad

    We can all agree that Blink 182 is maturing, if not changing in a bad way.

  38. legend _97

    Favourite song of the new blink so far

  39. Deborah Lozano

    Y'all can hate me idc but I like the new singer he fits well with blink.

  40. Juan Omar Leal Muro

    Best song of the whole album

  41. Luz Hidalgo

    whooooaaa, nananas, lalalaaaa, what more else? u.u


    luz aguilar ouuhhh ohh ohh aah aah ouh yeaah ughh aaa aaa..

  42. Luz Hidalgo

    I'm the only one expecting for tom voice when Matt finish to sing and the verse change? :(

  43. Chris McSweeney

    This and Kings of the Weekend in particular have turned out to be real standout tracks, for me. Pair of them got a little overlooked I reckon.

  44. Miguelillo

    It is noticeable that Tom is missing

  45. CamSkywalker

    Kind of nervous at the consequence as we climb over the neighbours fence

  46. ray deaz

    change 'Teenage Satellites' part to 'TELOLELOLET'

  47. Nikolayevic Muhamedoff

    in 00:26 just imagine Robin yell "TITANS, GO!"

  48. Miguel Rios

    This is muy favorite 👽❤👽

  49. EmilyVonSpears

    When this song makes you think of Tom

  50. cambienk sativa

    thank you God
    for the punk rock band
    whatever happens travis, mark, Skiba,
    you still blink 182

  51. ODespistadoO2008

    I was listening SUM 41, so why the fuck youtube play this crap ? It has nothing to do with sum 41, this is more like a bad wanna be green day band , it´s so fuckin boring !

  52. Wesley Pijoh

    is it just me, or this song sounds like green day's song?

  53. Marcos Guevara rodriges

    estas un a de las millones canciones de blink que me encantan :)

  54. Angelos USA

    This is my favorite song from their album my second favorite is Los Angeles!

  55. Psycho Fire Shock

    Best song on the album

  56. Ethan Robitaille

    Sounds like Simple Plan

    Wot Wot

    well said

  57. Jason B

    Idk why I really want them to make a music video out of this song, probably not gonna happen tho

  58. Maastickore

    I really love that even Tom left, the group is making music again, I've loved blink 182 since I was a teenager back in the 90's

  59. NES 83’

    I really love the melody of the song; not a fan of the lyrics. They seem to be too old to be writing lyrics like this. The album has a great sound but a few songs with immature lyrics. I couldn't imagine being in my 40s like they are writing lyrics like this. John Feldman must have been pushing them to come out with a cliche sounding record to be reminiscent of older blink. Sometimes it just doesn't work. Some lyrics are very clever and some are just eh. It's reminds me of Mark coming up with Rock Show and First Date; super cliche, lame lyrics but super catchy melodies.


    bohoo mr adultman, go back sipping your earl grey tea, and cursing the next door children in your porch

    NES 83’

    5555555lowmen All right, I know I sound like an old man. I am not knocking them. These guys are very talented and make good music. The song is great until they utter the words "teenage satellites and whoa oh whoa" the rhyming and idioms used in the song are great. I have probably been a fan before you were born. I traded my Green Day Kerplunk LP for the Buddha LP at a record store by my house when I was 11.

    Noah R

    NES 83’ you're totally right. I'm only 17 and I kinda cringe when they're 40 and writing these lyrics. Their darker lyrics fit so much better and then they went backwards. Cali Deluxe is better

  60. Erick 2014

    my favorite song :)

  61. caro Pahvoth

    Lyrics sound like tom wrote them kinda XD

  62. Krls Dœ

    105 peoples are not teenage satellites :u

  63. Boy Wonder Official

    People say this is shit, but they act like Dogs Eating Dogs and Neighbourhoods didn't happen.

  64. Lucas Nakata

    i love this one since the first time i heard it...the others of this album was like meh but now i really like them!

  65. Andre guitarrone Rone

    hey everyone sorry I'm late for party wow blink 182s album is very good im going to go on amazon com to buy the cd welcome back to the party boys..

  66. Adél Procházková

    This is super song :)! Bro +Blink182 best band ♥ :)

  67. Matt Kalisky

    This song should have been more popular

  68. Sr.Rodrigo

    Blink-182 will always be my favorite band :')

  69. Zé Morais

    Don't know why but this is one of the songs from the album that reminds me more of the old blink.

  70. Oligu.

    No matter what you think of this album.. you can't deny that Travis is soooooo fricking good in it

  71. KyletheElk

    while does everyone like Alkaline trio

  72. eXample

    One of best songs Blink 182 ❤️❤️🍀❤️🍀🍀😍😍

  73. Tanya Moningka

    First time listening this song and i love it

  74. Faith Shirar

    my sis loves blank 182

  75. Erick 2014

    My Favorite Songs :)

  76. TheGoodWay -182

    Best song from the album, if only tom would sing this one it would be perfect.

    Javier Andrés Schmalz

    are you really drunk, i think

  77. Sportsbible!!!

    One of my favorites Blink songs already. It's just extremely contagious!

  78. Gavin Capuano

    I listen to this song like 10 times a day. Is that a bad thing?

  79. Erick David

    fucking combination

  80. Cavazz

    i'm italian and i love this song

  81. Hannah Goodrich

    honestly? who cares if this album is stereotypical pop punk? who cares if it has a lot of na na nas and whoas in the song. It's still a really great album, and the songs are still really good even if a lot of them are pretty common.

    Petra Marbun

    It's a so so album actually and it's not overrated which is good.

  82. Danielle Sommer

    I love blink-182 but does anyone else find it amusing these 40+ year old men are singing about being teenage satellites?

  83. MLGD DOGE123

    best bid ever

  84. SamaSamaSamSam! SamaSam

    I like blink more than porn

  85. Bethany Spence

    Really mixed feelings about the new album. On one hand, I'm so damn stoked that they're back together that I'm just like "Fuck Tom, if you're gonna be a douche then piss off", but on the other hand every song seems to follow a very similar format, and I'm starting to wonder if Tom was the main creative force behind the songwriting. Something's definitely lacking. Matt and Mark sound way too similar too. :-\ doesn't really harmonize very well.

  86. Taylor The Warlock

    its weird cause theres a lot of singing about teenagers' problems and stuff on this album, but theyre all grown men now who have been living with plenty of money for a while. It made sense when they were all actually young and singing about being young, but now theyre old and singing about being young and its doesn't seem as genuine. still a good record though

  87. tobythewuss

    Can anyone get any blow

  88. Ben Will

    This is so bad.

  89. Roger Datt

    Stop skewing statistics based on copyright. I want the REAL number of views and likes. Fuck you whoever did this.

  90. Joe Marsden

    The "So what's the problem? Houston's calling" part, I don't even sing those lyrics. I sing the lyrics from Cynical haha "What's the point of saying sorry" seriously, sing it like that. It's exactly the same, just slowed down 😂

  91. Jayson Barker

    haters keep hatin i love this album

  92. akis adamakopoulos

    if they have a next album with matt i think mark should "let" him sing more,the only thing i didnt link in album was that mark was starting all the songs :3 gj!! greate comeback

  93. Patrick Bateman

    I loved this album and this song is probably my favourite.
    I'm glad it was released during the summer because it gave a new meaning to the hot days and the time passed with all the people I love.

    I'm gonna miss these days.

  94. The Laybacks

    God damn, this album for whatever reason makes me so fucking sad. I guess it's because I turned 20 a month before it came out, and it'll always make me think of this summer anytime I hear a song from it. It's kinda silly, but I always feel so bummed.

  95. adaytodie

    am i the only one who think that new blink sounds like 5 second of summer?well,in some song. we are fucked up

  96. Aaron Krug

    Some of y'all say this is a terrible album, while others love it. Some say the songs all sound similar and others disagree.

    I personally think this is one of their better albums they've ever created. Structurally it's excellent, sound wise it's good, mixed very well and has a uniqueness which is probably because Tom was replaced by Skiba.

    This album has flashes of old blink, while instilling their newer sound as they head in whatever direction. I don't think the songs sound similar as much as they all seem to "fit into" what this album is supposed to represent. I've listened to this so many times now and maybe that's why they all sound different to me lol.

    Let's be real here, Tom totally mad Blink "special". He sucks live but what he did for this band can't be recreated and that's the truth. This band is almost like a +44 - 2.0 lol. At the end of the day, they are Blink so if you're a true fan you should at least appreciate this work of art, knowing they're older now...