Blink-182 - Left Alone Lyrics

Eyes are open words are spoken
Here's to the sunrise
Head is loaded cards are folded
Under the moonlight

Can you remember, you remember the last time
We woke up sober
Can you remember, you remember the last night
You ran me over

Are we halfway gone or halfway there

Left alone
We're only halfway home
Sink like stones
Fall into the unknown

Break me down, I'm not afraid of you
Pull me under
Slowly drown, I never wanted to
Left alone to wonder

Mind is open thoughts are woken
There goes the sunrise
Heart is broken love unspoken
Here comes the moonlight

Can you remember, you remember the last time
I left hungover
Can you remember, you remember the last night
That I stayed over

Are we halfway gone or halfway there

Left alone
We're only halfway home
Sink like stones
Fall into the unknown

Break me down, I'm not afraid of you
Pull me under
Slowly drown, I never wanted to
Left alone to wonder

Woo oh ohh
We're left alone
Woo oh ohh oh

Woo oh ohh
We're left alone
Woo oh ohh oh

Woo oh ohh
We're left alone
Woo oh ohh oh

Woo oh ohh
We're left alone
Woo oh ohh oh

Left alone
We're only halfway home
Sink like stones
Fall into the unknown

Break me down, I'm not afraid of you
Pull me under
Slowly drown, I never wanted to
Left alone to wonder

Woo oh ohh
We're left alone
Woo oh ohh oh

Woo oh ohh
We're left alone
Woo oh ohh oh

Woo oh ohh
We're left alone
Woo oh ohh oh

Woo oh ohh
We're left alone
Woo oh ohh oh

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Blink-182 Left Alone Comments
  1. Joel Haskew

    sounds like ava, nice.

  2. Brett Butler

    Awesome song. Love it blink :)

  3. Amélie

    best song on california, i said it in 2016 and i say it in 2020

  4. Eduardo Alvear


  5. Delirious Panda

    I love these songs cuz there name and what it is about Dammit I miss you left alone and first date

  6. Andy B

    This would be a blink classic if it were Tom on it

  7. CarnivalOfTheDamned9

    I love this song so much! I'm so happy my childhood heroes are back, don't ever stop making music please!! blink-182 for life.

  8. Amethystic

    Almost 20 years ago and you guys got way better, not worse. Somehow. I'm astonished and mindblown. Amazing work. Glad I'm going to your concert on the 20th.

  9. SkhairKro89

    Is it the Virus / Spyware Screen-Capture junk I might have installed on my PC in the Background, or is the video itself Stuttering?! At 60fps it should technically be rather smooth the whole way though?! Still Great Song! The Lyric Video coulda been way better, but I think the concept of it being rather plain and less colorful say as "Darkside" was, is probably a Testament to the whole concept of the song itself, whereas the Art matches the same Resonance as the Lyrics / Theme of the song!! I will say that whist it does remind me of Classic Old Blink, and they do a rather clever and solid job with Skiba's voice capturing an "Essence" of Tom's, without directly Impersonating it, giving instead it's own unique stylized approach, whereas too much copying / impersonating would have created a much too campy "Caricature" of Tom that isn't quite Tom, and shouts rather loudly a "We can't replace him, he's gone and we're trying very hard with this guy!" sorta Vibe, which is a result that they somehow magically steered clear of, and yet simultaneously done so whilst still giving the Hardcore Blink 182 fans a taste of Tom that we've all so much missed! Bravo! I also like how in the Comments, some folks were saying "too much like 2005" where some others were saying "That's the point" but alas we've a Force Awakens is a Rip of A New Hope like situation going on here, I can clearly see that it's a very progressed flavor in this song, that harckens to a Softcore-Rock style of this Modern Sci-Fi futuristic EDM stuff that's been popular for quite a time now in this Era / Age, or a bit of influence of such that's way more toned down and more tied down and transfixed into the roots of Pop Punk, it's evident when you listen to the Bass-lines, that somewhat "Electronica" Daft PUnk, or Tron-likeness feel to the form, tone, and rhythm of the Bass in this song! Something that's a lot closer to the form of Progressive Rock 'N Roll that harkens to today's more matured form of Rock, keep in mind this a genre that builds upon itself over decades of influence! I can see how folks went from first discovering this whole "Amplified-Instruments" concept back when it first came to the stage in the 1950's Elvis times to what it's become now, here in the almost 2020's! New ideas, ways to play that had never been known, all that is key when I hear how a simple song like this has been shaped over so very many decades of Rock History! I can see this being an important song in Rock History for that Fact! I'm still waiting for Blink 182 induction into the Rock Hall of Fame for that fact! Have Fun, keep the good jams coming! And let this new jive whisks you away on a journey through both space and time! It's so very chill, and yet strikes hard with that powerful Yet Classic Rock Sound! CHEERS!

  10. Eduardo Alvear

    Is beautifull

  11. Greg Clark

    Great song.

  12. Matt-WhO-InC

    We can all relate to blink songs but this one hits me in the gut. Bravo.

  13. the animator on youtube

    Anybody else remember a music video for this?

  14. JP T

    Nice Dropped D it brings a change. Makes me think of Sugar we re going down from FOB - lower tempo but heavy riff.

  15. Michael Hontz

    Still one of the best songs on this album underrated

  16. Ivan good Look

    I imagine this song with Tom's voice and what a difference it would be. This new band does not bother me, what I do not like is that it stayed with the same name.

  17. RP Lover

    I Like it

  18. Ramon Moreira

    The best song álbum !

  19. Ryan Marquardt

    This is probably one of their best songs... not sure why it doesn't get more props

  20. Aless

    You rocks.

  21. Osariik the Colourblind Guy

    I love this song

  22. CarnivalOfTheDamned9

    I LOVE this song ... Thank you blink-182 for everything, this world is such a lonely place without you. ❤️

  23. alejandro chavez perez

    El estribillo es impresionante!!

  24. Rachmat Tri

    I love this song 👊

  25. Steffen Pawlitzki


  26. Matthew Doherty

    They rocked this song at Fyre Festival.

  27. Gabriel Bass Covers

    Chorus Mark and Matt ❤❤❤❤

  28. opticsnlasers

    Tom 0, Matt 1 - good stuff. miss Tom & Matt brings us to the next level

  29. Máté Biró

    I love AT for a long time, Blink is my favorite band, and I love Matt Skiba in this band. Thx God for PunkRock!!!

  30. bara

    best album ever

  31. TheFridayVerse

    I love this.

  32. Milos Doroski

    sramota me je sto je ovo blink

  33. Kechu RC

    Muchas Gracias Blink 182 por traer tantos recuerdos a mi vida son lo mejor!!!!


    The intro sounds it was made in GarageBand

  35. Juanjo Llacer

    Break me down, i'm not afraid of you!!!!
    Pull me under!!!

  36. ElementRedX

    Most underrated song on the album! It's awesome!

  37. Danilo Pinheiro Muller

    The lyrics are exactly like the last arguments I had with my ex.

  38. Ewa Miftahuddin

    Imissyou tom, 😢😢

  39. Anibal Trucios

    Grande Blink 182. The best song.

  40. Revenant Justice

    this might be a avengers infinity wars tracks!!

  41. midkey_ eddie

    In my opinion this album is the worst one yet but this is one of the good songs along with bored to death and rabbit hole

  42. Nicholas S.

    This song could have been so much better

  43. civilexclusion official

    Tom is great and all, but for all of you who butt-hurt, he's happy where he is, and give matt a chance. He's pretty good I have to say!

  44. Juan Rincon

    Love this song

  45. Justin Holloman

    Can i liquify this song and insert it directly into my veins?

  46. The Kraken

    Listen blink will never be the same without Tom but let's just be happy that we are getting new music from Mark and Travis. I'd rather have 2/3 then have none

  47. Jack Walsh

    All the things she said all the things she said running through my head

  48. Duncan Hunter

    john feldman definitely killed what potential this album had :(

  49. Bryson Cooper

    should have been the single on the album but wut ev

  50. JPDG13

    How amazing is this melody?!

  51. Rizal Arfiansyah

    Support blink182 from Indonesian

  52. Live & Let Live

    help my love

  53. Jesse Floto

    Evolution at its finest!!

  54. James Wearing

    This and sober best tracks on the album

  55. GEt_left screaM

    New youtube can suck my fucking dick

  56. solonemesis

    Awesome one guys

  57. Zmod Somar

    The Chorus reminded me a bit of the Justice League Unlimited theme song:)

  58. Pete Gill

    drums totally carry this, amazing

  59. Jenna Salzan

    The beginning reminds me so hard of story of a lonely guy :)

  60. tom batterbee

    blink dont write anymore . they pay a writer

  61. joel

    It sucks that Tom had to go, but Matt's fucking awesome. Alkaline trio is fucking great, these are both my favorite bands. I wonder if Dan will be featured in future tracks.

  62. Cristofer Palencia

    Not as fucking good as Tom but Matt is pretty good

  63. Dennis Killingsworth

    The vocals at the end kind of remind me of Good Charlotte

  64. Simone96TV

    Please play this song in Monza next month!

  65. Guitardude 360


  66. Ben Sebastian

    One of my fav songs in this album. I swear, I've fallen in love with this album so quick. Ppl who won't even give it a chance are missing out on such a great album.

  67. Daedalus513

    That harmony though. Awesome.

  68. Andrian Soelistiyo

    after listened to this song, go listen to cynical!

  69. xSluggo

    Best song on the album


    I'm in love with this song. it's so good.

  71. Bel Vermillion

    love the drumbeat

  72. Wolf92xd

    What the fuck happened with this album? I got really excited when I heard they were releasing new music, but I thought it was going to be something like in the old days. John Feldmann really fucked up everything. The overuse of nanana's and whooa's are really unnecessary and so annoying. Not to mention that the vast majority of the songs sound like fucking 5 seconds of summer and all time low combined.THIS IS BLINK, NOT THAT GAY CRAP.
    Rest In Peace mr. Jerry Finn. We truly miss you and all the masterpieces you released with Blink!

  73. Joey Carrell


  74. Luu mansilla

    When are you coming to Argentina?????

  75. Random Picture of a Jellysandwich

    Personal favorite Blink 182 song. The chorus is too good.

  76. Andre Vrdoljak

    This songs just keeps getting better and I liked it from the start.

  77. Roland Lyons


  78. J H. Booth

    Matt > Tom

  79. bryan holt

    all the songs on this album have that clean finish sound. I would like to hear a little dirtiness in some of the sounds. it's good stuff, but it's all too perfect, IMO

  80. Michael Bell

    Best song on the album and California is the best Blink album since Enema of the state IMO. Love Alkaline Trio as well, but this stands on its own.

  81. Pat Russo

    This new album is awesome.

  82. Josh Thrower

    think best song on the album always listen to this more than my other favourites

  83. Josh Grimm

    I personally don't like the new album but this song is very good.

  84. Fraend

    Windows movie maker? ahahaha


    Hi blink, in the video clip of this song, in the minute 1:31 appears the flag of Peru, my country. Why???? Is this have some relation with the song or with the video?

  86. :b Yuri

    I love the way Matt sing ' wonder '

  87. LazyLasagna

    one of the songs I like on the California album.

  88. The longest username you will ever see from the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

    that chorus tho!

  89. Cody S

    this song makes me feel like I'm riding a shark in my bear costume then preparing to kill Odin and claim Asgard!

  90. H P

    I'm always left alone..

  91. Liam Kennedy

    I miss Tom

  92. dylandgaf17

    I love listening to this while walking around under the full moon and at sunrise

  93. koobi

    This should've been the opening song on California, or should've been the first single.

  94. bianca dutra

    This song is very good