Blink-182 - Don't Mean Anything Lyrics

Dearest mom
I'm always here, no matter how far gone
I'm alright without you
And late at night
A million thoughts are caught up in my tree
You're alright without me

It don't mean, it don't mean
It don't mean anything at all
It don't mean, it don't mean
It don't mean anything at all
And it's a long way back to the middle of the road
Fighting our way back home
It don't mean, it don't mean
It don't mean anything at all

Dear old dad
I'm the one and only son you never had
I'll be fine without you
Late at night
I hear you grab your coat and your car keys
You'll be fine without me

It don't mean, it don't mean
It don't mean anything at all
It don't mean, it don't mean
It don't mean anything at all
And it's a long way back to the middle of the road
Fighting our way back home
It don't mean, it don't mean
It don't mean anything at all

When we all fall to the surface sometimes
And we all fall back where we belong
And we all fall to the surface sometimes
And we all fall back where we belong

It don't mean, it don't mean
It don't mean anything at all
It don't mean, it don't mean
It don't mean anything at all
And it's a long way back to the middle of the road
Fighting our way back home
It don't mean, it don't mean
It don't mean anything at all

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Blink-182 Don't Mean Anything Comments
  1. stuck in the past

    Don't mean anything: "dearest mom, I'm always here no matter how far gone. I'm alright, without you.."

    Remember to forget me: "hey mom I'm all alone, scared to death and far from home..."

  2. James Stewart

    I love this song

  3. Krists Janiselis

    Anyone can hear American hi-fi in this?

  4. Ricardo Alves

    Show Blink 182 sem igual 2019

  5. kakiku kaku

    saat kau punya penghasilan kecil tp omong besar lebih di hargai,dr pada kau yg tak punya penghasilan sama sekali... apa lagi yg mantan yg punya penghasilan terdengar bullshit

  6. Rio Vidyatmaka

    The correct one is: "It DOESn't mean"

  7. Joshua Oukrust


  8. David Tiga Belas

    Adams song

  9. Failing Novelist

    The chorus literally sounds like Simple Plan...

  10. ferdinand briones

    Spag Heddy and Blink 182...plsss...

  11. Uzi Panti

    Music video please! This is an anthem song... amazing... An inspirational music vid for us oldies in our midlife crisis

  12. Komranade

    The heck it sounds like an anime introduction music

  13. Sarah Dunkle

    I'm in love with your voice😍😘


    Adams song?

  15. Temmis Cespedes Terrazas

    ....Adams Song

  16. Aditya Wicaksono

    The answer is always LOVE..

  17. Movimiento underground

    I miss Tom voice

  18. G mon

    My heart ,my soul,my bootyhole

  19. Riz the Bear

    I love your songs

  20. Raptor 8600

    these videos always go so underappreciated

  21. Louis Tursi

    Chorus sounds like Even If She Falls.

  22. Felipe A.

    the chorus sucks tho, its loud, obnoxious and repetitive

  23. Dijuz Nanda

    intro like adam song

  24. I'm collision

    how can u not like this song?? 😍😍

  25. Jake Squareshoes

    Love the meaning

  26. CSMogox

    gud stuff. 182 for life.

  27. junne bugg

    wow blink is garbage now

  28. Introverticies

    I just saw "Dear old Dad" and I started to tear up....

  29. Preecy 123

    All i hear is
    "Its All Memes"

  30. Aditya Prasetiyo

    was fighting with mom..and listening this.. what a great day

  31. Luis Zapiola

    Am I the only one who think matt fits in blink perfectly? I cant wait for them to realease the new album. Mark said it will be darker yay

  32. Jaime Torres

    My dad died this year and my mother 3 years ago. Maybe this song isn't about dead parents but it's kind of the style for me, and more because of the phrase: "I'll be fine without you"

  33. Jack Forever

    if people don't like this song, it do(es)n't mean anything to me.

  34. cin ss

    It dont

  35. Ricardo Marin

    So much haters, I personally like their new songs, they certainly are not as good as before, but they still have great songs and their lyrics try to tell something more

  36. Chaz Ormond

    This is a simple plan song.

  37. MrPtrB

    wow, this one os f***ing awesome

  38. Jayden Lipford

    Why is it "A long way" back to everything?

  39. Nicola Menga


  40. James Louth

    what an awesome song, Matt skiba is a fucking legend 😊

  41. Michael-John Zinno

    this song hit me in the soul, plus Matt's voice, my goodness:(

  42. Trevor Duncanson

    Easily my favorite track from the Deluxe Edition.

  43. Arnold Hernandez

    whoa I heard that bored to death reference don't hide it blink

  44. DaRk MoMo 21

    they should play this in live

  45. Royal Gray

    Adam's song + stay together for the kids = Simple plan You don't mean anything = Don't mean anything

  46. Melancholy Megan

    Anyone else get chills by Matt Skiba's lyrics in the second verse ? "You'll be fine.. without me!"

  47. Casyn Kjar

    I feel like the guitar really died down when Skiba joined. I really like Skiba, but when Tom was in the band, it seemed like the guitar was a lot more advanced and just better. If you play guitar you know what I mean. All the new songs have been really easy. The only one thats a little hard is Last Train Home.

  48. mvrtrsblvd

    first impression its sounds like adam song

  49. INameless Network

    I love the direction blink went in with the new album. California and California deluxe Edition are both fantastic as a feel they went back to a more pubkish sound when Matt joined the roster. It's good to see them step away from Tom and his Emo style music he added to the band. Don't get me wrong, i have loved every blink album that has ever come out. All have been great , but i feel Neighborhoods would have been ,and done , a lot better if Matt had replaced Tom sooner. Tom drifted away from the blink sound as soon as AVA first came out. You could here the difference in the music ever sense. So now he can stay with his emo band and we get our blink 182 BACK. I'm not trying to hate on Tom , he is a very talented musician and now ufologist (lmao) and he will always be a part of blink 182 in my mind , im just saying it was a good decision for both parties. THX for California Guys! The LIVe show in PHX AZ was AMAZING!

  50. Simone Ambrosi

    I don't know why, but I'm in love with this song!

  51. Gary Lougheed

    Tell your Dad you love him! DIpshit!

    damage 2836

    Gary Lougheed but shit, what if we dont have one

  52. Carlos Castillo

    the rhytem its what's my age again

  53. Jan Stavinoha

    Isn't there a incorrect grammar? I think it should be: It DOESN'T mean anything

  54. NES 83’

    The gouache effect is beautiful. These videos are pleasing to the eye to watch.

  55. milksop


  56. DotsV

    am i the only one who keeps hearing them say "a dope meme" lol?

  57. natha jyoti

    indomie indomie indomie anything at all

  58. legend _97

    Marks voice is still so so amazing

  59. FRA Channel

    yg gue denger, "Indomie indomie indomie anything at all.....". :v

  60. Weekend Time

    Wanna have a great songs? use your HOME as your inspiration :

    "HOME is such a lonely place without you" - Home is such a lonely place without you
    "I'm not coming HOME" -Bored To Death
    "Please take me HOME" - Please take me home
    "I'm never coming HOME"- Los Angeles
    "and its a long way back to the middle of the road, fighting my way back HOME" - Don't mean anything
    "I'll take the last train HOME" -Last Train home
    "the underdogs came HOME" -Wildfire
    "we'll stagger HOME after midnight" -After Midnight
    "cause this is HOME" -This Is Home
    "will you come HOME and stop this pain tonight" - I Miss You
    "I wont be HOME for christmas" - i wont be home for christmas
    "late night come HOME , work sucks i know" -All The Small Things

  61. staygold7

    its cool if feat with pierre bouvier

  62. bryan holt

    it's a long way back from 17, too

  63. Pedro Bezerra fotografia

    adam's song part 2

  64. Jeffacake100

    Amazing .

  65. Renato Martins Boschetti

    awesome chorus

  66. Charlie Swords

    Her boyfriend, he don't know
    anything about her
    he's too stoned, Nintendo
    Anybody else hear American hi-fi?

  67. Lexi Fantz

    omg I love this so much. it sounds original yet classic at the same times

  68. My nans ruptured leg

    Adult meme Adult meme Adult meme Anything at all

  69. Brysen Belcher

    Best song along with Bottom of the Ocean and Good Old Days for sure

    Renato Martins Boschetti

    Brysen Belcher one of the best for me too! along with parking Lot and Wildfire!

  70. fuccknuckled

    It's Adams song but not about suicide

  71. Ehren Fear

    I miss the old blink. Back when Kurt still sang and wrote. You guys suck. If you could make the same sound that you had on your album "Nimrod" I'd actually listen. But no you had to go and follow your pall, Oprah, and make poopy death metal. I swear if I hear Tom Hoppus say "yeah death metal is too easy that's why we play stinkerboi metal" one more time, I'm gonna do nothing about it just get kinda upset in my room while beating my meat to old pictures of my girlfriends granola bar that she left in the front seat of my car. Actually I changed my mind. I think I'm gonna buy a 2005 Ford Focus. Yup. Fuck blink. Thanks, love you, bye.

  72. Jp111

    Great song . But blink have lost their punch. Compared to 2001 blink

  73. michael rodber

    what does the melody of " anything at all" remind me of? please help 😂


    Cynical? I'm not sorry noooooooooowwwwww!

  74. loopedchris

    Best song on deluxe. <3

  75. Mario Cecilia

    and its a long way back from 17

  76. Mario Cecilia

    dat Despacito beginning though

  77. Isaac Manzo

    and it's a long way back to the middle of the road Fucking your way back hooooome...

    Mario Cecilia

    Isaac Manzo and its a long way back from 17

  78. eric meyers

    great and catchy chorus!

  79. Miry DAngelo

    Blink never disappoints

  80. Dante Morales

    "a long way back from..."

    this whole album seems lazy...

  81. Dante Morales

    Adams song much?

  82. Ragilliya R

    this is LIT🔥🔥🔥

  83. rejectminority

    Hitomi! Hitomi! Hitomi Tanaka...

  84. DopeBoi

    Adam's Song :l

  85. From the Hollow

    I hope Tom never comes back.

  86. Underclass H3r0

    I personally liked California. I have no idea why people crapped on it. Tom is gone and I accepted that.

    I can agree that lyrically, California wasn't at its strongest but it was still fun and catchy. I think they did a great job of trying to bring Blink back to its old days considering they are 40+ years old.

    That all said, this deluxe version is awesome!!! I now have 27 songs to listen to (dropped the acoustic version as I didn't care for it)

    My favorites are Good Old Days and It Don't Mean Anything! I really do like Last Train Home and Bottom of the Ocean. The deluxe does sound more fluid and you get a good mix of different but darker sounds mixed with simple/fun songs like Wildfire, She's out of her mind and The only thing that Matters. I also think Matt found his place in Blink-182. He just needed a little time and I think Blink is better now than it was with Tom. I don't need Toms voice to enjoy a good Blink album.

    Renato Martins Boschetti

    Underclass H3r0 tottaly agree. except with part that people crapped on California. Few Blink fans did it. Most of them enjoyed the return to the old style we misses so much

  87. mx_valentin

    I told you guys Mark's deep voice is it! Let me be your manager haha. Give us more of that deep voice! It's beautiful. It's just this guys voice, it's stunning, brings my soul pure happiness. THANK YOU!

  88. Connor Hooven

    chorus sounds a lot like a certain simple plan song to me

  89. Avatic

    That old school blink feel with the +44 vibe.


    Great song old school a reminder that they yet are good , creating somethin ´ new  .The sound song is awesome

  91. manfie290198

    so now that they are through making california could skiba finally go back to alk3 and make another masterpiece?

  92. Bel Vermillion

    Blink as always

  93. Kezman442

    Something brilliant about this part of the song that has been stuck on loop in my head for 2 days now 1:26

  94. Ruth NiteMare


  95. TheDeliman

    It dont it dont it dont mean anything to me

  96. trent jeffrey

    I fucking love simple plan. hells yeah.

  97. Matt Olsack

    I think lyrically this is the best song on California dlx

  98. Jorge Rodriguez

    I like it, it sounds very good

  99. Aseedic

    It doesn't mean*