Blink-182 - Hey I'm Sorry Lyrics

Whoa-oh whoa-oh-oh
Whoa-oh whoa-oh-oh

Hold me down deep under water
Wave goodbye to all your daughters
Break yourself but why even bother?
Fathers pray for princes instead

Have your fill of disappointment
Two more years of unemployment
All your fears come to life
And leave you boarded up, abandoned and spent

Everything you ever hoped for
Waiting there outside your front door
Bleeding to death (bleeding to death)
Everything you never wanted
Here to stay just like that haunted place
They save for everyone's dying breath

Hey I'm sorry, I lost the melody
Hey I'm sorry, I lost your memory
When we fall asleep I sleep all by myself
At the end of the day

Are you alone with all your thoughts?
Your suitcase full of books you bought
The war we fought and all the battles lost
And sought as such exceeding expense

Everything you ever hoped for
Waiting there outside your front door
Bleeding to death (bleeding to death)
Everything you never wanted
Here to stay just like that haunted place
They save for everyone's dying breath

Hey I'm sorry, I lost the melody
Hey I'm sorry, I lost your memory
When we fall asleep I sleep all by myself
At the end of the day

Whoa-oh whoa-oh-oh
Whoa-oh whoa-oh-oh

Hey I'm sorry, I lost the melody
Hey I'm sorry, I lost your memory

Hey I'm sorry, I lost the melody
Hey I'm sorry, I lost your memory
Hey I'm sorry, mistakes and tragedy
Hey I'm sorry, give back what's left of me
When I fall asleep I sleep all by myself
At the end of the day

Whoa-oh whoa-oh-oh
At the end of the day
Whoa-oh whoa-oh-oh

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Blink-182 Hey I'm Sorry Comments
  1. ArtywooL 19

    2016 Revolution of Pop Punk

  2. Yha2n jqo /Surya PrataMa

    miss the sound of Tom Delonge

  3. Avery undead Lee

    I'm sorry too

  4. EmilyVonSpears

    This is beautiful. My favorite off of California Deluxe.

  5. Oskar Torres

    whats the difference in this one?

  6. Joshua Oukrust

    Thanks Matt for keeping Blink alive while Tom hangs out with aliens. The deluxe version is incredible. Matt is such an amazing song writer. He and Hoppus together is so soothing. They just go back and forth and it’s so refreshing

  7. RC Codes

    the first verse is just so good...

  8. Chris Toph

    I feel like my favorite songs by Mark are the ones he’s writing to Tom.

  9. горе лэтсплэйщик

    Великолепная группа,я вырос с этой музыкой,даже тату зделал

  10. Janek Sebastian Koenig

    The B-sides are better than the A-sides on this fucking album

  11. Angel peaches

    This litrially explains me and my "best friend" which backstabbed me

  12. Vincentius Putra

    Asem kangen tom aq bangsat

  13. Guitardude 360

    “Don’t bide your time...” Oh wait wrong song.

  14. Aditya Wicaksono

    I love this song so much! Damn..

  15. Gabriel Bolaños Hernández

    Blinkoneeightytwoter forever

  16. Rendy Arie Rinaldy

    fabulastic, brilliant, amazing, songgg. terbaokkkkkk

  17. Ali Subekti


  18. Disturber93

    This is mainstream radio shit

  19. Carmita Banchero


  20. Fandi Ahmad Barady


  21. lexy lexy

    2018 anyone?

  22. DocWest_AUT

    no, you not lost the melody! What an awesome Album!


    people say that this is a great song, but the verses are some of the shittiest blink verses ive ever heard. the chorus is all the song has.. and its not even that special... fuck guys.. I just want some thought through Blink 182 songs.. not the pop radio hits that are written within 2 hours.

  24. Judith Kernbichler

    Love Blink 182

  25. Tryan Family

    this song for delonge ?

  26. Tiur Mauli Sihotang

    I love u so much blink182

  27. Willy Wonka


  28. Bintang L

    You re my dirty little secret....

  29. J Hudson

    Easily the best song from their new era...probably because it's the only song they really wrote without co-writers. Pretty dissapointed they went with their plasticky generic stuff instead over this style

  30. Katherine Naruto

    This is the best song ever

  31. Davi Souza

    Bring the pop punk back💜

  32. Doctor Turnbull

    I love how at this age there is still such good and innocent music.

  33. Javo blink

    I'm crying :(

  34. Peter Viking

    Tom is a better music bad he is off chasing windmills...

  35. Koh Savilo

    blink is the best . keep it up ,

  36. Koh Savilo

    blink is the best . keep it up , 😀

  37. Koh Savilo

    blink is the best . keep it up , 😀

  38. Isaac Rdz

    i love it

  39. nathan

    if you're really sorry you wouldn't need so many woah's

  40. Cristian P. Tatis

    Beautiful song ❤😍

  41. Crimson Ash

    Blink is the best band

  42. Crimson Ash

    I grew up listening to blink, it brings a tear to my eye when they made a new album after Tom

  43. niko haribowo

    I guess blink lyric all about tom

  44. mwboost

    Now this is some kind of progress. I feel alot of the other songs are too similar.


    Hey i'm sorry
    i lost melody
    Hey i'm sorry
    i lost your memory

  46. GEt_left screaM

    One of the best <3

  47. Ethan Pace

    honestly what happened to the old school emo shitty punk rock that made blink such a good and unique band.. not liken this california album at all kinda feel like matt made it complete trash with his stupid ass vocals. i really miss toms vocals. fuck the pop bring back the punk

  48. Johann De wet

    Such a brilliant song

  49. Dzata Al Fatih

    this song its for you tom delonge

  50. Brown Human Media

    Hopefully someday Mark and Tom will say sorry to each other. I bet all 3 of them Mark Tom and Travis could make something epic.I believe in all 3 of them always will.

  51. Rebecca Irwin

    Wi you wogrwowwh was iiy r

  52. Nayara Viviane

    Hey I'm sorry I lost the melody

  53. Oscar guti

    What is the program they use to make those videos?

  54. Sopan Gandhale

    That wo-woah-wooah is orgasmic

  55. damage 2836

    Im sending this to my bestfreind after i go away forever good idea?

    Christopher Nash

    Ghost-mail 😁

  56. ferdiansyah edot


  57. keanuda

    Tom would make this track sound 10x better

  58. Emilio Velásquez

    Chile 🎸🎶

  59. Shawn Givan


  60. Jayden Lipford

    Not Now,
    I'm bored to death,
    Hey I'm sorry,
    We're 6/8 of the way to the
    bottom of the ocean

  61. Dražen Opačak

    I guess they replaced Na-Na with Woo-Hoo on this one

  62. Liberis Puritatem

    The build up to the chorus is orgasmic.

  63. Nurse Joy

    Tom sounds different in this one

  64. Malicious Megan

    Why can't they perform any of the deluxe tracks live? FFS they should play these instead of ones like "Anthem pt.2" and "Dynasty Gary" which although classics, do NOT suit Matt

    Willy Wonka

    Malicious Megan

    Why indeed...You can create such an unbelievable set if you do it right....



  65. Yagi Wiraya

    maybe i'm just dreaming of hoping blink to visit my country in indonesia :( that's never gonna happened, lucky you guys for living the same place with them.....for us living in asia this is total sadness

  66. Kevin Errol Gonzales

    Philippines here... blink 182 ALWAYS ROCK MY DAY....

  67. Syn Sin

    punks not dead!!!!!

  68. le comment


    Stop the video at 0:00!! It looks like that Saw puppet!! or vendetta's mask

  69. someguy1141

    After being pretty disappointed with "California" This deluxe album is overall significantly better (in my own opinion) and brings some hope in the sad life of blink without Tom.

  70. fais pati

    aku Rois from indonesia aku di tigal di pati sendiran mau di temabak police pati tarivs kaka ajak ke amerika

  71. fais pati

    hey aku Rois pati jateng Form indonesia aku di tigal di indonesia sendiri aku ikut ke amerika putun baron sekeber

  72. Jeffrey Carpenter

    this shit better stay this time

  73. Bryan Holt

    such an awesome song. I love this so much.

  74. Douglas Corona


  75. Gabriel Dawber

    I think this is about Tom honestly. like the +44 Mark never mentioned tom but girls doing all the heart breaking stuff that was Done to him. I'm smart .

  76. Danny Schutten

    I'm stil sorry Tom is not in the band anymore... But i've got to say they couldn't do better than having Matt in the band as a replacement. I even like the deluxe tracks more than the original album... What a piece of gold is California!

  77. MetanØia

    angels&airwaves + blink

  78. Alan

    they re recorded this song? Sounds different from the japan cd.

  79. lambdachi1826

    Goddamnit. This song reminds me of my nightmarish ex-wife who essentially kidnapped our daughter from me. I could do without my ex wife, but my daughter was the coolest. Fuck me. I adore that little girl and can't do anything about it.  :(

  80. Aditya Wicaksono

    thanks for your music..

  81. Allan jade Rojo

    one of my Fav. song from B182

  82. kabit siram

    Whoever makes these lyric videos.. I wanna say your work does not go unnoticed...this is great work and it is highly appreciated.

  83. Jackson Collier

    Yeah if you people could just shut the fuck up and enjoy the new Blink or leave, that would be great.

  84. Jeremy Stancliff

    Why is this song always removed? It's one of their best tracks.

  85. 10what

    change the band name please.

    You're giving the real Blink a bad name with this shitty music.

    Vir Khullar

    tylojzs move on, this shit is tight!

  86. The Liberosis

    bring back your good music this is trash

  87. Cw Badenhorst

    Cheers from South Africa!! Blink, please come to south africa, you have thousands upon thousands of fans that would die to hear you live!!! Blink for life!!

  88. ragazzo1312

    the fan version with hacksaw ridge scenes, was better :(

  89. Top Rope Wrestling

    I love all the retards that are like doesn't sound like the old blink. That's because Tom isn't part of the band dip shits. Plus have you ever heard of the word evolve ? The band has matured and of course their voices are going to change. The old blink is never coming back so shut the fuck up

  90. Steven Hollingworth

    New favorite song!!!!