Blink-182 - Brohemian Rhapsody Lyrics

There's something about you
That I can't quite put my finger in

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Blink-182 Brohemian Rhapsody Comments
  1. Itsmeerzky 29

    Why are all the best riffs on the jokes song?

  2. Nacho Fussión Channel

    love the riff!

  3. locustofchiron

    I'm pretty sure this is Blink-182 in it's purest form

  4. MrPhantom95

    A full album with songs like this and i would be so happy

  5. neros1234


    There's something about you that I can't quite put my finger in

    So deep and meaningful <3

  6. Kyle

    not funny didnt laugh

  7. Lee Putnam

    Spills the album all over Mark Hoppus

  8. Manly Dude

    Not gonna Lie i cried When i SAW that this was not a full cover

  9. Lee Putnam

    This song makes the whole album spill all over Mark

  10. K-LAWN

    They’re trying to hard to be funny. Just more over processed garbage. California was such a shit album and I hope they replace Feldman on the next record.

  11. Rio Vidyatmaka

    Disiram disikut cewek meksiko.
    Di sini lah. Pipis dan berdisko

  12. Samuel Stalcup

    I truly hate the vocals on this song terribly overproduced sounds like a thousand robotic marks

  13. Dean Kelly

    /fit/ version is better

  14. Camden Osborn

    the intro of this song is so great and so old school blink-182. Im actually really disapointed that this isnt a full song. what would be great is if blink would expand this song and actually make it a SONG. like if they sung about highschool or hating on girls or something. and none of the woah oh oh oh oh oooh stuff that is used heavily in the California album. not hating just dissapointed

  15. Álvaro Pérez

    The good left undone?

  16. AustinMorganMMA

    The greatest love song of all time. Hands down.

  17. John Thompson

    Love the new album saw them live as always on this tour. But I have to say the Deluxe Version of this album is some of the best songs. Please start playing some Deluxe songs live @blink182

  18. Storm87 !

    Lol thank u Blink 182!XD

  19. renato villatoro

    almost 30 seconds and this song is better than all american rap.

  20. not important

    in _in_ *_in_* *_IN_*

  21. Alejandro Sandoval

    This should be Anthem part Three!

  22. Armandus Von Ghoulinton

    Out of the whole California album...this 30 second song was it.

  23. Jenna Salzan

    Alright I have reached the end of the whole California album. And I must say, it hasn't grown on me. Or at least not yet. I am a fairly new Blink fan but I fell hard and fast for these guys and they easily climbed up to the top of my long list of favorite bands. This album is definitely not what I was expecting. First, I am very sad Tom isn't apart of the band anymore but I respect Matt a lot. I'm just not used to it yet. I like some songs. Unfortunately, I sensed some auto tune and it seemed sort of poppy which I don't like but songs like this one and Built This Pool are pretty good as well as Cynical. I'm just thankful this band is still going and I will support then because bands change and artists don't deserve to be shitted on for changing their sound. I mean I would have never expected Mark to have Blink sound popish at all but hopefully in the future, they'll go back to the punk rock we all love. And if they don't, well that's okay just as long as the band as a whole is happy and ecstatic about their music. It's hard transitioning from Enema of the State and TOYPAJ to this but I'm glad I've seen more positive comments than rude ones. I'm just secretly wishing Tom wants to come back and ignite punk in this world again.

  24. TheBigHaus

    new blink182 sucks dick but this song is good

  25. Alex Pindell

    This sucks why didn't they do the full song!?

  26. Ashton Hamre


  27. Diego Skywalker

    It reminds me a little to "Dumpweed".

  28. Aiko

    I feel so stupid bc I only noticed like a week ago that it's BROhemian Rhapsody; I always just assumed it was "Bohemian Rhapsody" like the Queen song lmao

  29. Koye Lilly

    I'm talking to This girl right now. i know she likes me but she's holding something back. this song is constantly playing in my head. the sex is great though.

  30. Snake8418

    This band steals riffs.

  31. catnip pizza

    The very beginning sounds like dig from NOFX

  32. Cora McCatherine Covers

    Aren't they the best? So charming. Love these guys.

  33. Santana Natanael

    eu tenho um sonho, um dia em que o Blink-182 virá para o Brasil, no dia que isso acontecer eu juro, já posso morrer em paz !!!!

  34. Andy Electric

    Who else though this was a Queen cover?

  35. ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴇsᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴇsᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴇsᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴇsᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴇsᴛ

    this could have been a good song... but it's too damn short

  36. CringeTV

    hah,thats what she said.

  37. Matteo Gheza

    0:12 Remember me Dumpweed

  38. Jay Mess

    I've never actually cringed at a song before until now. Christ this is awful, even as a joke.

  39. NeonGAMMA

    dude it's so hard to memorize these lyrics

  40. Bryen

    This song and Built This Pool should be a full length song cause they both sounded awesome. But It kinda reminds me of Cheshire Cat and Buddha with the stupid funny interludes and shenanigans

  41. Haushinkax

    I was like: hmm... bohemian rhapsody is like 6 minutes long... so... maybe this is a really long song?


  42. Angelica Cordioli

    when I listen to it I think of Dumpweed😍


    "There's something about you that I can't quite put my finger in"

  43. Alex Montano

    Such a good 30 seconds of life

  44. Time4Crash90

    its so fucking strange to see matt there like that

  45. Dav Stej

    I do not understand the lyrics.


    Dav Stej they just want to put a finger in youu

    Dav Stej

    nasty :D :D :D


    Dav Stej you'll love ittt

  46. Wretched wretch

    If this song lasted another two minutes it would be the best song on the whole album! That guitar riff is right up there with Enema of the State!

  47. Adél Procházková

    +blink 182 this is intro ?

  48. Siccboi _27

    Best song on the album and the shortest. Gah .

  49. Homer Dayton

    this is so catchy

  50. Roberto leonardi

    da pun tuch mih hard xD

  51. nowaytooslow

    I just realised today it's BROhemian Rhapsody

  52. account moved

    shoulda posted it on April 1st instead XD

  53. Julian Timothy

    this is my ringtones phone

  54. Darkangel754

    I like how the one song that actually captured the old Blink sound was a 30 second joke track.

  55. R3n3gad3

    Better than panic at the disco's!

  56. Muhammad Reza

    missing fucking tom

  57. Alvin Cornelius

    2nd best 30 seconds of my life

  58. Reza Julian

    i think blink 182 will cover queen's song haha

  59. Reza Julian

    i think blink 182 will cover queen's song haha

  60. seasick76

    This song sounds like 3 second clips of all of their other songs pasted together. And is this frikkin auto-tuned?

  61. Looktowardsthesky

    thee only good song on this entire album :( I love blink...but the og blink..this new shit is just.....not my style...

  62. baraksmash

    I dont get it :\

  63. Jaxter

    I think I'd give this album a 7/10. You can tell it's blink-182, but it's still very different. If they had more songs like The Only Thing That Matters, Cynical, and San Diego (and less of Los Angeles) I think they could make another really great record.

  64. TheVega316

    Please come to Puerto Rico we need some Real Punk in here! Blink 182 For Ever!!

  65. corey jessup

    My Favorite songs off this album would have to be San Diego California Bored to Death and She's out of her mind and i would rate this album a 10/10

  66. Joseph Callaway

    this is one of those songs thats just fun to jump around to while playing it on guitar

  67. Shawn K

    best blink song that came out in years

  68. Nova

    Where is Tom?

  69. Ben Marrero

    why has no one commented on the autotune

    John Espinosa

    It's actually not really autotune bro, it's Melodine. Take it from an audio engineer

  70. West Side Studio

    sounds like 2000's blink-182 ! deep sounds that get into my soul and puts me back to 15y old! lml

  71. Rafi A.R Primanda

    punk rock !

  72. Dan Raifsnider

    this is so fucking weird lol

  73. Glitchito

    cette musique troue l'anus putain

  74. Nurwathoni

    Is just me or the part of solo guitar is like "Teriak Serentak - Pee Wee Gaskins" ?
    *Sorry bad english

    Yakuruto San

    what band is teriak serentak?


    +_ pee wee gaskins

    Yakuruto San

    well it does have similar riff, interesting, but that peewee band voc suck ass


    +_ yes, you're right

  75. R NS

    I use this song for my phone ringtone

  76. Dylan Galvan

    All i can say travis is one bad ass drummer :)

  77. elementalkiss

    blink 182 gives even less of a fuck than they did during their first album, somehow.

  78. Riken Maharjan


  79. Ham Bone

    sounds like the same riff as M+Ms, which is a good thing. Can't stand the vocals man, its so overproduced

  80. Bridn

    My new ringtone!!!!!

  81. Lucas Rivard

    Sooo dose this version have anything to do with queen? Don't hate can someone give me an explanation plz?

    Max Solis

    What would this song have to do with queen?

    Lucas Rivard

    +Negro Lover the title is the same as the queen song is it not? idk I sorta thought it was a cover xp

  82. Rey Sofian

    This song is my alarm

  83. Andras Borbas

    10 hour loop plz!

  84. Andres Castaneda

    why soo short😕

  85. Gustavo Ladera

    it has to be a full song oh this

  86. Giandy Gumilang

    Now this is an actual blink song.

  87. Justin Justin7

    It feels like this album is a sort of tribute/farewell to Tom. Lots of space analogies and breakup themes, as well as a more processed sound like Tom has tended towards since the hiatus. Then you have the 2 joke songs that seem like a fond memory of the good times they had before things started to first go downhill between Tom and the others.

    I love the album for these themes and meanings, but don't *quite* like the sound that has resulted (it's mostly whatever the hell they did to the voices that bugs me). I'm glad to see Blink-182 back, and I think that Skiba is a suitable replacement for Tom. I hope they continue on from here and give this new era of Blink-182 a fitting sound that doesn't continue to rely on Tom's influence (assuming he doesn't do a 180(+2 :P) and decide to come back).

  88. Kostas_21

    I think I smashed my mouse by clicking replay button

    Giannis Kerentzis

    ΑΕΚΑΡΑ μου <3 <3 Τα ιδια και εγω, οι τυποι δεν υπαρχουν !!

  89. Daniel Dukhedin

    Blink 182 forever <3

  90. Jared Wilkerson

    What is this, Imogen Heap?

  91. Men0cide

    man the fucking advertisement i had to watch to get here, was longer than the video

  92. Vatti

    The intro was so "blink 182" but sint a full song...:/

  93. JoA

    That's what he... said?

  94. Никита Sebest

    it's amazing album! You facken beauties.....

  95. Hidan NF

    brohemian rhapsody vs family reunion ;v

  96. Dan Dunning

    I love California off the new album and I love this short song, which, in my opinion, had the potential to be a massive Blink hit had it been a proper song.

  97. Nino Benitez

    I wish can be a full song..

  98. Ewan Routledge

    The riff sounds like classic Blink...and the the vocals come in and they are far too overproduced.

  99. Bryan Fury

    Blink 182 Top chart:
    1. Bored to death
    2. Brohemian rhapsody
    3. Sober