Blink-182 - Cynical Lyrics

There's a cynical feeling saying I should give up
You said everything you'll ever say
There's a moment of panic when I hear the phone ring
Anxiety's calling in my head

Is it back again?
Are you back again?

Don't wake me up before you leave
Is there the slightest trace of what you once believed
I feel your hand unlock the door
Leaving fingerprints of water in the oil

What's the point of saying sorry now
Lost my voice while fighting my way out (while fighting my way out)

What's the point of saying sorry now (not sorry, not sorry, not sorry, I'm not sorry)
Lost my voice while fighting my way out (not sorry, not sorry, not sorry, I'm not sorry now)

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Blink-182 Cynical Comments
  1. D C

    Is it bad that I think this song is much better than the rest of the album? And I agree with others' comments, this song should be longer, a full length song.

  2. Conjay3

    .75x speed would actually be sick

  3. galih cft

    Anxiety's calling in mayeeeed

  4. Keen Alexander



    I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. What happened to you! What happened to you? Don’t bide your time!

  6. stoners joint420

    Still doesn’t feel like it came out 3 years ago, feels like it was only yesterday...

  7. jumoğr farron

    you so worried

  8. Anna Belanger

    I have to listen to thia song at least twice. Once is never enough!

  9. Jason Tilley

    This and bored to death are probably my favorite songs from the blink 182 without Tom damn ill miss him

  10. Robert Russell

    I wish this song was longer 😫

  11. Jason Oquinn

    A great album.....nuff said

  12. Renato Sáenz

    all these lyric videos are impossible to predict - follow lol

  13. roger l

    Who needs you tom

  14. Adam Ranandra

    Always 182 for the rest of my life

  15. Jo Martinez


  16. Blinky Montreal

    The best song, they should make a longer version

  17. Stop speeding

    only good song on the album

  18. moharproductions

    Neighborhoods and dogs eating dogs never sounded so fucking good. I like this album but it's garbage without tom

  19. kakiku kaku

    ae jlek ne cang gen ye nwang,ci ne nawang luung gen gen ye...
    kluh kesah ne,berat ringan ne cang ne nwang,ci ape twang..

  20. gabrielsalzano

    This song is dope

  21. Anthony Kirby

    Its good. After I downloaded it, have it playing on repeat.

  22. Stizzle

    Listend to a lot of Red Hot Chilli Peppers the last days and was like: why is everything about California
    Then I thought: this could be Brendon Urie singing and right after that the lyrics sait "panic"
    Hope no one feels offended but this had to be said

  23. Odix Perdana

    NOFX = Linolioum

  24. mainmanmaindude

    sounds like nofx

  25. jack sutton

    Just write more like this!

  26. Fernando de Moraes

    i love this album, feels like a fresh state of soul from the golden blink 182 days

  27. ClassWarrior87

    Good start

  28. Shield of Albion

    Absolute banger!

  29. Arturo López

    Linoleum NoFx, anyone else?

  30. Rizal Harley

    Best song 🤘

  31. Vlog and game Irsa dragon

    tom will be back to the blink 182

  32. Ryuk's sugar daddy



  33. Marc Yinug

    best song on the album

  34. Axel Martínez

    This song is so so good. 🤟🏻🤩

  35. tHe GrEy MaN

    We need an extended version of this song. So good!

  36. Piero

    César ql te meo

  37. Yossarian

    I like Matt and all, but every time I listen to this album I just really makes me miss Tom

  38. Burning Asher

    Awesome somg

  39. MCR Fan

    Then the current day Blink 182 began

  40. Lindsey Dodson

    Matt is do dope nuff said

  41. - madeleine -

    Sounds like their older stuff. I like this.

  42. Jakob Koep

    Best song from the album

  43. brian wynne

    If only this song was Delonger

  44. Phil V

    I dont care about Tom this album is fucking trash.

  45. Nudist Island


  46. David O'Grady

    Short fast Loud.

  47. Rafa Kutz

    Man. I think they should bring back Tom and be a band of four members.

  48. Smokeman777 HouseStack77

    This song sucks.

  49. Felipe Berenguel

    why so short?!?!!? dammmn hahaha

  50. Ryzki Fajar

    Songs From Mark to Maybe for Tom.

  51. Aditya Wicaksono

    Thx for save my life...i love ur music...and ur thought!!!

  52. Paul Ecoli

    Speaking of Cynical, I was cynical of Matt replacing Tom at first, but decided he definitely breathes new life into Blink. I feel like I can listen to them again. Had they kept going with Tom, it would have just been a borefest of AVA and +44 trying to make a band together cos it sure as fuck wasn't Blink anymore.

  53. TheFridayVerse

    So good but WAY too short

  54. Conrad

    Mark is at his best when he's either working with Tom or trashing him

  55. CloudyVex

    Tom would've handle the screaming part

  56. CoDGhost fan620

    Tom is going back an forth
    Blink-182 too Angels and airways
    We love you forever Tom and mark

  57. Dara


  58. Mark Nowak

    Took me some time to warm up to it but I actually love this album... If Tom ever returns, I hope he doesn't completely replace Skiba, I like what he brings to the band

  59. Willie Poe

    I was in California when this came out . I left from Missouri. My ex became something awful . When I came back cynical hit home . Many days did I spend fucked up and empty . I can't really listen to this album cuz it brings that vibe back . Dark days

  60. sycamorepoppunk

    Hey, everybody! I'm Dylan. Looking for some music that sounds like it was from the 90's and early 2000's? Please take a moment and give my music a chance. I write sing and play absolutely everything you hear in my songs with the help of my good friend and producer Eric Tuffendsam from Moonlight Studios in Fairfield Ohio. I'm working really hard to try and help bring this particular sound back. For any fans of old school 90's and early 2000's music like Blink-182, Sum 41 The Starting Line, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte and more. I appreciate you, and if you've made it this far.. Thank you for taking the time to give me a chance.

  61. Cowboycomando54

    What the hell are they doing using auto tune?

  62. Chris V

    I feel like the main thing that fans can’t accept is that it’s not Tom. Shocking right? No but seriously I’ve seen Blink before and after Tom left. Saw them when they released the self titled album and when they released neighborhoods. Saw them at the almost acoustic christmas back in 2016 with Matt. The thing that really started slacking before Mark started losing his edge was Tom. Something happened when he started playing with Angels and Airwaves, who I’ve also seen live more than once. I’ll be 100% honest as a long time fan of Tom Delonge, Angels, and Blink, Tom fucking sucks live. He stopped caring. His playing is sloppy at best and his singing now outside the studio consists of awkward howls and wailing. I feel bad because when I was younger I aspired to play and sing with as much passion as him, but after the self titled album he lost something. I’ve read many different theories as to why his voice changed and why he plays horribly now, but it doesn’t change the fact that Blink is doing much better in their live performances with Matt Skiba.

  63. Wolf Ramirez

    This song is brutal !!!!!

  64. mike uwish

    its blink without tom delonge lame

  65. Dawson Garret

    I feel your hand unlock the door. Leaving fingerprints of water in the oil..

  66. Vhendyca PHC27

    Best song in this album :)

  67. Willy Wonka

    I'll say it a million times and I'll say it again...Travis Landon Barker is THE best drummer not only on the planet but in the whole galaxy, nay!, the whole universe, nay again!, in the history of time and even before time began....wrap your head around that shit

    Dawson Garret

    Kurt Shaffer he's absolutely amazing but have you toured the galaxy lately?

  68. Willy Wonka

    How can there possibly be thumbs down?? Ow now brown how?

  69. Alex Benitez

    I originally thought it was gonna be a slower, more melancholic song. Due to Matt’s snippet posted when they were in the studio. Similar to Stay Together For The Kids, and Matt’s chorus would’ve been the ending lyric. Kind of just leaving those haunting last words.

  70. puderzucker.ohne.alles

    Soooo good!

  71. mayo_mix

    Everyone's saying the music on California is closer to old Blink than Neighborhoods but tbh California is like the new album Weezer put out, Pacific Daydream, definitely not their best.

  72. kaltiny1997

    Why cant this song be longer 😭😭😭😭😭😭


    Can anyone show me any other songs that sound like this?!!!

    Dawson Garret

    Look up going away to college and online songs

  73. Edder Gonzalez

    Lit asf

  74. Orion Cruz

    Travis is at his absolute best on this album

  75. Theelecmangamer

    I wanted nostalgia, nostalgia I received

  76. Robin S.

    Woah. Parts that Matt sings give me a Millencolin vibe. Could be on pennybridge pioneers

  77. Jesse Bronson

    I love mosec

  78. Ayuk Aan

    i'am like this song.

  79. Boomer DeLonge

    OMG! this sounds amazing! feeling the 1999-2001 era... fvck yeah! too short but the best song in the album.

  80. naufal taufiiqul

    love it hahaha

  81. jd24000

    best song on the album

  82. D3ivid Silva

    Mds como amo essa musica

  83. Mosin697

    no this sounds too much like all the pop shit we have today. i love blink but this is absolute garbage.

  84. OVERLY extended

    1.25 speed is amazing on this song!

  85. Bill Donahue

    if whole album was like this....damn

  86. chilutrokrishna


  87. Stênio Lima

    Obrigado Shazam! :)

  88. Chris

    Should be sorry for making half of an awesome song leaving me wanting more, oh well, set to repeat.

  89. FRESH tidez

    i don't even consider blink 182 the actual blink 182 anymore because the voice of the band is no longer in it. They should of changed their name but clearly people woudlnt recognize them if they did that.

  90. hxney msp

    still great

  91. MartiVlogs - Video Reacciones y Más


  92. Debora Yankous

    looooooooooooooooooooooooooove it!


    coming in at one minute and fifty-five seconds, the best song on the album 'California', it only has one verse, Blink-182's CYNICALLLLL!!!

  94. Javier Perez

    ah faaa manso tema

  95. Based Unit

    Quicky, but FOR SURE my favorite out of the album.